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    Would you like a different story/villain every once in a while?

    Yeah, they are similar but they sport different attacks (chanin chomp, spiked ball, spewing stuff etc.) and... well, they're not Koopalings, that's already a plus for me. But overral I do agree they are just a "slightly upgraded" version of them in a way, but they still feel more unique and...
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    Would you like a different story/villain every once in a while?

    I forgot to mention it in my post but the idea was mostly about making new and intresting Boss-related stuff, both in terms of Boss stages and Boss Battles themeselves (this is mostly for the 2D games actually), with Bowser and the Koopalings the setting and the way the Boss fight goes are...
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    Would you like a different story/villain every once in a while?

    We all know the story of all the mainstream 2D or 3D Mario games: in the first ones Mario and Luigi spend time with the princess then she gets captured and they gotta travel to Bowser's land to save her, in the latter either they are in a new place already when the kidnapping happens (Delfino...
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    Mario's Story in Luigi's Mansion

    Yeah, I hate how the "save someone" plot is always stuck into any Mario games, even in Super Mario Bros 3, where "save the kings and defeat Bowser" could have been OK they still added Peach getting kidnapped at the end, why? Also yeah, expecially in Dark Moon Mario was 100% pointless, he just...
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    Mario Enemies that you would like to see return

    I'd like to see them in a 2D setting honestly, they've always been 3D enemies, they could be used to reach higher jump-trough platforms (or even a Star Coin) without a jump-enhancing Power-Up by luring them to where you want them to be just like in the 3D games. However two enemies that I'd...
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    Am I the only one?

    Am I the only one that likes the classic Mario design attributes more the the modern one? I like the "classic fat, red overrals Mario" more than the actual Mario we have now. In case you're wondering, red overrals-Mario only appeared once in the arcade Donkey Kong (even if it was technically...
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    Mario games that you think should be remade or recieve a Deluxe treatment.

    I have no idea why they didn't make a remake of Super Mario All Stars + Super Mario World but I'd LOVE to see that! The original classics only got remade with Snes/GBA graphics, I'd love to see their artstyle and sountrack in HD! Maybe they could even add a 2-players coop in each game, that...
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    A new 2D Mario game

    You mean something like this, right? If so then I agree completely, I always think that a 2D, colorful style with bold borders around everything would be perfect for a new 2D Mario game. It just looks so sleek and refreshing!
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    Should There be a Super Mario Maker Sequel?

    Assuming that the Switch's touchscreen isn't as precise/responsive as that of the WiiU (as peoplehere are saying) then I'd say no, as using it would be frustrating because it'd be really easy to misplace a block and you'd need to undo everytime and it would simply not feel good to make stages...
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    Why do Wario characters hardly show up in spinoffs?

    This. ^ I imagine that characters from Wario games don't appear in Mario games mostly for this reason, and also for the different style (as Wario game's characters are a ton more energetic and sometimes "edgier/cooler" than Mario's ones; heck, even just the enemies are way more menacing than...
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    So where the hell is DK JR?

    Same, either that or he got replaced by Diddy Kong or Kiddy Kong, most likely the former.
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    Could we see Daisy finally be playable in Smash Switch?

    As many peoplehave stated,Daisy would just be a Peach clone with an attitude and maybe a few changed moves but that's be it as she really doesn't do anything other than appearing in sport games and her only non-sport appereance had her be kidnapped and doing nothing.And since Smash Bros' Peach...
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    Waluigi vs Daisy: Who Should Be In Smash Switch???

    Technically neither of them, as I don't think the game would benefit fromhaving them as playable, they simply wouldn't be particularly good characters to have as fighters. But if I have to pick I'd say Waluigi for various reasons: 1) Daisy would feel like a "spiced up Peach" whereas Waluigi...
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    Would you like the Mario-themed Game & Watch Gallery series to return?

    Like you said in the post above mine, they would be too arcadey, simplistic and repetitive, I can't imagine anyone buying a remaster of them today because of how utterly simple they are. They were fine on GBA when phone games and apps weren't a thing yet so gaming on the go meant either getting...
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    Should Robo Mario replace Metal Mario in Spin-Off games?

    My feelings torwards clone-characters in spin-off games, expecially Mario Kart, has always been rather negative, I simply don't like them that much and I think they simply occupy slots. SOME clones unfortunately have to stay but there is a reason for them staying in so I'm not particularly mad...
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    Is SMG2 good?

    It is indeed really good; like some people already said, it's like SMG1 v2.0, in that it's extremely similar to its predecessor and even borrows back some stage concepts. Personally I found both great but I enjoyed Galaxy 1 more, I think it was slightly better and less gimmicky than its...
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    What is the craziest mario theory you have every heard?

    I am aware of that, the lighting castse shadows from the camera' perspective so when it moves closer to Luigi during a dialogue with E. Gadd the shadow is casted upwards, making it look like Luigi hanged himself (further emphasized by the weird "stiff" pose he makes when the lightng glitch...
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    Why does Bowser never die?

    Because the Mario series is a cartoony series, vallains always "get defeated" and they never actually die. And while there are a few exceptions where the villain does indeed straight up die, those tend to be a tad bit more "serious" cartoons; with Mario being all sunshine and ranbows and about a...
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    What is the craziest mario theory you have every heard?

    1) Any of the "Mario is just dreaming stuff due to the weird mushrooms he eats and all that happens in the games is just a dream" 2) I remember hearing one about Luigi being dead in Luigi's Mansion because he hanged himself in fear of the ghosts in the attic of the mansion and he entered a sort...
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    Most pointless Mario characters

    Definitively Baby Rosalina, she's just quite pointless to me, she's just be like the other baby pricesses in Patners in Time and she wouldn't do anything. In fact she actually doesn't do anything, as she's a simply filler character for a spin-off. At least Pink Gold Peach could be Peach after...
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    Would you like a TRUE open world Mario game?

    The reason they do it, other than story reasons, is also to create escalating difficulty: if you could go literally ANYWHERE then the difficulty would escalate really quickly as you can basically go from the areas that are easier to those that are harder relatively fast, so blocking them forces...
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    whats your favorite Mario game?

    Super Mario World, I love everything about it, from the music to the visual to the physics and the stages. It's my second favourite game of all time! Only topped by Super Meat Boy.
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    Would you like a TRUE open world Mario game?

    We all know that Mario's and most loved 3D adventures are the open-world sandbox ones like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and the new Super Mario Odyssey; in those games the stages are all like small sandboxes and they all act like a small "world" you can explore. They aren't however...
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    Not that much, they're not terrible or anything but I'd like if they removed them, something more in the line of Super Mario Run (which replaced them with an instrument) would be a nice thing.
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    Your headcanons

    The reason why Peach never hires guards to protect herself is because of her being both too nice to people (outside of Smash Bros and other rare cases ofcourse) and The reason Mario always risks his live to save Peach is because she rewards him by not making him pay taxes (either that or...
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    Not 100% true, while Cappy seems to be kind-hearted and all, he probably would have just stayed with all the other Bonnetonians in the city after Bowser attacked it if Bowser didn't care about Tiara and he just bought a normal tiara in a random shop (or asked one of his MartelKoopas to forge one...
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    Should Mario get a redesign in one of the platformers? (as a one-shot thing)

    The fact is that Mario is an incredibly popular and recognized character, therefore a "redesign" for a character of such impact shouldn't be that large, just subtle changes; again, he should look same-y but FEEL different. Look at how Rayman's appareance has changed in the mainstream platfromer...
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    Should Mario get a redesign in one of the platformers? (as a one-shot thing)

    Before you say "Nintendo will never redesign Mario because he's like the Mickey Mouse of video games and changing his appearance would be a huge risk to take and so they wouldn't even consider doing such a thing for a standard Mario platform.", I know, but I still think that having maybe just...
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    Should Special Items return in Mario Kart 9?

    No, even the stat boosts in Mario Kart Wii were ultra-annoying because everyone always played Funky Kong, Daisy, Baby Luigi and Baby Daisy, with some rare Warios and Bowser Jr.s (because they had the best stats, the ones that increased either the speed or the Mini-Turbo of your vehicle). You'd...
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    Why is bowser so dumb?

    Bowser is dumb for various reasons: 1) being a game series aimed at children, most of the villains are usually the joke-type of villain that do evil things even if they theorically wouldn't benefit from them that much either because they need the hero to seem smarter than the villain or to allow...
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    In what age period is the Mario series set? + Is the Mario series a fairy tale?

    True, forgot about the stuff they use in Mario Party or even the anti-gravity Karts, but the thing is that they use it very rarely. Also the post was about the era in which the series was set in but whatever... You have instances where scientists make sentient robots like F.L.U.D.D. with...
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    Mario game's story written by you

    For a 2D game I'd say something like this might work: Mario and Luigi are relaxing at their home when suddenly a group of 7 Toads dressed in odd dark suits comes screaming at their house, warning them that Bowser is attacking the castle; the bros rush towards it (with various stages to play like...
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    ITT - What did you last go "om nom nom" on?

    Some delicious cookies, I love cookies!
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    In what age period is the Mario series set? + Is the Mario series a fairy tale?

    Something that I've always wondered about the Mario series is in which age period it's set in. Judging from how the Mushroom Kingdom appears it seems like it might be set approximatively around the end of the Middle Ages: you got a strict monarchy, the royalty lives in a large brick castle to...
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    No way Mario is just 24.

    I always imagined Mario's age to range from 23 to 34, the age they gave him is reasonable, although not something you'd think instantly when you see him. He's kinda like those people who look alder than they actually are.
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Hello everyone! I decided to make a profile for this Forum as I kinda miss good old Mario, it's been a while since I played a Mario game, with the latest one being Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon/2 for 3DS. I hope I'll have a good time on these forums.