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    what was a one in a lifetime opportunity you missed Ended up missing this, heavily disappointed considering how into space I am
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    We can definitely try. I think I remember trying for Luncheon Kingdom once and sadly untouched, but no reason a few months down the line we'd be getting the same result. And speaking of same results, wait no, this is an entirely new Spotlight section, so nothing here is the same. Iceburn...
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    Waluigi Time is now an admin

    Only nearly a month too late to say well done and well deserved :P
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Then it's outside the scope of the project. The wiki wouldn't be creating articles for 'Shroom sections. We can look into this for the future.
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Can we get some more info on this? If you mean in regard to 'Shroom sections, then this isn't something the wiki would cover, but is there a game mode called Hiding Koopa somewhere that may have passed us by?
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    We've got some July madness coming in now! Mobile (wanted article) Goonie (stub) Water Geyser (rewrite-expand) Spiky Tyre Trail (citation needed) Masayoshi Ishi (more images needed) File:SMRPG Magmus art.jpg (image quality)
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    Featured Articles

    Breaking my heart here :'( One day I shall bring it back!
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Look at other articles (perhaps even from same game if not written terribly) and try and see what looks out of place. "Count Bleck is a unique figure among Mario's rogues gallery, as he is the only villain so far who is motivated entirely by sadness and regret, and not by a lust for power...
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    Poll Talk

    Option 1 all the way, I don't know how likely it is for me to get to dine there, but if I get the option I'm taking it.
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    Poll Talk

    Option 1, the wackier the generic enemy, the better
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Happy Father's Day to all who are currently celebrating it!! Maybi (wanted article) Octoomba (stub) Count Bleck (rewrite) Funky's Store (citation needed) Purloined Parts (more images needed) File:NoCashDash.jpg (image quality)
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    Preferred Names & Pronouns

    I'm Yoshi876, but am more than happy to be referred to as 876. And I go by he/him pronouns
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Who's ready for our next edition of Spotlight? House of Riddles Kelsey Hutchison Kremling Krew Dragon Coin Stage 2 (DK: Jungle Climber) File:StarCarnival2.png
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    We can look into that!
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    The Super Mario Boards Family portrait

    Looks perfect to me! I love the little interaction I've got going with another Yoshi <3
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Nope, this isn't an incredibly late April's Fools, we do have a new Spotlight for all you out there. ...Surprise! (wanted article) Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (section stub) Hoohoo Mountain (rewrite-expand) Gold Banzai Bill (citation needed) Spaceport Alpha (more images needed)...
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    March Spotlight is here, and slightly discussed above: Theme (Donkey Kong) (wanted articles) Mario Discovery (series) (stub) Burt The Bashful's Fort (rewrite) Spore Chomp (citation needed) Yoshi's Island (golf course) (more images needed) File:Baby Daisy Mario Super Sluggers.png (image quality)
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Yeah, we can look into it :) And it might be a little late, but I was a bit under the weather past couple of days, so here's this month's Spotlight! Paper Mushroom (wanted articles) Patty (Dragon Quest) (stub) Dragoon (rewrite-expand) Falco Lombardi (citation needed) Fortune Street (more...
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    Wynn Liaw has been promoted!

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    'Shroom Spotlight

    I'm delighted to say that we've currently got 5 of our 6 Spotlight goals completed, we just need that push to get the Nintendo Village unstubbified!
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Might've been a little late, but we have a new Spotlight out for the masses. Shiny Ice Flower (wanted articles) Nintendo Village (stub) Frozen Wario (rewrite-expand) Sneeze, Please! (citation needed) Bluey's Course (articles that need more images) File:BulletBill1upBounce.jpg (image quality)
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Small delay, but focuses are here! Jumping Boots (wanted articles) Princess Shroob (rewrite) Button (Mario & Luigi series) (rewrite-expand) Toadsworth (citation needed) Star Hill (more images needed) File:M&LPIN Elder Shrooboid UFO.png (image quality)
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    Poll Talk

    I agree with Baby Luigi, I'd love to see any sports series make their way to Switch, maybe even something new, though my head isn't really coming up with great ideas at the moment. That said, I did really enjoy Mario Strikers as a kid, so I'd love a new entry in that series. Maybe a baseball...
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    I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.

    It's been broken for months, but I have now fixed the image in my signature
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    Mister Wu is now an administrator!

    Congratulations Mister Wu!!
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    Waluigi Time is now a patroller!

    Well done Waluigi Time!
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    Ray Trace / Baby Luigi / Dark Light received a promotion.

    Congrats BLOF! You'll do a fantastic job
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    It's our penultimate edition of 2020, so let's go get our focuses done! Michael Stark (wanted articles) Mute (stub) Underground Pokey Patrol (rewrite-expand) Stop & Go Barrel (citation needed) List of Paper Mario: Sticker Star glitches (image requested) File:AMusterofMasks.png (image quality)
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    What was THAT game for you?

    Probably the one that brings the most memories and emotions back is Super Mario Advance 3: Yoshi's Island, because it was the first game that I ever properly invested myself in and explored my love of gaming with
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    What's your favorite type of bread?

    I'm actually quite a massive fan of pita bread and a garlic naan bread. Normal garlic bread is also pretty good
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    Poll Talk

    Honestly, I didn't really care much for the games that were announced. The only draw to All-Stars 3D was Sunshine, and I'm quite ambivalent on that on the whole, and the 3D World remake didn't massively interest me too much. I would've been a lot more interested if a new game was announced.
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    So how was everyone’s Halloween?

    Stayed in this time, no Halloween parties for me, but as someone who's mostly an introvert, it's not like it was too big a deal.
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    Poll Talk

    Option 5, and I really hope this and Deluxe aren't the only Mario Kart games we actually get for the Switch.
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Surprise! There's a new edition of Spotlight out! Beneath the Keep (wanted articles) Boo Buddies (section stub) Mini Boos (rewrite-expand) Bat (Super Mario Galaxy) (citation) Bone Thwomp (more images needed) File:SM3DW Shifty Boo Mansion Icon.png (image quality)
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Apologies for small delay in uploading Spotlight, we've already had some discussion on it, I see. Anyway, our goals for the month are as follows: Ring (Sonic the Hedgehog) (wanted article) Kremling Dock (stub) Floater (rewrite-expand) Nintendo DS (citation) Kick (articles that need more images...
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    Poll Talk

    I haven't seen the leak, and I'm not really someone who seeks this sort of thing out, so I'll be going with the final option.
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    Do you have some sort of connection to someone famous?

    Met and talked with Ian Hislop from Have I Got News For You. Interacted with Seann Walsh at a comedy gig, and have also talked with Carl Donnelly on Twitter once. Have had tweets liked by Debbie McGee and some other celebrities who've competed on Strictly Come Dancing when I used to have a fan...
  38. Duskull

    how do you mostly use/prefer using the switch?

    I've played it mostly handheld, but have recently been playing a few games docked. But most of the time, I don't really have access to a TV that that isn't the family one.
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    Poll Talk

    I like the idea of the sets, and wouldn't oppose more in the future, but I won't be getting these. A much younger me would've been all over this, but it doesn't enthuse current me.
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    There might be a new Spotlight co-host, but you still have to put up with me on the forums :P Last month was a very successful outing, especially for a themed month, so let's try and keep the focus up with our six perfectly curated Spotlight aims, drawing from places like the Paper Mario and...
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Don't worry if it's not all finished, this is definitely good progress for the page :)
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    Do you remember (or even know) Calvin and Hobbes?

    I have a few collections of Calvin & Hobbes comic strips, and absolutely love them. Some of the ones that really stick in my mind, are the last Rosalynd one, several of the snowmen creations and one where Hobbes pushes Calvin into their fishing spot when Calvin complains about nothing exciting...
  43. Duskull

    which game have you started recently?

    I finally got around to starting Luigi's Mansion 3 today. Not very far into it, just got onto the fifth floor, but loving what I've played so far.
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    Sounds good to me!
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    'Shroom Spotlight

    I hope you're feeling well enough to tackle our Dr. Mario focuses for this month. World 4 (Dr. Mario World) (wanted article) Lose the Lunge Fish (stub) Dr. Mario (series) (rewrite-expand) Dr. Mario (game) (citation needed / image requested) Gallery:Dr. Mario World (more images needed) File:DWM...
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    I love vehicle stages

    I am a really big fan of the city levels in Kirby: Planet Robobot, I think they're one of the most interesting settings that Kirby has gone to in the series. I also remember enjoying the train levels from the same game, as well as the train levels in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
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    Does Anyone still Play Wii?

    I still play Wii games, but I haven't actually played the Wii console for years now.
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    In Which The Masses Answer Magolor04726's Questions About Smash

    I think trophies are the best, but only because I love the little flavour text that comes along with them. Like Baby Luigi says, if Spirits came with flavour text, they'd easily outclass them
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    The Super Mario Boards Family portrait

    Yoshi876, there's a good representation on each edition of Spotlight with The 'Shroom, but it's a muscular Yoshi
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Really cute avatar, @Snowza. Is that your own creation?