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    Post Your Dreams

    Last night I dreamt I was in a grocery store with Amanda Bynes and we were getting chased by Bart, Lisa, and Maggie Simpson. For some reason Maggie Simpson looked like she was Lisa Simpson's age and when I questioned it I was transported to a park where I was riding roller skates on a sidewalk...
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    Super Mario Bros Movie: Let's Revisit This

    I voted that it's a good movie but a terrible Mario movie but I included other in case of things like "Other because of how shitty the production team was to the actors and how much Bob Hoskins (RIP) hated it." As I've said before, I just thought it was a fine movie but as far as Mario goes...
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    300% Mixed Nuts! [Sprite Comic]

    i don't already have anyone's sprites. i don't have my old computer anymore. put your sprites in your signup post. Click Here! Yup I'm finally doing a new sprite comic. Again. It's just going to be an action adventure comedy comic strip type thing like The Three Mushketeers and Almond...
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    republican senator says employees shouldn't have to wash hands after toilet use absolutely fucking disgusting
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    if you think these tests are garbage then go away; this is just for fun. post results plx. oh and here's an interesting thing to look at after you take the test. so yeah, i got INTJ which, according to the tv tropes page, means i'm like the joker...
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    Post Your Christmas Haul

    -8 bit mario shirt -christmas polo -dress shoes -homemade treats -mcdonald's gift card -money -pinkie pie figurine -red and black plaid polo -socks -steeled toe boots -swiss army knife -tennis shoes -twitter ecard -von's gift card -windbreaker jacket
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    Plans for your corpse?

    Funeral & cremation for me. But I don't want my ashes kept in a fuckin' urn.
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    Dan Vs. I just discovered this show a few days ago (it ran from 2011-2013) and it's the best show ever. I'm already on Season 2. Discuss.
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    Almond Factory

    signups are open! Since I've cancelled a lot of fan games and sprite comics, this time I can't make any promises of commitment. But I'd like to try to create a new Userpedia Comic and finish the whole thing like I did with The Three Mushketeers...
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    Couldn't find a thread. Post your MALs.
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    Post your Youtube Channels

    If you have one. Even if it doesn't have videos or subscribers. Mine is in my sig but I'll add it to this post if I remove it from my sig.
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    Suggestion: Former Forum Mod Membergroup

    for forum mods who stepped down, but not forum mods who get fired (or are otherwise untrustable) if not, then how come we have a former wiki mod membergroup?
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    meme wars :doge:
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    Robancekem - Cancelled.

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    Pentagon deploying troops to thwart Russia :eekdance:
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    DeviantArt Thread

    post your dA pages so i can stalk stalk you
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    [Resolved] PHP help, please I don't know php. Here's my php gift art gallery. It's pretty much perfect except for the fact that you can't middle click images. Can someone please make it so when you middle click an image in the gallery it opens it in a new tab? I'd greatly appreciate...
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    based japan we eternal youth now
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    Who Do You Side With? (Politically)

    Take The Test Here (click) my results^ Yes it's that time of the year, kiddies: Don't argue here plz! Just post results! EDIT: I do find it funny that it said I side with republicans on environmental and science issues (WHAT THE FUCK) yet in one of...
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    post your favorites

    food, smell, vidya, song, book, movie, youtube vid favorite food: t-bone steak favorite smell: t-bone steak favorite video game: pokémon yellow favorite song: rocket man favorite book: matilda favorite movie: disney's aladdin favorite youtube video:
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    Yet Another Political Test Post your results. Here are mine: And yeah yeah "blah blah these tests aren't accurate" gtfo my thread then. BTW I am not satisfied with my results but I answered the questions honestly.
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    call of duty developer says call of duty fans aren't hardcore gamers

    Source :yoshi: :yoshi: :yoshi:
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    i dont know php

    EDIT: nvm lock plz
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    Super Mario Bros: Return to Dinohattan

    (EDIT: Sorry, I might've been a bit rash in making this thread. Feel free to move to Off-Topic discussion.) (Source) The Super Mario Bros.: The Movie sequel has arrived... in comic form! Is this covered on the wiki? If not, should it...
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    Artificial Vanilla is Made From Beaver Musk

    Source - National Geographic
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    Cashew Comics - Cancelled

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    Mason With Your Mind

    (if this doesn't belong here or is considered spam could you guys please move this to Mindless Junk? if it's totally allowed to be here a mod can remove this line) I'm going to be doing unprofessional Let's Plays where YOU get to be a part of them! What that...
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    Twitter Thread

    i cant find the old twitter thread. post your twitters @IcyToucan
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    Ethical Philosophy Selector

    Post your results from: (you can skip the registration) Here are my results:John Stuart Mill (100%) Immanuel Kant (95%) Jeremy Bentham (86%) Jean-Paul Sartre (84%) Epicureans (72%) Prescriptivism (72%) Ayn Rand (54%) Nel Noddings (44%) Thomas Aquinas (43%)...
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    Because i want to do something productive (online) and my life (irl) has been too busy to complete my userpedia projects and fangames Requests will be taken in order posted Only rule is don't give me a request that involves me drawing custom lineart or coloring (although i can recolor) Gifs...
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    NSA Wiretapping Scandal

    Sorry if this is late... I thought someone else would have made a thread. Associated Press | BBC News | CNN | Faux News
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    how much of my cpu is safe to use for background encoding?

    i'm using freemake video converter to convert videos and BES to limit it to 50% of my CPU specs: -2.4 ghz -1.87 GB ram -128 MB gpu -windows xp OS yes I live in the stone age. anyway firefox and hexchat seem to be running fine with freemake using 50% of my CPU. how much more of my CPU is safe...
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    justin bieber anne frank controversy

    Source In the past I've been against bashing Justin Beiber but... wow. The fuck was he thinking? EDIT: Here's the original (Yahoo! News) article I linked to.
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    Macadamia Kai - Cancelled

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    Baked something myself for the first time

    I made Cooking Caveman's(Tumblr|Youtube) Almost Paleo Almond Butter Bread. I used a jar of almond butter, five eggs, a few teaspoons of lemon juice and a dash of baking soda, as the recipe called for. I also greased the bread pan with butter... he didn't say to do that but I don't have whatever...
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    Count until it's :00, :15, :30, or :45

    Yup. Count resets when someone's post time ends with :00, :15, :30, or :45 (in seconds) 1.
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    Ban Log

    User Long John Spaghetti RainbowDiamond-SMP - - - Reason Breaking Rule 11 Breaking Rule 11 - - - Length 30 days 45 days - - - Expires January 2nd, 2020 January 17th, 2020 - - - Permanent Bans (in the last 90 days) User Reason Banned since
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    BTTM - Cancelled

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    Twitter Thread

    @ToucanManiac post your twitters
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    Huh? Super Mario Land enemy confusion. Who decided Chibibos are called Goombos, and who decided Nokobons are called Bombshell Koopas? If this is really the case, Chibibo should redirect to Goombo and Nokobon should redirect to Bombshell Koopa. I'd also like to know where...
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    Dieting Thread

    Have you ever been on a diet? I've been on a diet since Wednesday morning. Anyway, what about you guys? If you've been on a diet, what's the longest you've ever been able to stick to a one?
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    Make a Reply Imitating the Above User

    Intro There's not much to explain. Basically, you continue the conversation, but you have to try to act like you're the above user instead of yourself. Rules No being mean. No flaming. Follow the forum rules. If this game gets out of hand, I'll lock it. (Unless a staff beats me to it.) I mean...
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    Face Texture for Tony Hawk's Underground (PC Version) [Requests Welcome?]

    Well, I decided to create a character of myself / for myself in the PC version of Tony Hawk's Underground. The facemapping thing was supposed to be easy to use but with a regular photo but it... wasn't. So I decided to edit my photo myself in GIMP and make a proper texture. The left version...
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    Déjà Vu

    If you don't know what it is, check here. It's when you feel like something has already happened, even though you're not sure if it really did happen before. Some say it's caused because the eyes see an event before it's registering in the brain, giving you the false impression it has happened...
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    Tumblr Thread

    Post your Tumblr blogs here!