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  1. sdessoki

    Time And Video Games Sprite...

    Do You Agree With Me That The Video Games Lose There Sprite By Time ? I Mean The More they get evolved the more they lose there sprite and Turn Into Movies Instead Of Video Games If You Know What I Mean...
  2. sdessoki


    Just Got A Wii A Month Ago My Mother Bought It For Me From The Arabian Kingdom With 5 Games Warioware Smooth Moves Metal Slug Anthology SpongeBob Squarepants , Creature From The Crusty Krab Sonic & The Secret Rings Zelda Twilight Princess & Also I Got A DS lite With 6 Games...
  3. sdessoki

    Super Mario DS !

    Do you think a MARIO series on he DS named SUPER MARIO DS ( Like The SUPER MARIO ADVANCE series ) would be great ? the games of the series should be re-makes of old mario games 1.Super Mario DS ( Super Mario Land For The Game Boy ) 2.Super Mario DS 2 ( Super Mario Land 2 For The Game Boy...
  4. sdessoki

    Should Bowser get his own game?

    BOWSER Should Have Had His Own Games Since The Time Of NES & The Orginal Game Boy
  5. sdessoki

    Mario Party DS

    Mario Party DS a possibility In a recent interview, Shuichiro Nishiya at Hudson Soft replies to a question about the Mario Party franchise on the DS. Q: With its microphone and its two screens, Nintendo DS would be perfect to accomodate a play like Mario Party. Do you intend to carry out...
  6. sdessoki

    Wario: Master of Disguise

    Isn't Wario World A Platformer Game ?
  7. sdessoki

    Ages of Mario Characters

    Mario Is 25 Years Old Luigi Is 23 Years Peach & Bowser Are 21
  8. sdessoki

    Videogame help

    I Don't Know What Carts... Should I Buy For My NES I Always THought It Was Pal But Last When I Bought I A Pal Game It Didn't Work I Discovered Later on That The Game I Is Written On it ( NES Version ) & My Only NES Game Is Written On It ( Doesn't Work With Mattel Or NES Version ) I...
  9. sdessoki

    Wario Or Waluigi?

  10. sdessoki


    1.Mario 2.Bowser 3.Shy Guy. 4.Pianta 5.Fire Ball 6.Frog Suit ( From SMB 3 )
  11. sdessoki


    :evil: Bureaucracy :twisted:
  12. sdessoki

    Why DK

    I Suggest Covering The Pokemon Games & Characters
  13. sdessoki

    Mario Kart Series

    Isn't Mario kart : DD Online Also ?
  14. sdessoki


    I Think It's A Good Idea , But It Will Be Hard To make it
  15. sdessoki

    What is your favorite and least favorite Mario game?

    I Have Mario Is Missing & I Realy Don't Fid It That Bad
  16. sdessoki

    Mario RPG Series

    What's Your Favroite Mario RPG Game ? Mine Is Paper Mario | N64
  17. sdessoki

    GameCube Converter !

    I Found What Am Lookin for , It's Called ( Gamecube Freeloader )
  18. sdessoki

    What is your favorite and least favorite Mario game?

    Guys , You Can Find Watever Game Or Console On All Rare Games Are There & You Will Find Factory Sealed Games !!
  19. sdessoki

    GameCube Converter ! This Is An NTSC/PAL Converter , But It's Not For The Game Cube It's For The N64 It's Used To Make NTSC Games Work On PAL Consoles Or PAL Games...
  20. sdessoki

    Mario Party Series

    The Real Fact Is That The Older Versions Are The Geatest Not Only In Games But Alot Of Other Things Also Like Movies For Example
  21. sdessoki

    What is your favorite and least favorite Mario game?

    My favorite are Super Super Mario Bros 1 & 3 , and Super Mario 64 . My least favorite is Super Mario Bros . The Lost Levels !!
  22. sdessoki

    GameCube Converter !

    Hello.... Anybody ?
  23. sdessoki

    Mario Party Series

    Mario Party 2 & 3
  24. sdessoki

    Mario Kart Series

    What's Your Favroite Mario Kart Game ? Mine Is Super Mario Kart | SNES
  25. sdessoki

    Your favorite Pokemon

    Mine Is Pikatchu
  26. sdessoki

    Super Mario Galaxy

    I Bet It Will Be Bowser Or One Of His Family
  27. sdessoki

    Banjo for 360.

    How Come The Nintendo Made A 2 New Versions Of Donkey Kong For The Wii ? Donkey Kong Wii & Donkey Kong Blast .
  28. sdessoki

    Super Mario Galaxy

    Super Mario 128
  29. sdessoki

    Banjo for 360.

    Maybe There will Be A Version On The Wii ?
  30. sdessoki

    GameCube Converter !

    Is There An NTSC/PAL Converter For The GameCube ?
  31. sdessoki

    Did you like the Super Mario Bros. movie?

    I Never Watched It .
  32. sdessoki

    Super Mario Galaxy

    Never Heard Of The "Super Mario 128"
  33. sdessoki

    My Mini-Comic

    Great Work Wayoshi , Go on
  34. sdessoki

    Will Nokia Enter The CVG Industry ?

    I Predict That Nokia Will Enter The Console Video Games Industry , It Should Join In The 7th Generation Or Found ( Create ) The 8th Generation .
  35. sdessoki

    Hello Forum!

    I'll Do My Best To See This Forum Active And Grows A Day AFter Another .
  36. sdessoki

    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Name: Seif Omar Ahmed Birth Date : 5/12/1987 Country : Egypt Hobbies : History , Computer & Internet , Video Games & Reading Favorite Mario Stuff : Super Mario Bros. ( NES Ver. ) , Super Mario All Stars , Super Mario Kart , Super Marioo 64 , Mario Kart 64 , Mario Vs DK , Super Mario...
  37. sdessoki

    MarioWiki Poll

    I Wonder What Are The Questions Of The Poll :roll:
  38. sdessoki

    Hello Forum!

    Hello EveryBody , I’m New Here And It seems to me That The Forum Is Still New Also , That’s Great Anyway , Am Glad That I Joined In The Begging Of The Forum , I Would Like To Thank The Owner OF The Forum & The Wiki MR.porplemontage I Think ?! Anyway I Thank...