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    Da Binding of Isaac topic

    Boy they sure tested the 3DS version a lot It totally wasn't rushed out the door or anything like the final product was :spear:
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    Re: What amiibos do you own? going off the top of my head... - Mario - Luigi - Bowser - Yoshi - Donkey Kong - Link - Zelda - Sheik - Toon Link - Pikachu - Jigglypuff - Kirby - Sonic - Pac-Man - Mega Man Probably forgetting 1 or 2 I don't have any rare ones ;-; (besides Jigglypuff I guess?)
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    Issue 100

    What a great, well-made issue! I wasn't expecting that new strategy team, I think I'd like to have a section for that!
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    Iwata Passes Away

    Rest in peace, Iwata. Here's the official announcement document.
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    Super Mario Maker

    I'm interested in this game pretty much only for the insane synergies that are possible. I'm looking forward to Mega Para-Magikoopa, even if that would be hellish. I wouldn't expect much more than what was shown, though. I doubt there's much more to show beyond maybe extra level themes and more...
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    Da Binding of Isaac topic

    thoughts -
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    Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

    yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I'd prefer a real Paper Mario game but this is great too.
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    John Numbers won and there were a ton of new things revealed for Super Mario Maker. Miyamoto showed up and congratulated John and Cosmo.
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    iT's hApPeNnInG
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    Best Gameboy Games?

    Wario Land 4, Super Mario Land 2 and Mega Man V are three great ones I can name off the top of my head.
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    The Official Mega Man Thread

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    The Official Mega Man Thread

    OH MAN WHAAAAAATTTTT I'm cautiously optimistic about this, but I'm still looking forward to see how it turns out.
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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Mario Kart 8 Did the Crossing Cup and it's super nice. There are all these details that showed they really cared.
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    Possible character/stage leak in update files?

    I welcome Ryu but I seriously don't want a fifth Fire Emblem character, especially when the character in question was formerly a Marth clone.
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    ITT: Post bad Gamefaqs reviews

    It's almost as if the reviewer never touched any other game except 2.
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    Fun Facts About Yourself

    Mario Yoshi Wario Donkey Kong The Legend of Zelda Metroid Kirby Star Fox Pokémon F-Zero EarthBound Fire Emblem Game & Watch Ice Climber Metal Gear Kid Icarus Pikmin R.O.B. Sonic Punch Out!! Animal Crossing Wii Fit Xenoblade Duck Hunt Mega Man Pac-Man
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    Re: What amiibos do you own? I have Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Kirby and Mega Man.
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    Fawfulthegreat's Mario series coverage (Top 5 Super Mario Platformers out now!)

    Re: Fawfulthegreat's Mario series coverage You may want to turn up the commentary volume since it's not as clear as the music.
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    Da Binding of Isaac topic

    The achievements are bugged in the original - you have to delete the FlashAchievements file in the Steam files and then verify integrity of the game cache. The achievements will unlock on reboot.
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    Da Binding of Isaac topic

    Seeds disable unlocks though. If you unlocked Harbringers, Womb etc. that shouldn't have happened. Random other thing, I don't like Azazel at all. Since he/she is really overpowered and a ton of synergies don't work as him/her the runs end up being incredibly boring.
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    Da Binding of Isaac topic

    I've got Platinum God in the original and I'm very close to Real Platinum God in Rebirth, just need Meat Boy, Bandage Girl, Stopwatch and a few items I'm missing. I actually think that Rebirth is worse than the original (!) for a loooot of reasons, mostly related to the fact that the prerelease...
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    Shovel Knight

    Awesome! I'm pretty excited for new Shovel Knight content.
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    Random Video Game Question of Day

    It's definitely a great and fun game with some very nice graphics, but I'd probably have more fun in Double Dash and they completely screwed up Battle Mode.
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    What Nintendo 64 game would you like to see remade?

    I'd personally like to see an HD remake of Super Mario RPG.
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    Top 5 3D Main Mario Games

    You can't remove your own topics, but you can view your topics via Profile -> Forum Profile -> Show Posts -> Topics. Also, if you post a topic in the wrong board, you can just ask a moderator to move it.
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    Post your Steam gameplay times

    1. The Binding of Isaac (148 hours) 2. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth (109 hours) 3. Super Meat Boy (95 hours) 4. Spelunky (91 hours) 5. The Basement Collection (48 hours) None of the others are worth noting, really. Also I probably have even more hours into vanilla Isaac (probably ~170) because...
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    Acclaimed games you dislike

    I really really hate Mega Man 2. Overall poor level design (Heat Man, Quick Man, Wily 4), very easy, pattern-based and uninteresting bosses, and some of the weapons are among the worst in the series (Crash Bomber and Atomic Fire).
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    The Official Smash 5 Newcomers Suggestion Thread

    Inkling: obvious choice. Waddle Dee: is my most wanted newcomer and will always be. They could do some neat stuff with the spear. Captain Toad: Certainly more unique than just Toad and that would solve the "issue" of Peach's Side-B. He could incorporate the pickaxe and stuff. That's really all...
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    Pokémon Shuffle: The First Freemium Pokémon Game on the Nintendo 3DS and Mobile

    Re: Pokémon Shuffle: The First Freemium Pokémon Game on the Nintendo 3DS wonderful. candy crush but with pokemon. concuuuuuuuuuuuuuur
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    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    decided to play Super Mario World when did I get so bad at mario
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    Random Video Game Question of Day

    mario maker
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    What time are you most active here?

    for some reason I'm most active at 7am
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    Should Sakurai still be involved or retire for future Smash sequels?

    Smash 4 is the best yet (I don't own Melee) and I think all the newcomers with the exceptions of Lucina and Dark Pit are great. Each of the games has mistakes, be it clones, floaty mechanics or the bad stage selection. I think Sakurai is still doing a great job, even if some of the decisions are...
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    Awesome Games Done Quick (AGDQ) 2015

    I watched some of SGDQ 2014, namely the Mega Man block. I'll try to catch any interesting games this year. EDIT: Shovel Knight and Mega Man Unlimited, nice. I'll probably watch those.
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    Glowsquid post statements from wikis that amuses him

    Oh yes, appearing in one episode, Choir Boys, the most well-known episode of Spongebob.
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    Magikrazy's New Year's Rockin' Thread

    my resolution is to finish an actually good game for once
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    Twitter Thread

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    Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

    lel Looks like someone bit off the back of his head.
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    The Official Birthday Thread (LIST IN FIRST POST)

    Re: The Official Birthday Thread - UPCOMING B-DAYS - 7 - Yami - 11 - Plumber thanks everyone :spear:
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    Post Your Christmas Haul

    A lot of candy Some money Captain Toad Mega Man Breaking Point and Curse of Ra Moon graphic novels Mario amiibo Luigi amiibo Probably gonna buy myself some Steam bucks with the money.
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    i have faith in you hillenburg

    My opinion's pretty much the same as PieGuyRulz's. Season 9 has been pretty good from what I've seen so far (Extreme Spots, Squirrel Record, Squid Defense, Bumper to Bumper, Don't Look Now, Seance Shemance, Kenny the Cat) and out of those two Squid Defense and Bumper to Bumper were shit but...
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    Character Palette Swaps/Costumes

    Slash Claw alt for Mega Nan and cyan Game & Watch.
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    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS Discussion

    The "Complete x with all characters" challenges are fine for me because I'm that kind of person who NEEDS ALL TROPHIES I hate the challenges in Wii U though. Most egregious example for me is the 1640ft-1656ft and then the same challenge but as ROB. At least it's worth it to do those because it...
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    Paper Mario 3D Land (fangame)

    It's very technically impressive but I haven't been motivated to play it, really. By the way, this game was made by DJ Coco, you should probably put that in the OP.
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    The official Christmas 2014 thread

    Hoping for Captain Toad, the Gamecube adaptor, and maybe an amiibo and some Steam bucks.
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    Super Mario Maker

    Re: Mario Maker challenge accepted
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    Stage Builder, what have you created?

    I've made a few stages I'll post soon, but I'm really sad you can't play large stages in 8-player smash.
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    Super Smash Bros. for Wii U & 3DS Discussion

    I don't know about you but <3 <3 <3 Shadow Man remix Finally played Crazy Orders, and I have to say, that mode is definitely more fun than both Classic and Smash "Who Thought This Was a Good Idea" Tour.