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  1. rollerC

    The MS-DOS Proposal

    Currently, the Mario Wiki has a page for the MS-DOS. As was brought up by pwwnd123 (yes, I know, it's pwwnd) in the Discord, this gives validity to articles such as a "Windows" article, which other members (including me) did not think was needed. I wrote up a comment in the talk page of the...
  2. rollerC

    Roller's Reasons

    Roller's Reasons to try to live my way, among other things Hey, there. If you haven't seen me around yet, I'm Roller. I've been posting a bunch here since I became active and I figure it's about time I share some of my artwork because I think I need some sort of artistic outlet. A couple of my...
  3. rollerC

    Count until someone other than Moldomré, MKDSF, YFJ, or Toadgamer posts

    It'll never happen. especially considering how often YFJ and winstein post-chain into oblivion EDIT: Changed people in thread per request from winstein
  4. rollerC

    Change the subject of this topic!

    Basically how this will work is when you reply to this thread, rather than leave "Re: Change the subject of this topic!" as the subject, change it to whatever you want! I'm sure there are variations of this you could do, but for now just simply change it to whatever you please and maybe write a...
  5. rollerC

    New art thread?

    I've asked this question to a couple people on here and they seem to be split. If I were to make an art thread where I showcase my music and writing, should I start it in Fan Creations or Off-Subject Discussion? It wouldn't be specifically Mario related.
  6. rollerC

    Working on a new song

    Hey, I've been working on this song for a while, but I've gotten to the point where I have no idea where to take it. Any feedback/suggestions/redirects for the second part would be much appreciated. The main part I'm looking at is marked "Shit Gets Real" and I'm trying to make a slight mood...
  7. rollerC

    KO a Character: All Mario Party Playables!

    Wario is the winner of this KO a Character! Thanks for playing, everyone! :wario: