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  1. Ryu

    Game of Thrones

    Any Game of Thrones fans here? I'm a huge Nintendo dork but GoT is easily my favorite TV show and live-action franchise.
  2. Ryu

    Nintendo cosplay at Katsucon 2018

    Was anyone there at the con? There was a massive Nintendo shoot that took place on the Saturday. The Facebook page has some pics from the shoot: I was one of the ZSS cosplayers, but in keeping with the spirit of the...
  3. Ryu

    Favorite quirky Mario character speech pattern?

    There is the reminding, that all of these characters are to come from the RPG's and most of them are from the series of Mario & Luigi, which is the series of Fawful!
  4. Ryu

    Cosplay Thread

    Post your cosplays here, Mario-related or otherwise! Here's my (tangentially Mario-related) entry, a casual Charizard gijinka/anthropomorphization: More pics are up on the social media accounts in my sig!
  5. Ryu

    Do you think the Super Mario Galaxy games will become outdated eventually?

    Eight years after their release, I find that both Galaxy games hold up extremely well. But will that be the case for good?
  6. Ryu

    Do you think the Mario franchise has "lost its magic"?

    During the mid-Wii era, Super Mario was probably at its peak. It could appeal to everyone - every game was simple enough for most casual gamers to get into. Meanwhile, the even more casual "non-gamers" had NSMB and Mario Kart, with barely any plot and very simple gameplay for some quick fun...
  7. Ryu

    What if the next Mario & Luigi game was Paper Jam 2, with the following features

    Paper Luigi is an additional party member, and the only one with full dialogue. Battle revolves around all four Bros., with Bros., Paper Bros., and Quartet attacks all available. Due to fan demand, Miyamoto allows previous RPG OC's from either series to be used, but severely limits the number...
  8. Ryu

    Merry Christmas from Captain Falcon

  9. Ryu

    Your opinion on Bowser's character development in the Mario & Luigi subseries?

    Do you prefer Bowser as a goofy, bumbling side villain as he was in SS and PiT, a badass and competent main villain as he is in DT and PJ, or the circumstantial anti-hero of BiS? Personally, I'd go with the latter. Bowser's always been one of my favorite Mario characters, being an evil...
  10. Ryu

    Which female Fire Emblem character in Smash is your favorite?

    Got some pretty slim pickings here... Anyway, it's either Lucina or Corrin for me. Corrin looks like an amazing Smash character and she's gotten me hyped for Fates after losing interest, but I'm kinda attached to Lucina as a character in Awakening despite her boring moveset - she got me into the...
  11. Ryu

    "Memes" section on "List of Mario references on the web" page

    In my opinion, it's probably worth mentioning Mario-related memes on the List of Mario references on the Web page, if not the main articles. Other NIWA wikis, such as Bulbapedia and SmashWiki, make minor references to memes, and occasionally hold news articles about them, so I don't see why...
  12. Ryu

    Which Mario multiverse character is your favorite to play as in Smash Bros.?

    Poll here: Personally, I think Bowser is amazing to play as in SSB4. He might not be top-tier, but he's got tons of power and decent speed to back it up, along with other tools like his Fire Breath. He's great to play at lower levels (my level of play) where people...