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  1. Xzelion

    What is the size limit for an avatar?

    Anyone? :posh:
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    Anyone else see it yet? Fucking amazing.
  3. Xzelion

    Database Errors

    Am I the only one getting them? :-\
  4. Xzelion

    Gar he's a patroller!

    It seems we always do this so..Congratulate PLUMs on patrollerhood...
  5. Xzelion

    Fake News Poll: Which Creature Would you want as a Pet?

    Which Creature Would you want as a Pet? P.S i know this is a dumb poll but i couldn't think of anything else!
  6. Xzelion

    Bowser Jr or Waluigi?

    NO FLAMING! But what the header says Which do YOU like better? NO FLAMING *cough*Uniju*cough*
  7. Xzelion

    Dojo hates Wario

    Has anyone but me noticed that in Most Dojo updates its usually Wario getting beaten up:
  8. Xzelion

    Comeback Trail

    Wayoshi has been made a Sysop again! Congrats! (I know this is a little late :P)
  9. Xzelion

    Fake News Poll: Which is the Ugliest Character?

    Well as the title says the poll from the fake news, Discuss!
  10. Xzelion

    Wario Blast: Featuring Bomberman!

    Anyone know here i can play this game online for free (w/o using them illegal ROMs :P)
  11. Xzelion

    Starwars: Knights of the Old Republic

    I know this is a far fetch but I'd like to know if you anyone here plays the game. And your thoughts on the game.
  12. Xzelion

    What Board Style do you use? [OUTDATED]

    As the topic says which one do you use? I've been rotating between the two but I've ended up liking the MarioWiki Skin
  13. Xzelion

    The "Holy Cow"

    Recently my bro (Master Crash formerly known as PLDS) created a work of art I like t call the "Real" Everybody As far as I know he completed it in two stinking days O_O Comments?
  14. Xzelion


    As you may not or may know late last night YellowYoshi398 was promoted to Sysophood , Congrats YY!
  15. Xzelion

    Platformer or RPG?

    I prefer RPGs why? cause they pwn. Perhaps some of the greatest games I've played have been RPGs...
  16. Xzelion

    Silver Bullet (X Comic)

    My new comic codenamed "Silverbullet" sign up is here
  17. Xzelion

    Xzelion Sprites

    I'm thinknig of changing my sprites the poll will no make a huge differnce i'd like to see friends comments about it.
  18. Xzelion

    The Uprising-A Fan Fiction by Xzelion

    On Bowser's World the Koopa Troop have been ripped apart, divided and warring against it self, Bowser leader his army against the Rebellion of King Boo and Kledge. The Uprising happens whne Kledge duels Mario, Mario spares Kledge's life, after this Kledge could see the errors of his ways and...
  19. Xzelion

    The Mariowiki Tourrnament!

    I'll be making a comics series about a series of fights, also i may need some assitance (help is needed :D) This fight will be mariowikiers pit against each other, and the best thing = You decide who wins! I'll set up brackets soon, and then you the people can PM me to who you want to win...
  20. Xzelion

    Who is the strongest in terms of physical strength?

    What the title says from the Fake News! I vote Bowser.
  21. Xzelion


    Hk and I made a Mwuserpedia for our fan creations, Currents sysops = Hk, YellowYoshi398, and Myself. Come on down. Its still a work in progress but please don't make articles about other people and add their fan creations without permission.
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    This is the Offical Thread for Users who want sprites, make a request here and I'll try and help (also anyone else is free to help). Be warned I do mostly recolors and such. Sprites!
  23. Xzelion

    Wayoshi's Wiki Birthday!

    As you all may know, Yesterday was Wayoshi's wiki birthday, so leave your thanks and regards here.
  24. Xzelion

    What game has the darkest theme?

    Which one of these games have the darkest theme?
  25. Xzelion

    Mothers Day

    I Know its past mothers day, by mother deserve respect sometimes they don't get. So tihs entire wekk I'm dedicating my page to my mom, and you should too. So put this format at the top of your page, <table style="color:white;background:pink;border:1px solid...
  26. Xzelion

    GG Comic

    Hey, For all the Forum only people, see make sure to have sprites and such. Thanks!
  27. Xzelion

    Who is your favorite Pixl (spoilers..maybe?)

    This thread is what it says it is, everyone name your favorite Pixl, and why. I like Barry cuz he pwns! note this poll is kinda long D:
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    anyone here like sports? My favorite Baseball Team: Houston Astros. Favorite Football (NFL): San Fransico 49ers My Favorite football (ncaa): Oklahoma Sooners Favorite college Basketball team: North Carolina Tar Heels My favorite NBA team: Houston Rockets. long list :roll: Any one...
  29. Xzelion

    Worse TV Series Eva

    The Woest Series I've ever seen action and just plain dull. What do you guys (and girls) think is the worst TV series ever!
  30. Xzelion

    Three Word Game

    Hopefully this is not considered spam. All the forums have it ^_^ Heres how it works. (this is not a actually conversation) Plumber Post: Yoshi went to I post: The store to Max2 post: buy cookies for Basically like that. Let's play (no double posting) ''Mario ate a''
  31. Xzelion

    Why doesn't anyone like Peach?

    Why does most people here not like Peach? Sure she can be annoying, but remeber this without her most Mario games would be different. I like her she's better than Pauline. She's not my favorite person or anything. Post here if you like her or not and the reason why.
  32. Xzelion

    Favorite Yoshi Color

    Simple vote for your favorite yoshi color and the reason why... I like the green kind, mainly because my favorite character, Yoshi is green.
  33. Xzelion

    Rate the User above avatar!

    This is much like "Rate the user above's please shoot away!
  34. Xzelion


    Which Organization do like the best? I like the Koopa Troop :)
  35. Xzelion


    Hey does anyone watch Lost on ABC? It's getting really confusing...every commercial break it gets more confusing it seems. Anyway if you watch it who's your favorite character, mine is the Middle Eastern Sayid.
  36. Xzelion


    Does anyone here like Mallow?
  37. Xzelion

    Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man Three looks awesome! The Sandman, Venom and Green Goblin...lots of baddies for one movie. :lol: Anyone else looking forward to this movie?
  38. Xzelion

    Transformers the Movie

    Is anyone looking forward to Transformers the Movie, I watched the TV series as a kid. But the movie looks really good, i can't wait...Does anyone agree with me?
  39. Xzelion

    Great Gonzo's Story

    Hello everyone, I'm making a crucial thing happen in my story, Three members go on a mission. The best thing is YOU DECIDE WHO! The top three users go, Plumber can't go 'cause he has something else to do. You can vote for yourself, but it's frowned upon....
  40. Xzelion


    Does anyone watch 24? Its pretty cool huh?...Go Jack Bauer