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    What Zone do you live in?

    Suburban, I guess, but I used to live in a rural area.
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    Which ver of Windows

    how about no Windows at all
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    Will Japan-Only characters in Brawl?

    From Panel de Pon? I support this Even though you're on a forum about them...
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    Petey's Revenge

    It might be a good idea, there're, what, three or four RP threads in this section? I guess if there was a section specifically for it there would be more interest generated...I dunno.
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    If you click here something bad will happen. SO DONT CLICK!!

    I clicked because I was provoked by the unnecessarily large amount of exclamation points in the topic's title. What do you mean by "What Would Look Better:"? What would be a better game, or what? In that case, I don't care which one, just not Mario Party DS.
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    I don't think I'm hardcore enough to get up early and stand in line for a few hours for a video game console.
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    Favorite color(s)

    I only like that shade, not gray as a whole
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    SNES, NES, and other classic games are easier to find than you think – believe you me, there are stores meant exactly for purchasing classic video games. They usually buy, sell, and trade video games as well as other mediums such as DVDs or CDs...just look around, they're everywhere
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    Kingdom Hearts

    rented the first Kingdom Hearts back in '03, thought it was sort of gay
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    The rumors are wrong, the Wii will never be available.
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    Never played the Wii, the closest I've been to one is about a yard and a half away
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    DS vs. PSP

    The PSP has homebrew stuff going for it which is neat and all I find the DS to be a tad bit overrated, but I haven't played a PSP for more than two minutes so I don't know what to say, I can't have an opinion yet
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    Game Boy Micro

    My friend had a Game Boy Micro for a short while in 2005 when it was first hitting the stores. It was cool, the screen was really bright and easy to see for its size... although if I were to get an upgraded GBA, it would be the SP with the brighter screen which is a better buy probably
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    The Legend of Zelda

    I love the Zelda games although I haven't been able to play Twilight and availability problems've stopped me from getting a Wii or the Gamecube version; looks like a solid game though
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    Favorite color(s)

    My favorite color is #798693
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    How Do You Create Your Own Wiki?

    First, get some web hosting with MySQL support, then download and install Wiki's simpler than it sounds