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    Issue 111

    As most of you can probably tell, Issue 111 will be coming out a bit later than anticipated. The staff is currently working hard to finish preparing it, and I intend to post it by today (Sunday). I am terribly sorry for the delay and any inconveniences that it may present, but the extra time...
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    Open Core Staff Positions (May 2016)

    Hello everybody! As was announced (The_%27Shroom:Issue_110/Opening_Statement) in this month's edition of The 'Shroom, Crocodile Dippy and Stooben Rooben are resigning from their positions as of Issue 111. We will be accepting applications at this time to fill these positions, and the...
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    Issue 109

    Hello 'Shroom readers! I am announcing that Issue 109 has been postponed until Saturday, April 23rd, 2016. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience and continued support.
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    Get updates from The 'Shroom!

    Don't get left behind! From posting new editions to constantly running events and contests, The 'Shroom is always doing something. We have several ways for you to stay up to date on our publication's latest news! Updates will be posted in this topic as well (see the "Forum" point below). Social...
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    Issue 105

    I have an important announcement: we have decided to postpone the Special Holiday Issue to December 26th, 2015. This will allow us to have more time to ensure that we deliver the best quality edition for all of our readers to finish the year with. Thank you all for the continued support.
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    Request for 'Shroom article edits

    This is the topic where anybody who does not have the permissions to edit 'Shroom articles on the wiki can request changes to be made. If you see anything that you think needs to be fixed or addressed, please feel free to post about it here.
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    Shroomwriter Usergroup

    As some of you may have already noticed, a new "shroomwriter" usergroup (Special:ListUsers/shroomwriter) has been added to the wiki. The 'Shroom namespace and all articles have been restricted to this group, and anybody who holds the shroomwriter rank has the permissions necessary to edit our...
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    'Shroom Director election, 2015

    I usually post this topic on the release of the December issue, but I've decided to post this now in order for people to have enough time to consider and plan their campaigns. That being said, this year's election starts on the release of the Holiday Issue: December 19th. That is in less than a...
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    Awards Director Election 2015

    Yeah so it's a thing. The Awards Committee Director Election is back, so this is the topic where stuff can be talked about on the forum.
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    Ultimate Character Tournament 2015

    As stated on the wiki's page: This is the topic to discuss the Ultimate Character Tournament 2015! When updates are posted to the wiki, I will also provide them here. You can comment on the tournament, share how you feel about prior results, and predict who you think will win each bracket. So...
  11. Super Mario Bros.

    Issue 101

    Important announcement: In order to avoid conflicting with the Awards this Friday, our next edition has been postponed a week (to Saturday, August 22nd, 2015). We also hope this will relieve some pressure from members contributing to both projects. Thank you all for your dedication and patience.
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    Issue 100

    The release will begin in about 30 minutes. We have a lot in store for this edition! Please be sure to join us for this momentous occasion on IRC, in #mwshroom.
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    Poll Chairperson election, 2015

    The annual Poll Chairperson Election is taking place! It will run from June 20th, 2015 through July 18th, 2015. The winner of the election must appoint six other individuals to the Poll Committee board, who will create and select polls to feature on the Main Page every two weeks. If you think...
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    Issue XCVII

    Please let us know how you liked the issue, and any general feedback you have. Thank you all for reading this month's issue! Important links: Issue XCVII Sign Up Facebook Twitter E-mail subscription form Issue C Suggestions Box
  15. Super Mario Bros.

    Issue XCV

    Welcome to the first issue of this term! Everything is up, so please feel free to read through and vote here and in the SOTMs. Also be sure to check out our Subscription form and Issue C suggestions box! They're linked to in the Closing Statement.
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    Issue XCI

    The Opening and Closing Statements, at this point, are the only sections still pending. Otherwise, the rest has been released! Be sure to check out Anton's Awards Director Address (The_'Shroom:Issue_XCI/Awards_Director_Address) for his and Smasher's plans for next year's Awards Ceremony! I...
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    Poll Chairperson election, 2014

    The election started a little over a week ago, here is the topic for discussing it! I do not plan on running, so whoever wins will be the new Chairperson. Currently, Mario4Ever is a candidate. Be sure to check out his campaign!
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    Poll Selection Committee Opening

    Hello everybody, SMB here, Chairperson of the Poll Selection Committee. The Poll Committee is a group that selects which polls go up on the wiki's Main Page every two weeks. Our Vice-Chairman, Tucayo, has resigned as of today due to his retirement. Toad85 will take his place for a short period...
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    Critic Corner Director

    I would like to thank Crocodile Dippy for all that he did during his time with The 'Shroom. He has stepped down from his positions on the paper, including his Core Staff position. Please welcome Palkia47 as the new Critic Corner Director! He has a history with our publication that goes back to...
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    New Sub-director

    I would like to announce that we have a new Sub-director! Please welcome Turboo! She will do an excellent job with us in order to ensure quality issues for The 'Shroom. Congratulations!
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    Poll Chairperson Election, 2013

    And here it is again, the Poll Chairperson Election for the 2013 - 2014 term! This topic is the official topic for discussion of the election going on, and for the candidates and voters to talk about the campaigns, ideas, and state of the Poll Committee. We will have Q&A sessions or debates...
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    Superchao is now an #mwchat operator. Congratulations! You'll do great on the chat staff team.
  23. Super Mario Bros.


    When does the meetings process start up, again? Like, when is our first meeting?
  24. Super Mario Bros.

    Alphabet Mafia I (The Game): Endgame - And the winner is...?

    Day Zero: SMB walked out of his house late at night and came to a tragic sight... This caused a cataclysmic series of events that would later, and perhaps strangely, be come to known as Alphabet Mafia I. The entire town was thrown into an uproar and violence broke out like no one had ever...
  25. Super Mario Bros.

    Alphabet Mafia I (Sign-Up / Lounge / Post-Game Analysis)

    Okay, so I'm going to run a rather small and simple Mafia game just to try to get back into hosting games (since the first and last time I did was... a little over two years ago). I was by no means a very talented host when I held my first game, and by no means my two years of not hosting has...
  26. Super Mario Bros.

    Pyroguy6 and Skulldug13

    I agree with what Ralph suggested (that is, banning them from all Mafia- and Awards-related events and staff groups indefinitely and forfeiting all tokens and prizes they may have accumulated so far). That would entail removing Pyroguy6 from this Committee as well. Behavior like this is most...
  27. Super Mario Bros.

    Back-Up Presenters

    Hey, Superchao, Turboo, and I were discussing some Awards-related things when the topic of Back-up Presenters came up in a query between Superchao and myself. We need to find ways to get more people involved in this process. Let's discuss!
  28. Super Mario Bros.

    Poll Chairperson Election, 2012

    So here we are again: the Poll Chairperson Election is upon us. This is the official topic for the election. Discuss the candidates (or perhaps your own plans, if you are considering running or intend to) and the election process overall in this thread. The wiki page for this election can be...
  29. Super Mario Bros.

    About Ralphfan

    I would like to explain what has happened in the past day in regards to Ralphfan and whatnot. There were a lot of things that led me to remove his access to Awards-related accounts and boards. He did not listen to majority decisions from his committee, and even threatened to various members in...
  30. Super Mario Bros.

    Director Election 2011

    Indeed, the process has returned again. Discuss the election and whatnot in this topic. I have already posted my campaign, and Marioguy1 has announced that he will be running.
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    Special Holiday Issue LVII

    Hello everybody! So today is the release of The 'Shroom's Special Holiday Issue! I am certain that everybody will enjoy it. Logs of the party being held in the #mwshroom chat (12:00 PM EST - 3:00 PM EST) will be posted after the event. The release of the issue will go along a certain schedule...
  32. Super Mario Bros.

    Issue LII

    Apologies for the very late poll. I will be sure that this doesn't happen again when the August issue comes out.
  33. Super Mario Bros.

    About: Mafia Hosts Guild

    The purpose of this group is to provide Mafia Hosts a place to be able to discuss several ideas for games with each other, to ask for help, and to help enforce several global game policies to promote a good environment for other users' games to take place. Membership of the Guild is restricted...
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    Awards Polls Rotation

    I've got two polls on the Main Page from the Awards. I did this to increase the amount of polls we can have up before the voting ends, and yeah. We can fit all 60 up now.
  35. Super Mario Bros.

    Poll Chairperson Election, 2011

    The official topic for the second Poll Chairperson election (The_%27Shroom:Issue_LI/Poll_Chairperson_Election)! Discuss the election, pose questions, discuss the candidates (or even possibly announce your own candidacy), and whatever else you have to add to the discussion. I myself am a...
  36. Super Mario Bros.

    An Application

    I'm pretty sure we aren't really accepting new members, but I wanted to post here for confirmation.
  37. Super Mario Bros.

    Villain's suggestion

    No, I'm most certainly not suggesting that we plan this out or anything or that we host it for our show. What I'm thinking, however, is what if we let another group of Mafia players (or hosts... I don't know) try to plan this out and possibly hold their own ceremonies before (or after) all of...
  38. Super Mario Bros.

    The Boards

    So, I guess this topic could be about the management of the public and staff awards boards throughout the year. I don't know. Whatever Ralph says, I guess. Anyway, as you can see, I made the board at Ralph's request, gave him Local Moderator powers over it, and removed th Awards Committee...
  39. Super Mario Bros.


    Not only am I making this post in its own thread to inform everybody about this change, but I want to publicly humiliate BPK497 (a.k.a. Waffleraven497 and Galaxy Man currently) for his misdeeds in the Mafia board. Due to BPK's cheating in Ralphfan's Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Mafia...
  40. Super Mario Bros.

    Awards Staff

    Yeah, I'm posting this in here about the Awards Staff board; I can only get a direct answer from Stooben or Ralphfan (or both)... Shouldn't the Awards Staff board be a child board of 2010? I mean, it was staff discussion about the 2010 awards.
  41. Super Mario Bros.

    Suggestions for Next Year

    Wayoshi made a topic like this last year, so... What do you guys suggest we do next year?
  42. Super Mario Bros.

    What is your favorite fast food chain?

    *Burger King *McDonald's *Both *Neither/Other Respond with your choice. I need these responses for a mathematical study. ^_^
  43. Super Mario Bros.

    Stuff I Did When I Was Bored (A Long Time Ago)

    Some crappy artwork I did for some project I was working on at Stooben's site (I might start the project up again, since this is like a few months old). Adjusted the title of the topic to a more suiting one.
  44. Super Mario Bros.

    MJIII Werewolf: Round One (The Game)

    Well, it has started. Below are the rules: SMB walked out one morning and saw dead people. He was mad and got all of the likely suspects. These suspects are: Original Roles (Day 1 - Night 6): 1.) Ugozima - Innocent 2.) Lario - Gunman 3.) Shyguy27 - Werewolf 4.) Nerdy Guy - Head...
  45. Super Mario Bros.

    MJIII Werewolf: Round One (Sign-Up/Lounge/Post-game Analysis)

    Pretty much the same concept as Stooben's original Werewolf game, except for the fact that signing up and playing the game is limited to those in Mindless Junk III, and we will probably have more rounds with varying situations and different scenarios. Sign-Ups: (closed) 1.) Ugozima 2.)...
  46. Super Mario Bros.

    Channels You Wish You Had

    The name says it all. What television channels do you not have, but wish that you did? I wish I had Cartoon Network. I had it up until very recently, and now it's gone. I always loved watching Pokémon, but now I can't. :(
  47. Super Mario Bros.

    Meeting 3: April 9th

    We will review and make final decisions on A1-A5 or A6 tomorrow. Ralph might be late to the meeting and stuff, too.
  48. Super Mario Bros.

    I'm here

    Ralph told me that he told Stooben to give me access here, so I asked NG in a chatroom query if he could do it to save time. Just letting everyone here know so that you don't think I hacked my way in here. :P
  49. Super Mario Bros.

    Name Change and Question

    For the name change, I'd like my display name changed to "Super Paper Mario Bros." Can Local Mods have the ability to change nicks of other users? I know there are 5 users who can already, but having an extra two won't hurt.
  50. Super Mario Bros.


    It has come to my attention that we are a bit outdated (that is, when it comes to giving access to the Underground Boards)... One thing to check is that Jorge (Princess Shroob) is still listed as Chatroom Operator, yet he has been demoted one or two weeks back. I am asking the administrators to...