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    Save a character: Mario characters

    Daisy the first one out? This is some bull***...
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    Mario Golf: World Tour

    Aww, Rosalina still wears her normal dress. :( I was hoping they were going to give her a sports outfit like they usually do for Peach and Daisy (though I much prefer Daisy's previous sports outfit with the shorts).
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    Wii U Christmas Reactions

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    Minecraft for Wii U?

    Minecraft Wii U isn't happening, at least not now: Yet another case of..."Rumor: Popular Sony/MS Multiplatform Game Might Come to Wii U"...A few days later..."Popular Sony/MS Multiplatform Game Not Coming to Wii U". It happened with Evil Within...
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    Wii U Christmas Reactions

    Done. Thanks. :) Two-parter:
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    Wii U Christmas Reactions

    Sorry about that. Maybe I'll convert them all to just links when I have some time.
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    Your current Wii U Library

    Disc: Nintendo Land Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wheel of Fortune Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Retail Download: NSMBU Game & Wario Just Dance 2014 DuckTales Remastered Download Only: Runner 2 Edge Rush Mutant Mudds Deluxe Puddle Toki Tori Toki Tori 2+ Wii Sports Club NES Remix Zen Pinball 2...
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    Wii U Christmas Reactions

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    Wii U Christmas Reactions

    This one is my favorite:
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    Wii U Christmas Reactions

    Found some adorable reaction videos of kids getting Wii U's for Christmas. :) More to come, surely.
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    Your Favorite New Songs of 2013.

    Applause - Lady Gaga ARTPOP - Lady Gaga Brave - Sara Bareilles Wake Me Up - Avicii Still Into You - Paramore I Need Your Love - Ellie Goulding The Cup Song - Anna Kendrick (I know how to do it as well. ;D) Safe and Sound - Capital Cities We Can't Stop - Miley Cyrus Radioactive - Imagine Dragons...
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    Favorite Holiday Movies & TV Specials

    Some more of my favorites... The Polar Express Olive The Other Reindeer Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer A Rugrats Chanukah A Very Special Family Guy Freakin' Christmas That's So Raven: Escape Claus Merry Christmas Drake & Josh As Told By Ginger: An "Even Steven" Holiday Special (Ginger finds...
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    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    I am. :) Unless you're talking about one of those "Meet Charles Martinet behind a screen with an animated Mario" events. Did I miss something?
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    What would you think of Rosalina having her own game?

    Guess so. If anything, they should have acknowledged Waluigi's return since a lot of people were upset he was absent from MK7. On topic, no. Not yet anyway. She's getting too much spotlight too fast. Give it a few years, and then we'll see. I'd love to see some kind of Mario princess game...
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    Favorite Holiday Movies & TV Specials

    THAT TOO! I hated how her mother was actually sympathetic. My mother would smack me and tell me to appreciate what I get, which D.W. eventually did, but still... Now that jingle is in my head! Oh Tina Tina Tiny Tina Tina Tiny Tina Tiny....Get out! :o I always cracked up laughing at Arthur's...
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    Favorite Holiday Movies & TV Specials

    What are your favorite holiday-themed movies, TV specials, and TV episodes? Mine is definitely "A Christmas Story".
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    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    Daisy deserved the fifth spot in SM3DW more than Rosalina. Any positive opinion about Daisy at this rate... I actually liked the voiced cutscenes in Sunshine and wish they would do full voice acting more often instead of just speech bubbles and text boxes.
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    The Wii U Gamepad

    Love it! :) It's so useful. The TV remote function comes in handy when I can't find the TV remotes, and I love being able to use it as a near-PC quality web browser. Much more efficient than browsing on an iPhone. Forgive me for asking since I've been "gone" from this forum for a while until...
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    Misheard Song Lyrics of 2013

    Cannot unhear some of these now. :lol: WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE IN BOTH AUDIO AND VISUAL FORM
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    So what's with Rosalina recently?

    I saw that! It cracks me up so much! XD I love how we don't even get to see her facial expression and she's still so focused on the TV.
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    So what's with Rosalina recently?

    I love BlackNerd. :D I kind of wish he talked more about Daisy, though. I know, but it appears that is the second most popular reason people hate her, her voice being the first, of course. So if Nintendo gives her a proper role again, hopefully most people won't mind. Since this was supposed...
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    So what's with Rosalina recently?

    Saying Daisy's a palette swap of Peach is just like saying Luigi is still a palette swap of Mario. There are just as many differences in Peach and Daisy's models as there are between the Mario brothers if not more: - Daisy's dress has two hoops at the bottom, Peach only has one - Peach is...
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    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS Discussion

    That would be cool. :)
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    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS Discussion

    I'll just say congrats to Rosalina. Nintendo's giving her A LOT of love lately. It seems like they're trying to make her the secondary princess instead of Daisy, which is kind of sad given how Daisy has been around for 24 years now and gets almost no love probably because she wasn't originally...
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    Count until a female posts

    Hey, look! I'm not dead! ;D First post since February 2012. :P
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    New SNES Game In Development...

    No joke... :o
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    RIP Whitney Houston :'( :'( :'(
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    Nintendo Network: Nintendo's own PSN/XBL?
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    I think DLC is great for music-based games and puzzle games, but I think when it's something like additional guns in a FPS, it's just a way for the developers to get more money when they probably could have easily put it on the disc.
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    What did you last watch on TV?

    Alex Mack
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    The unofficial New Years 2012 topic

    Hope 2012 is a great year for all of you! HAPPY NEW YEAR! ;D :peach: :mario: :luigi: :daisy:
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    What did you get for Christmas?

    I got Fortune Street and lots of gift cards. :P
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    Waluigi is being "phased out"

    ^ There you go. :P Also, in a way, Mario Kart Arcade GP2. Daisy WAS in the game (as a bystander during the awards ceremonies and her face on the Daisy Cruiser in the background of a beach course), but was not playable, while Waluigi was.
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    Waluigi is being "phased out"

    Aww, no more Koopa Kid? :'( Since they're always "aware" of Waluigi, etc. existing, why does it seem like they forget about them when they make non-spin off games? A cameo would be something at least...I'd love to talk to that guy about that... They would never phase him out. He's been around...
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    Baby Waluigi is now official!!!

    Wow, I guess that means we'll be seeing him in a game soon...Yoshi's Island 3DS perhaps? ;) Were there any new Mario plushies announced? I can't believe they STILL haven't released a Daisy one! >:(
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    Mario Dance in Just Dance Japan

    Well, it's happening. This is going to be a Wii-exclusive DLC for JD3 on 12/14. Kind of ironic that they didn't use the "Do The Mario" song since it says "Swing your arms from side to side", and that's pretty much about 90% of JD's choreography right there. :P
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    I say yes. I heard MPDS was planned to have Wi-Fi but was eventually dropped. Though the game length is a bit of a problem. How will the number of turns be chosen? I think they should keep it at 10 or 15. If a player needs to leave, they should be replaced by a normal-difficulty computer player.
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    Mario Kart 7

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    Mario Kart 7

    I got it! ;D It's so awesome! What I like: -Gliding -Driving underwater -The new items -The online "communities" -The kart customization, plus the fact that you can "spin" the reels if you want to pick at random :P -Great and innovative new courses and choice of retro courses What I don't...
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    Mario and Sonic at the London Games

    Just watched some videos of it. Looks great overall, but I can't stand how they keep re-using voices, especially for the princesses. Some of Daisy's sound bytes are STILL from MK Double Dash. I know this was made by Sega and not Nintendo, but still, would it kill them to use some data from the...
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    Should Halloween be on a Saturday Every Year?

    So, the State Rep. of Connecticut wants to make Halloween the last Saturday in October instead of October 31st every year. Do you think it's a good idea? Would you rather trick-or-treat on a Saturday night or are you OK with Halloween being on a school night?
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    Nintendo Wi-Fi Logo in Trailers?

    Something I've noticed lately is that whenever a game comes out, its trailer always has the logos of the consoles it will be out for displayed at the end. Whenever 360 or PS3 is involved, there is always the XBox Live or PSN logo right next to it, but how come the Nintendo Wi-Fi connection logo...
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    Microsoft Slams Wii in Kinect Ad

    Wow, I never thought I'd actually see a Wii Remote in a Kinect ad. Though I have to admit, they do have a bit of a point concerning Wii dancing games. I rarely do the leg movements unless I'm in an exercising mood (plus I sometimes actually score higher when I don't do them). But did they...
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    Mario Dance in Just Dance Japan

    After the huge success of Ubiosft's "Just Dance" series, Nintendo decided to publish a special version exclusively for Japan with many popular Japanese songs. Ubisoft still developed the game, but I guess it was Nintendo's idea to add this gem... Ubisoft should make this a Wii-exclusive DLC...
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    The Rosalina Discussion Thread

    Re: I thought Rosalina would never appear again...... ^^ @Stoobenquote LOL, quoted from 2094. QFT I'm surprised Waluigi hasn't been confirmed yet. He'll probably be in, though, since his track is in. But it'll be pretty shocking if he isn't.
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    3DS Video Recording, Second Circle Pad, Pink,news-12515.html A system update will be available in November for the video recording.
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    Let's play some Hangman!

    Re: Let's play some Hangman! Yep. Your go.
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    Let's play some Hangman!

    Re: Let's play some Hangman! _ A S H _ O _ R _ O _ T H O _ T _ I T H S O A P [Phrase] Used: A C E H I L N O P R S T __ | O \|/
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    Let's play some Hangman!

    Re: Let's play some Hangman! _ A S _ _ O _ R _ O _ T _ O _ T _ I T _ S O A P [Phrase] Used: A C E I L N O P R S T __ | O \|/
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    Let's play some Hangman!

    Re: Let's play some Hangman! _ A S _ _ O _ R _ O _ T _ O _ T _ _ T _ S O A P [Phrase] Used: A C E L N O P R S T __ | O \|/