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  1. QuizmoManiac

    Quizmo's thread full of his fabulous opinions on media (stuff I'm listening to)

    Hey folks I'm gonna use these thread to post about music I'm listening to currently and also sometimes movies and stuff. Disclaimer: I'm not a particularly harsh critic so don't expect me offer amazing analytical opinions on anything posted here, this is mostly stuff I like. To start it off...
  2. QuizmoManiac

    Question about topic notifications

    Is there a way to disable notifications for certain topics without having to go through said topics to delete your posts in them?
  3. QuizmoManiac

    League of Legends

    Check it out. League of Legends is a game that's really similar to DOTA. Wondering if anyone else plays it? If so which Champions do you play? I mostly play Fizz and Janna. If anyone wants to add me my name is QuizmoManiac.
  4. QuizmoManiac


    This is the hottest new ship. Fanfic coming soon, from everyone's favorite writer. Me.
  5. QuizmoManiac

    Hurt and Heal: Games that YoshiState or whatever his name is has done!

    This is the best game ever. The one about towers: 15 The one about suburbs: 15
  6. QuizmoManiac

    Mafia: Game Thread: (attn: mg1 my coolness is into the metaphorical Exosphere)

    Hello all and welcome to the official game thread! This is where everyone will be playing the game. I hope you all know all the rules, but here they are anyway. (In order from most important to least important(sort of)) 1. No biting, kicking or scratching. 2. No posting your role PM 3. No...
  7. QuizmoManiac

    General Discussion

    Now that the original purpose of this thread has been fulfilled, this can be a general Questions and Answers thread.
  8. QuizmoManiac

    Also a text based adventure.

    5 people can play at a time. (Also, thanks to Evil Magikrazy for the idea) A young mailman, James Prescott stands at the entrance to a post office, his boss has just sent him on his route. It's a sunny day, and a few clouds drift by. His bicycle is to the left, his two friends stand nearby, a...
  9. QuizmoManiac

    Dear MG1, I am quite cool indeed!

    You know, I like this title better The new one is even greater! lol I ran out of topic space. I know how you feel Changin' it up! I've decided to host again, but with school I'm not sure how this will work out. It was a rainy January morning, as twenty-three men and woman stood in silence at a...
  10. QuizmoManiac

    A completely legitimate and not stupid fanfic that is not a joke.

    It's called The *action* of the the *wiki related object, plural* *Subtitle goes here* Heros: Male 1 Maybe one more here. Not Heros: There's about 2 or 3 guys her Neither: Male 2 Goblins: Male 4 Gobble gobble.
  11. QuizmoManiac

    The official Picnicface thread

    Has anyone see this show, it's pretty good.
  12. QuizmoManiac

    Do you Ski or Snowboard?

    I ski mostly, but I can snowboard too. (inb4everyonesaystheydontdoeither)
  13. QuizmoManiac

    Me Gusta

    WARNING, LOTS OF BIG IMAGES IN THERE! We had a snow storm, my neighbourhood is covered in snow. :D
  14. QuizmoManiac


    Did the Protect IP bill pass, or do we not know yet?
  15. QuizmoManiac

    Elevator to the sky

    You can board the elevator on any floor, and exit at any time. You can do whatever you want. You can also change the music. This elevator up or down goes forever. (You can have negative floors B12 would equal -12) You can also exit and enter at any time, from any floor. Okay: Current Music...
  16. QuizmoManiac

    Part of a balanced breakfast.....

    All you have to do pick something to be put into the breakfast, it can be anything. After 100 items the breakfast will be reset. (Note: Something like 54 Oranges would count as 1 object, not 54) For breakfast I'll have.... 2 pounds of sugar. ....It's part of a balanced breakfast!
  17. QuizmoManiac

    Don't you hate it when/Don't you wish

    Here's a new game to keep you all entertained. Here's how it works: User 1: Hey, don't you hate it when your dad comes home and beats up your mom? User 2: No, I've never experienced that, but I think you have a serious problem there buddy. Then User 2 asks a question and the cycle continues...
  18. QuizmoManiac


    I'm jelly. I saw one in Ralph's, and I think FireKirby's sigs/ I want one
  19. QuizmoManiac

    Steam network

    Does anyone here have a steam account? I want to add someone to play with me, but I can't find anyone yet.
  20. QuizmoManiac

    Count until a person with 99 stars post!

  21. QuizmoManiac

    See what stupid stuff spell-check can do!

    Only for people with spell check on their iPod/Pad/Phone or other system. Type in random letters and see what you get! My word: Nader What?
  22. QuizmoManiac

    Mafia hosts guild?

    What's this new rank that Villain, Mijjey and Xzealio have? And what's that invisible thread Yoshiwaker mentioned? (I'm making the thread here since it applies to the mafia board)
  23. QuizmoManiac

    Mario Wiki on Facebook/Twitter

    Who makes the posts on behalf of the Mario Wiki on Facebook and Twitter?
  24. QuizmoManiac

    Mason is gone!

    He disappeared on Friday the thirteenth. He was usually on almost everyday :-\ before that. Do college tests go on in march in the U.S.?
  25. QuizmoManiac

    ATTN: All people with a 3DS

    If you download an image of an AR card onto your iPod/iPad/Computer/Laptop you can use your 3DS to play the games right from there, I learned it from my friend, ti's pretty cool.
  26. QuizmoManiac

    Hollywood mafia! Canceled due to my laziness!

    My other mafia topic will close in a day. Rules are the same as the last game. I need at least 18 sign ups. The theme is Hollywood mafia. It will include famous actors/directors/others Sign-ups 1.Smasher101 (I need asses *glasses) 2.MCD 3.Ralphfan 4.NSM 5.President Iwata (Fuck this, he posted...
  27. QuizmoManiac

    It's Easter!

    The sun starts to shine early, almost like it is telling to wake up early.... I get up but my mom says it's too early. I fall asleep again and when I wake up the egg hunt has already happened and there is no candy left. I love Easter.
  28. QuizmoManiac


    EVER WANTED TO PESTER YOUR CHUMS LIKE YOUR FAVORITE HOMESTUCK CHARACTERS!?!?! Every one should get pester chum! Then we can make the regular chat useless!!! LINK My chum handle is perplexedPacifist!
  29. QuizmoManiac

    Mistakes on the name change log

    I figured this would be useful to get some mistakes fixed anytime it happens in the future. Yoshiwaker and I have our new names reversed on the list.
  30. QuizmoManiac

    QuizmoManiac's Mountain mafia! Game over!

    WARNING!!! THIS IS HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL!!! THIS MAY COMPLETELY FAIL!!! Rules are in the lounge, go find them. Signups 1.SpinyMaster347: Modkilled by Quizmo. FEEL MY WRATH! Vampire 2.New Super Mario 3.Rocker64-Modkilled Day 5: Gamefreak took role. 4.Villain11: Poisoned Night 4: Suspicious doctor...
  31. QuizmoManiac

    What's your Zodiac sign?

    Post your answer here. I'm Cancer
  32. QuizmoManiac

    Improv Conversations

    This game is very simple, all you do is say a sentence starting with a letter, then the next person has to respond to that with a sentence starting with the next letter. This isn't a story, it's a conversation between multiple people. First letter: A Anyone want some apples?
  33. QuizmoManiac

    QuizmoManiac's Mountain mafia! The limo ride home (Lounge)

    Looks like I've finally gone of the deep end... Yes, I'm hosting another one. We need games that will get signups...Which for some reason mine usually do... This game is about a bunch of people on their way to take a ski vacation, but they end up trapped in a small town on the top of a...
  34. QuizmoManiac

    Mother 3!

    This game fits into this category. Talk about this game and who everyone wishes it could be released in North America. Finally a handheld game thread that isn't pokemon
  35. QuizmoManiac

    Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga mafia game thread GAME OVER!

    The game is starting, the Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga mafia! The game a battle between mafia and innocents Who will win, Who will fail, And will Quizmo ever learn to make rule text? Find out, in this mafia game!!!! Rules: 1.Quoting PMs is against the rules, that will be a instant kill 2...
  36. QuizmoManiac

    Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga mafia Lounge/Signups RATINGS!!!

    This is my second mafia, with a much better theme, the Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga! I would like a least 18 people minimum. My last mafia game was pretty good, so I expect to be able to pull this off. Rules are simple: 1. No quoting role PMs 2. Ties will result in no lynch 3. Any power lists...
  37. QuizmoManiac

    The Heros of the Bean Bean Kingdom!

    I am starting a new sprite comic! I will still continue my story even though I am being incredibly lazy with that :P The story is about 3 heroes who must save the Bean Bean kingdom from evil! There are positions for villains, heroes, friends and anything you want your character to be! Sign ups...
  38. QuizmoManiac

    Favorite major pokemon trainer?

    Who is your favorite major pokemon trainer. I can be a hero, a rival, gym leaders , elite four or just about anything. I like Steven from 3rd gen the best. He is the Champion in Ruby and Sahpire and a bonus fight with crazy level 70 pokemon in Emerald. In Emerald he also helps you with your...
  39. QuizmoManiac

    Outsiders Mafia-Game thread! Night X-Game over

    Hello everyone the game is begining, since Halo mafia ended! Sign-ups list! (Sign-ups are open till day 2, but will probably be mod kill replacements) 1.Spiny Master (Padre Ramon)-Winner! 2.Rocker64(The Lonely Student)Hired goon, Shot by the Vigilante Night 5 3.New Super Mario (Dijibouti)Bob's...
  40. QuizmoManiac

    My Buzzy Beetles

    Please look on my page, you will see two buzzy beetle sprouts 1 yellow and one red. I'm going to add a third one, but should it be green, light green, light blue or regular blue? Also should I give them antennas and make them robotic? Please give me your opinions/suggestions/critisism
  41. QuizmoManiac

    Super Mario Bros. (1993)

    Have you seen the live action movie? So screwed up!
  42. QuizmoManiac

    Scorpion's ban?

    Why did he get banned? I though he improved on his spamming. If anyone should be banned, it should be N.
  43. QuizmoManiac

    Hockey Predictions for 2011

    Who do you think will take home the Stanly Cup? Be realistic, say who you think. The Canucks have a 8-Win streak, I think they have a good chance!
  44. QuizmoManiac

    Word Quiz

    So in this game one person will ask a word, then another will give the definition! I guess it right good job! If not, No cake for you! Okay Plethora?
  45. QuizmoManiac

    Choose your adventure!

    Okay...This is an adventure game much like Scorpion's. After reading a paragraph you will choose one of 2 options and post it here You are an exchange student in the year 2097 and you are traveling to a large planet orbiting a nearby star. You get in the spaceship with about 20 other...
  46. QuizmoManiac

    Luigi's Mansion

    Talk about all Luigi's Mansion stuff here! Fun Fact: I can play the Luigi's Mansion theme on piano!
  47. QuizmoManiac

    Favorite of Bowser's Children?

    Who is your favorite Koopaling? You can choose three. After you vote please post your favorites, in the order from #1 to #8. Feel free to change your vote. Discuss too! My Order: 1. Larry Koopa 2. Ludwig Van Koopa 3. Bowser Jr. 4. Iggy Koopa 5. Morton Koopa Jr. 6. Lemmy Koopa 7. Roy Koopa 8...
  48. QuizmoManiac

    Sh1ny EL3

    Your sig is nearly as big a Scorpion's, plz resize it!
  49. QuizmoManiac

    User story

    Make a story using the words of the last 5 posts. You can post 1-3 words. And you can use the words any amount of times in the story Example. User 1:Monkey waffle User 2: Dead User 3: Sand boy tree User 4: Fawful User 5: Tabuu User 6: One day Fawful and his monkey Tabuu met a boy playing in the...
  50. QuizmoManiac

    The Lost Mountain City (Story)

    Hi it's QuizmoManiac here with a new story about 5 friends who accidentaly break the Sysop time seal on a city of trolls, freeing the trolls from their trap. I need 5 other heros to start 1 villain(Minimum) 2 minor characters Main Heros 1.QuizmoManiac(Me) 2.New Super Mario 3.Arthur (Zero777)...