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  1. Lindsay151

    Hey Toa 95 you haven't been active on Wiki much, you're busy with life?

    Hey Toa 95 you haven't been active on Wiki much, you're busy with life?
  2. Lindsay151

    Images Request thread

    List of Adventure Mode enemies
  3. Lindsay151

    Images Request thread

    {The minigame Prize Pipe Paths from Paper Mario: Color Splash}
  4. Lindsay151

    Images Request thread

    Created this thread to reach out for any users interested in adding decent quality images needed from Category 1 (Category:Image requested) and Category 2 (Category:Articles that need more images).
  5. Lindsay151

    Images for Kingdom Builder's items

    The images are now added thanks to Yoshi the SSM.
  6. Lindsay151

    Images for Kingdom Builder's items

    They should be cropped into an icon like File:KingdomBuilderItem10.png
  7. Lindsay151

    Images for Kingdom Builder's items

    Created this thread to reach out for any user who has downloaded Super Mario Run to assist adding more images for all the Kingdom Builder items (List of Kingdom Builder items in Super Mario Run).
  8. Lindsay151

    Featured Articles

    MarioWiki:Featured articles/N/Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Has anyone know this exist since September?
  9. Lindsay151

    Mario games found on Osama bin Laden's hard drive

    Is this a fact we could put on the wiki?
  10. Lindsay151

    Translation request thread

    Okay (for now)
  11. Lindsay151

    Translation request thread

    Can anyone translate the Japanese lyrics (Jump_Up,_Super_Star!#Japanese_.28short_version.29) for Jump Up, Super Star!?
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    Alex95 is now a Patroller!

    Congratulations and welcome to the staff.
  13. Lindsay151

    The official name change log

    L151 please and thank you
  14. Lindsay151

    Mario jc is now an Administrator

    Please congrats to him for this promotion.
  15. Lindsay151

    Cartoon Network show Clarence's creator was fired

    Please read the source But despite his removal of his own show, it will still continue to produced on Cartoon Network.
  16. Lindsay151

    Request: Donkey Kong Barrel Blast

    I have view the article page, and it can uses some well good maintenance. I don't own the game but i would really appreciate the help. Anyone with great knowledge or owns the game, wants to assist, please comment on topic. If question related to this, please tell me. Major Goals!! *Rewrite and...
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    Suggestions for Improvement

    I restore the page, but I guess it should decided wether to be added to a section to game's article or have its own page.
  18. Lindsay151

    Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

    This is source. I uploaded the box cover eariler before the deviantart user uploaded it from the source. So the box cover isn't not fanmade.
  19. Lindsay151

    Paper Mario Wii U concepts

    If Paper Mario for Wii U one day comes, how should the gameplay be conducted? And would you prefer if the whole gameplay is 100% completely in uses of the Gamepad and not with Wii Remote as in Super Paper Mario.
  20. Lindsay151

    Colab/Request - Kersti's Tattles (Levels & List of Stickers Complete!)

    Re: Colab/Request - PMSS List of Stickers, Kersti's Tattles, Level Info The List of Stickers is finish, but the Storyline (Paper Mario: Sticker Star#Storyline) needs be fill.
  21. Lindsay151

    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    Some scans revealed.
  22. Lindsay151

    Colab/Request - Kersti's Tattles (Levels & List of Stickers Complete!)

    Re: Colab/Request - PMSS List of Stickers, Kersti's Tattles, Level Info How about just ==Area Tattle== as in other article pages.
  23. Lindsay151

    How you would raise kids differently from your parents?

    When you ever have kids one day, how would you care and treat for them differently that the way your parents raised you. Example, what would you let them do/have or not compare to your parents, etc?
  24. Lindsay151

    Artwork I found?

    The wiki doesn't have a reference list of city or town etc of mario-related, unless it from tv or movie.
  25. Lindsay151

    Artwork I found?

    Do you know the reference it was taken from? If not, then it should be deleted or used as a PI.
  26. Lindsay151

    Artwork I found?

    Well it's certainly doesn't belong on Diddy's gallery snice it taken of a camera.
  27. Lindsay151

    Creation pics

    Yes, didn't i say to post creations or inventions of any kind.
  28. Lindsay151

    Creation pics

    Post any type of Creation related or any form of art. The invention can also be unusual too.
  29. Lindsay151

    Lost gameplay footages of Diddy Kong Pilot

    Never before seen gameplay of the successor to Diddy Kong Racing on the N64, which was never released on the GBA. Thought it would be nice to show, how the game would have been. Credits to transparentjinjo.
  30. Lindsay151

    New Power-up concepts.

    What kind of power-ups you would invents in the Mario series? If so, how would be utilize? :Re-edited the topic my apologies.
  31. Lindsay151

    Worst Console to Handheld Remakes

    I choose these remakes as they are well know popular games on the home console.
  32. Lindsay151

    Which RPG did you prefer playing as Bowser?

    Liked him in BIS.
  33. Lindsay151

    Favortie Mario Party Host(s)

    Which host(s) in the series do you think is your favortie or was better? I prefer Toad.
  34. Lindsay151

    Places in the Marioverse you would live in.

    If you were to chose any location in Marioverse which would you perfer and why?
  35. Lindsay151

    Hardest Pit of 100 Trials

    Rogueport's was hard at first, but i got better as i advance through and defeated Bonetail.
  36. Lindsay151

    Mario Comic Books

    Do you own or ever read one of Mario's comic books. If so, what did you like about it? The one i really like was Super Mario Adventures.
  37. Lindsay151

    Your Texting Limit

    How much do you Text Messaging per day?
  38. Lindsay151

    Mario Press Conference review

    I thought i would be okay to create this thread for us to discussing about Mario talking about his latest sport game, Mario Sports Mix. To me, i like it alot as we don't often hear Mario speak in a full sentences. Nintendo did a great on this and should maybe do this again in the future...
  39. Lindsay151

    Favorite Mario Commercials

    Is there any funny moments you seen on a Mario game ads?
  40. Lindsay151

    favorite memorable quote

    What your favortie quote?
  41. Lindsay151

    Top 10 Best and Worst minigames in the Mario Party series

    Sorry i meant to say top "Top 10 Best and Worst"
  42. Lindsay151

    Top 10 Best and Worst minigames in the Mario Party series

    What are your 10 best and worst minigames in the Mario Party franchise and why?
  43. Lindsay151

    Where would you want to travel?

    There many people such as yourselves who has probably never travel out of a home state or country. If you were to travel to a really special place where would it be and why?
  44. Lindsay151

    Super Mario - The Series

    A Person Name Andrew Lehti wrote this on my talk page about this. My name is Andrew Lehti. A group of 20 and so (more to come when needed) are doing a 20 minute pilot episode of Super Mario. I've been wanting to do this for four years, I want to stay completely true to the story and the style...
  45. Lindsay151

    Best Final Boss Music

    What game to you think has the best final boss music?
  46. Lindsay151

    Mario Kart Wii hackers!

    Have you ever race against players who use cheat codes just to win or make you lose the race. If so, do you ever find that annoying?
  47. Lindsay151

    What Mario and Sonic games should be made?

    As you all know how Sega has made two Olympic Games starring Mario & Sonic. If Sega does make another game starring them, What game do you guys think should be and why?
  48. Lindsay151

    Hardest mission of the Super Mario 3D games

    What is the most hardest and annoying missions you has to faced in any of the 3D Super Mario games.
  49. Lindsay151

    Paper Mario 3DS party members

    Beside chain chomp, what other new Characters should be on Mario's team in Paper Mario 3DS and why?
  50. Lindsay151

    Favorite Chapter in the Paper Mario Series

    What is you favorite chapter in any of the 3 games in the Paper Mario series.