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  1. Alisbet

    James Cameron's Avatar

    That movie was rather brilliant. I wonder what the sequel looks like...
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    Super Mario 3D World

    Re: New Super Mario 3D Title announced I can imagine this new Super Mario game will be the most brilliant yet. Also, do you think Mario's overalls will have a denim texture like in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? I seem to think so.
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    It's snowing!

    It's snowing here in Finland too. But then again, it comes with winter.
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    Your favorite color?

    My favourite colour would be blue.
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    Where do you live?

    Vantaa, Finland.
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    NSMBWii Custom Levels

    Well, I don't really have an SD slot in my computer for starters. Besides, the whole system is not really user-friendly in my opinion.
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    How Old Are You?

    Right now I'm 20. That's right. 20!
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    Music that deserves to be reused.

    I would like to hear a remix of the Thwomp Volcano music in a game some day.
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    NSMBWii Custom Levels

    Hi. There's one question I want to ask you. What do I need to do in order to play Custom Levels on NSMBWii, specifically on the Dolphin emulator.
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    WarioWare Smooth Moves DIY

    Besides making new micro games, it would also be cool to have new Forms for us to try. One of these new Forms would be the Weather Vane and it has you holding the Wiimote from below with two fingers.
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    The next new Mario and Luigi!

    Alright, it's time to get in action. For the next Mario and Luigi game, you would control the brothers once again like in Superstar Saga and depending on which brother is in front you can do many things. Here's a brief breakdown on what you can do. Luigi in back, Mario on front: When Luigi is...
  12. Alisbet

    New Super Mario Bros. 2

    It depends on how much Nintendo actually cares about Custom levels. The editor could be as simple as putting all the block and enemies and obstacles in proper places and you're good to go. Remember, they did something similar with Warioware DIY and it would be so cool if they do something like...
  13. Alisbet

    New Super Mario Bros. 2

    What I mean is that they include a level editor that makes standard New Super Mario Bros. levels without resorting to hacks.
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    New Super Mario Bros. 2

    It would be about time that Nintendo included a lever editor where we can create levels and share them with the world. Otherwise the game can be a little stale. Still, I am exited to see what this game has in store for us. :)
  15. Alisbet

    The Next Mario and Luigi game

    If there was then care to show me the link?
  16. Alisbet

    The Next Mario and Luigi game

    Here you can tell me your ideas for a next Mario and Luigi game should they make one for either the 3DS or the DS someday and how it would play out. Here's some of my ideas. 1: You play as Mario and Luigi once again like in Superstar Saga and depending on which brother is front you can do many...
  17. Alisbet

    WarioWare Smooth Moves DIY

    Alright, it's time to put in some games. This microgame is titled as The Crossing and the form is The Boxer. Basically you have to turn a lever to make the bridge lower. In the harder levels, the lever requires more turns.
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    New Super Mario Bros. 2

    Well, as long as this game (as well as the Wii U one) has a level editor then I'm fine. Hopefully this game will be a pleasant experience. :)
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    WarioWare Smooth Moves DIY

    That's well spoken.
  20. Alisbet

    WarioWare Smooth Moves DIY

    You know WarioWare DIY, right? It was a great game where you had the chance to design your own Microgames and share them with the world. Now, if you had the chance to design your own Microgame utilising the Wii controls, what it would be like? Mine would most likely involve picking something up.
  21. Alisbet

    Mario Party 9

    I think MP9 will be awesome.
  22. Alisbet


    My choice would be the Smooth Moves because it's just cool waving that remote around. If only there was a game that allows you to make your own Wiimote microgames...
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    New Super Mario Bros. Wii Custom level ideas

    I have seen people that have made custom levels for NSMBW game and I really like their dedication. Here's a couple of ideas for custom levels that I hope would make your levels shine. 1: A level that is meant for 2 people to play. For example, there are 2 paths, each for one player. The upper...
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    Things that you love that everyone else hates

  25. Alisbet

    Your first video game

    What is the first video game you have ever played?
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    Where do you live?

    I live in Finland and that's about it.
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    Fun Facts about you.

    Well, what can I say about myself? I like TV.
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    Favorite clothes?

    I like clothes that I happen to be wearing at the moment. :) They are warm and soft.
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    What is your nearest shop

    That looks like a neat shop.
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    The best movies of last decade

    What were your best movie experiences of last decade if you consider year 2010 as part of it?
  31. Alisbet

    What is your nearest shop

    Like the title implies, what is your nearest shop where you buy your groceries? If you have a picture of that shop, I recommend that you attach it in your replies.
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    MarioWiki Changes

    I have one request for a change. Wikipedia for example has updated it's design by moving the search bar from the left to the upper right hand corner. You should do it too.
  33. Alisbet

    Mariowiki dA muro thread¨ This link contains this HTML5 drawing application developed by DeviantART called as dA muro. Draw something cool with the application and then post your drawing in this thread. PS: You may have to use either Safari or Chrome before accessing the site.
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    What is the weather outside?

    It's sunny and cool as winter is drawing near.
  35. Alisbet

    Best Yoshi Color

    My choice would be red.
  36. Alisbet

    The most annoying level

    What is the most annoying level that you have ever encountered in a video game? That is the question of this thread.
  37. Alisbet

    Mario and denim

    As you might know, Super Smash Bros. Brawl was the first game in which the texture on Mario's overalls were identifiable as denim. Would you like to see these denim-textured overalls in future games?
  38. Alisbet

    What do you want to be written on your tombstone

    We all die when our time is up. What do you want to be written on your tombstone?
  39. Alisbet

    Should there be a Super Mario Galaxy 3?

    Yes, it is a really good idea in my opinion and you can get really devious but NOT impossible puzzles with the teleporters. For example, there is this area with 5 teleporters. One of them leads forward and the rest leads to an area infected with enemies and you need to defeat them to reactivate...
  40. Alisbet

    Should there be a Super Mario Galaxy 3?

    I have a great idea in mind. You know the teleporters in SMG2 that would send you to a bonus area with a chance to get some 1-ups. In SMG3, these teleporters would have much wider usage as an alternative to the usual Launch Stars and these red coloured teleporters would have to be activated...
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    Your favorite VG music.

    The Otherworld from FFX is a masterpiece in my opinion. It's very catchy.
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    What did you last watch on TV?

    My pick would be the news at 18:00.
  43. Alisbet

    The worst video game ever?

    The worst game ever would be Spyro Enter the Dragonfly. Even though the game itself was decent, it had really long loading times and it also suffered from graphic anomalies from time to time.
  44. Alisbet

    All Time Greatest Villain

    My choice would be Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.
  45. Alisbet

    Should there be a Super Mario Galaxy 3?

    This would be explained by the fact the planet rotates much faster around the sun than our planet. Therefore, we can also assume that centuries in the Mushroom World are more like decades in our Earth.
  46. Alisbet

    ITT - What did you last go "om nom nom" on?

    Today, I had eaten some delicious macaroni. I really liked it.
  47. Alisbet

    Give your ideas for spots where the missing items in SMG2 could be used

    Let's see, the flying mario would have been great if it was given it's own stage somewhere, like the Clockwork Ruins galaxy. That would have been a great area to use it. And there would have been some sections where you use the bubble. Like in the Cosmic Cove Galaxy for example, they should have...
  48. Alisbet

    The last thing you bought

    What model is it?
  49. Alisbet

    Should there be a Super Mario Galaxy 3?

    Flying Mario would of course be a great idea if it is used in a level with many platforms scattered around at different altitudes and being Flying Mario would be the only way to travel between them.
  50. Alisbet

    Should there be a Super Mario Galaxy 3?

    If Super Mario Galaxy 3 would ever see the light of day, I would like to have Mario travel to the other Galaxies in order to investigate what Bowser has been up to recently. I would also like to see the bubble stages from the original Galaxy to be featured in this game. That was something that...