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  1. Tinselina

    Has Mario taught you anything?

    Super Mario Odyssey's Jump Up Super Star taught me that "panache" has its own pronunciation prompting me to look up the definition: "flamboyant confidence of style or manner" Previously, I had read the word in Luigi's intro from SM64DS "now he can pummel enemies with panache" but I had just...
  2. Tinselina

    How would the Mario cast act in regular situation

    Mario and Luigi would own a plumbing business in Brooklyn that's frequently visited by celebrities.
  3. Tinselina


    I've wanted this man playable ever since Brawl when Wario got in. He should've at least been here by now imo, hopefully DLC.
  4. Tinselina

    Christmas 2019

    My cousin had a baby last January, this will be her first Christmas. I got to meet her for the first time Thanksgiving, but I'm planning to put together a CD of music I think she'll like. There will be a loose Christmas theme and it will have a lot of Parry Gripp music because Parry makes so...
  5. Tinselina

    They made me complete a CAPTCHA first but now I can see them. They look fantastic! I might have...

    They made me complete a CAPTCHA first but now I can see them. They look fantastic! I might have to check this out :P
  6. Tinselina

    What characters do you relate to?

    Lately, Vivian which is why she was last month's username for me. She was dealt a rough hand in life in TTYD, until she met Mario and was shown kindness for the first time. She's by far the prettiest Shadow Siren yet is constantly called the ugliest by her abusive sister Beldam. In the Japanese...
  7. Tinselina

    Would you like a T-rated Mario game?

    This is pretty much why I think it deserved that rating. Mature themes don't always have to be graphically in-your-face (imo explicit violence, gore and sexual shit is the most shallow way to increase a rating). And if a game like SPM could get a T rating today then yes, sign me up for a T-rated...
  8. Tinselina

    Mario Kart Tour

    My interest in this game has ran out early in the last Tour lol. I do want that bus driver Waluigi but unlocking in this game is just too tedious and I have other things I'd rather be doing lol. Wake me up when I can unlock these characters with legitimate set-in-stone tasks instead of RNG and...
  9. Tinselina

    Count to 25 (Unique users)

    1) winstein 2) Alex95 3) Yoshi the SSM 4) Fawfulthegreat64
  10. Tinselina

    Would you like a T-rated Mario game?

    Super Paper Mario should've been rated T imo.
  11. Tinselina

    What are your notable Mario experiences this decade?

    2010: I make my YouTube channel and name it after Fawful because Fawful is great, probably my line of thought there: i was a simple fanboy. Videos were terrible and I had a tendency to shoehorn A Troll in Central Park where it doesn't belong. 2011: I start 11th grade in a new home after my...
  12. Tinselina

    The official name change log

    User Vivian has changed their username to Tinselina.
  13. Tinselina

    FTG's art

    I use Illustrator for most of them, with 3 main layers: line art, gradients for shading, and solid colors. I start with the lines, then fill in solid colors in a new layer below that. Finally I put a layer between them and draw the shapes to fill with a gradient (most actually use the same color...
  14. Tinselina

    FTG's art

    That particular piece was done in Paint Tool SAI, as with anything else I've done in a similar art style. I just use the brushes in that program.
  15. Tinselina

    FTG's art

    Thanks for your input! In regard to Mr. L, I included him because A. i found a good render of him (made by the same person who made the Dimentio render) and B. his personality is distinct from Luigi's so I felt it was worth representing, also if Nintendo ever decided to use RPG characters I...
  16. Tinselina

    FTG's art

    In the vein of my recent Fawful artwork, here's Cackletta adapted to the 2D Mario style. I also realized so far I've only posted the Spiky Tromp here. I also made the Spiny Tromp:
  17. Tinselina

    No but it would make me shoot my 3DS

    No but it would make me shoot my 3DS
  18. Tinselina

    Super Mario Odyssey 2

    I want a sort of combination of Galaxy and Odyssey- the scope of Galaxy where you travel the universe instead of just one planet, but the open-ended stages of Odyssey with a ton to find and collect. Also it may be a pipe dream but I want it to go all-in with Mario references and not shy away...
  19. Tinselina

    Mario pictures

    looks at my bootleg Dark Bowser and Geno plushes longingly
  20. Tinselina

    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    Huey is proof Intelligent Systems can still write good original PM characters but arbitrarily limit themselves to just the mouthpiece of the week. He is a great character and IMO could fit as a partner in a traditional PM game.
  21. Tinselina

    Boss appreciation/criticism thread

    *ahem* Greatest final boss of all time.
  22. Tinselina

    :trickster: lmao has that smiley always existed how many hidden ones are there lol

    :trickster: lmao has that smiley always existed how many hidden ones are there lol
  23. Tinselina

    Mario Kart Tour

    They gave us hope with Pauline that we'd get more newcomers that are actual celebrated Mario characters, but since then it's just been skins skins skins as separate characters. Sigh...
  24. Tinselina

    Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

    ngl that looks pretty dope actually. taking the movie design and making it on-model with the current games.
  25. Tinselina

    What is the worst Mario Kart game?

    Tour may be riddled with bad practices in its gacha elements but the gameplay itself feels fine enough, more than I can say for what I played of Super Circuit.
  26. Tinselina

    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    Don't get me wrong that was a cool scene, probably my favorite scene in a NSMB game if that means anything. I just don't like Bowser being portrayed as a dialogue-less beast, he's always better when he talks. As long as his hammy smartass personality is there, which it is to a degree in every...
  27. Tinselina

    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    I like that Bowser more than the rampaging animal in Sticker Star and the NSMB series.
  28. Tinselina

    Who do you DON'T want to see work on Mario?

    Kensuke Tanabe, at least for Paper Mario. He did great with Luigi's Mansion 3, but his track record with Paper Mario has been bleh and I think that series could do with better direction. If he sticks around, I can only hope he opens his eyes to the pleas of the fanbase and allows the aspects...
  29. Tinselina

    FTG's art

    Kind of a smaller thing (which kinda harkens back to the old trend of "frankensteining official artwork together") but I was thinking about how NSMBU introduced an enemy that is literally a Spiky Tromp with a different name and design. I feel like it only happened because the Spiky Tromp was...
  30. Tinselina

    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    I know it wasn't directed at me, but I think I can answer that question since that is very much a mindset I share. Personally I feel I've outgrown my ability to get into new game universes, for some reason. I fixated on Mario at such an early age and even with series like Smash, I played because...
  31. Tinselina

    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    I'll have to make a list one of these days on there. I know Fawful and Dimentio would be at the top but as for the full list that would take some serious thinking.
  32. Tinselina

    Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

    New trailer's here, and holy shit it looks so much better now!
  33. Tinselina

    What are your irl first names?

    My first name is legally "James" but i'd rather not be called by that name
  34. Tinselina

    FTG's art

    Fawful in the Super Mario Bros. 2D art style.
  35. Tinselina

    Most Notable Mario Fanart?

    Antasma Super Mario RPG Style by Peardian
  36. Tinselina

    My experiences with New Super Mario Bros.

    NSMBUD doesn't have the Mega Mushroom or Blue Shell, it also doesn't really try to have a progressing plot (I know the DS version doesn't focus on plot either but at least you had the neat little twist of beating Bowser at the start, watching him melt into Dry Bowser, fighting Dry Bowser in...
  37. Tinselina

    Make a Mario Wish

    You nailed my primary wishes lmao Since you've got those covered I'll make 3 of my own- Give Waluigi his own game Make Waluigi playable in Smash Make Mario x Vivian canon
  38. Tinselina

    My experiences with New Super Mario Bros.

    DS was the best NSMB game. But in my opinion it should've remained its own thing and 2D Mario should've moved on from that aesthetic afterward. Damnit when will we get a traditionally animated 2D Mario game using the promotional style? Imagine how beautiful a game using this style would be...
  39. Tinselina

    Name change chain

    2019 47. Lord Fawful DX (January 2019) 48. Fawfulthegreat64 (February 2019) 49. Hailing Taquitos (March 2019) 50. Fawfulthegreat64 (April-May 2019) 51. Builder Mario (June 2019) 52. Fawfulthegreat64 (July 2019; forum redesign) 53. Paper Mario (August 2019) 54. Wittgenstein (September...
  40. Tinselina

    Things that suck about.... any Mario game.

    I don't mind Bowser as the villain in PM64 because it's the first time we see his schemes unfold in an RPG setting, and they add enough to make it an enjoyable story. But I don't think he needed to be the main villain again after that, at least not played-straight. Dream Team might get a pass...
  41. Tinselina

    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    Yes that's me! But lmao please don't remind me of that terrible video, it's a pretty shoddy excuse for a "review" lol. I don't believe I even acknowledged any flaws with the game which it does have, I just love the rest of it too much to care :P
  42. Tinselina

    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    I don't think they forgot they were making a Mario game, they just opened their minds to explore new territory past the conventions of the main Mario games, TTYD already did that to an extent, SPM just took it further. I loved taking Mario & co. across the entire universe and dimensions to stop...
  43. Tinselina

    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    I'd say that's still very much an unpopular opinion, though it's one I also hold (I love both of them so much that i don't like to pit them against each other though, both stand as my ideal direction for the Paper Mario series story-wise than anything that came after Super) I always play solo...
  44. Tinselina

    A mario fighting game?

    I've had an idea for a while for a Mario-centric fighting game similar to Smash but focused exclusively on the Marioverse and its various branches. Due to being more contained in the Mario world, the characters can look more like their canon selves (rather than having that realistic edge they...
  45. Tinselina

    Things that suck about.... any Mario game.

    Personally I think Toad in MK64 sounded kinda cute, and if he had kept that voice I might bear him more than I do, the raspy voice is obnoxious to me and a major contributor to my distaste for Toad.
  46. Tinselina

    FTG's art

    In this mockup, I expanded the Mario group art found on Nintendo's official Mario portal to better reflect the expansive universe that hides behind it. There's still a lot more I could add but I'm getting to the point where I have to do lots of rearranging to make space for anything new so lol...
  47. Tinselina

    Mario pictures

    I wonder if that set also has one of Brighton.
  48. Tinselina

    Would Hellen be a good pick for Mario main cast?

    I wouldn't mind it but E. Gadd needs that treatment first, he seemed well on his way after the first LM when he was also incorporated into Mario Sunshine (though only as an unseen scientist who made FLUDD) and the first 2 M&L games, as well as varying influence on the Mario Party games. But then...
  49. Tinselina

    post any random thought on your mind

    Been thinking about the hilarious downgrade Grand Stars got between the Galaxy games and Mario Kart Tour. In their original appearance they were the most-sought-after collectible, and were the biggest power source for the hub spacecraft and for Bowser's strongholds. Both games are beaten by...