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  1. RockPikmin#37

    Fight about what is the best condiment

    Horseradish sauce
  2. RockPikmin#37

    When (x) joins the fight...

    Rolls up and Throws down! Cucco
  3. RockPikmin#37

    Tell the above user a fact you think they would be interested in

    Most star systems are named by the constellation they appear in, followed by a letter of the Greek alphabet in order of brightness (e.g. Alpha Centauri is the brightest star system in the Centaurus constellation. This is also known as the star's Bayer designation.
  4. RockPikmin#37

    The official name change log

    User CaptainOdyssey plucked the name RockPikmin#37.
  5. RockPikmin#37

    Captain Odyssey's Art Thread

    Here's a sprite for Yoshi. I tried different lighting for this one. the light and shadow are sharper than my previous sprites. He's a dinosaur/dragon so his scales would be more reflective. Since he's facing sideways I didn't use the mirror pen like I did for the majority of my previous sprites.
  6. RockPikmin#37

    Captain Odyssey's Art Thread

    Here's a sprite princess peach. I learned a lot from working on the Mario Bros sprites, but it was also a little harder because her proportions have less head space to work with. Update: I've made a version 2 of the sprite with a more simplified eye style and a slight hair-cut. I think that it...
  7. RockPikmin#37

    Captain Odyssey's Art Thread

    Here are some sprites for Mario and Luigi. Unfortunately due to the image transparency and white background their gloves don't show up. If you download the image you should be able to view it with a crisper quality and with the intended background.
  8. RockPikmin#37

    Is Mario better in 2D or 3D

    If we're talking platformers strictly, the 2D and 3D games have different philosophies. The 2D platformers are more about testing the skill of the player through a specific challenges that the player needs to solve, whereas the 3D games are more about exploration of the environment and player...
  9. RockPikmin#37

    The Super Mario Bros. Movie (2023)

    I was skeptical of the movie's quality at first, and there are a few choices I would do differently if I was somehow making a Mario Movie, but I've seen enough to want to root for the movie to be good now.
  10. RockPikmin#37

    Count till someone spells "Mario" wrong with their eyes closed

    mario 1. I can type with my eyes closed pretty easily because I took a typing class ages ago that used a keyboard cover so we could learn touch typing.
  11. RockPikmin#37

    Post Mario music you're listening to.

    From a hack where all the levels, maps, and songs from Super Mario World were recreated from memory. I especially like the version of the castle theme, it feels somehow more emotional, but I'm not sure if it's sad or hopeful.
  12. RockPikmin#37

    Good idea, bad idea

    Bad Idea: Feeding Kirby your friends. Good Idea: Going to your local farmer's market.
  13. RockPikmin#37

    Random Guesses, Estimations, and Just plain old Lies.

    They go to a dimension known as Kirbspace. When might flying cars become commonplace?
  14. RockPikmin#37

    If you got any Mario power up what would you want and why

    I'd choose the super crown Just kidding, If I couldn't choose a permanent invincibility item, I'd probably choose the cape feather, It has a variety of flight and defense options, and getting a cape is a neat bonus.
  15. RockPikmin#37

    Your headcanons

    Most levels of Super Mario Odyssey are only specific locations within the kingdoms, the actual territory of the kingdoms is much larger and contains many areas where levels could be set. The same goes with many other Mario-verse Levels and Locations. People don't eat power-ups to use them...
  16. RockPikmin#37

    OC Prompt of the month(Current prompt: Ponder the orb)

    Forgive me for starting with last month's prompt, but it's early enough that I think I have time to catch up. Meet Gary the Goomba, he tries to act tough, but he's just a kid, and a goomba, so nobody really takes him seriously.
  17. RockPikmin#37

    Random Guesses, Estimations, and Just plain old Lies.

    Here's a game that's extremely simple but can lead to funny results. The first user asks a question, and the next user comes up with a reasonable sounding answer. You have to come up with an answer on the spot, no looking anything up. Also try not to ask to many questions that could be answered...
  18. RockPikmin#37

    Preferred Names & Pronouns

    Hello, I'm Captain Odyssey, you can call me Captain if you'd like. I use he/him pronouns.
  19. RockPikmin#37

    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Hello, I'm Captain Odyssey. I'm a fan of pretty much all Mario games, with my favorites tending to be the 3D platformers and rpgs. I've been a fan since the Wii era and would be happy to discuss the franchise with fellow fans.