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    Ja Rule Talk...

    I, personally, love Ja's music and he seems like someone I'd hang w/. I've listened to some 50 Cent music, but I just don't like him for some reason. It isn't that I like Ja better... well I do, but I never liked 50 even before I heard of Rule. Ja Rule is coming out w/ a come-back album...
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    Super Mario Stadium Baseball

    I love the Mario Baseball series, and I made out ideas for a new game (I like making fake game plans for some weird reason), once I finished them I searched for more information on the first game and found out that they comfirmed a new Mario Baseball game for the Wii, and the facts are almost...
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    opinion of the halo series

    Halo creators wanted to bring a Halo game on to the DS and another on the PS2, but because of Microsoft's stuck-up self, they wouldn't allow it. Though the DS game was never really cancelled, it still might be brought over to the Nintendo handheld in the future.
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    Kingdom Hearts

    Kingdom Hearts is from Square-Enix, an old ally-company of Nintendo, & Square has been showing an interest in returning to make more Nintendo games again, so I wouldn't be surprised if we see more Kingdom Hearts in the future.
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    Kingdom Hearts

    I look forward to seeing how well it does on the DS, when it comes out, though Sora isn't the main character in the DS mid-CoM game, it'll be Roxas from the 2nd game. Still looks like a typical Kingdom Hearts game. I also think that the Mushroom Kingdom Hearts 'April Fools Joke' should be...
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    I was still getting 'into' the SNES games when the 64 came out, but once I got a Nintendo 64, it was like on the 3 Christmas after it came out and my mother bought me three games to go with it Donkey Kong 64, Banjo-Kazooie and that Clayfight game. So Banjo-Kazooie was not only one of my first 64...
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    If there's going to be be a paper mario 3

    in this order: Luigi Lakilester/(Or different Lakitu) Barel/(the army; deleted verison of Bobbery the Bob-Omb in TTYD as a new character) A Bullet Bill Doopliss/(Or different Duplighost) A Fuzzy A Cheep Cheep kid (w/ big eyes like in the old games; could be similar to the Yoshi Kid in...