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    Avatar Halp.

    I'm trying to upload this as my new av, but it won't display. Why? If possible, could a mod upload it for me? EDIT: It wouldn't take it from my computer, but as an address it works fine. However, why is it stretched out?
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    Bunny Suicides

    It's the entire Bunny Suicides book online! Freaking classic.
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    The Fake News Poll: Which Koopaling is your fave?

    OK, it's the newst Fake News Poll! Vote now!
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    Rate the above user's personal message.

    It's that little thing where the Location used to be. WELL? *gives self 8/10*
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    New Year's Resolutions

    Ah, the obligatory little promises for a new year. What did you commit yourself to this year? I have decided to: 1. Stop being so emo. Even though I'm in a bad personal situation, I shouldn't make life bad for everyone else. 2. Edit more. I'm going to start rewriting game articles that...
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    The All-Purpose, Machine-Washable Christmas Thread!

    Christmas is upon us. What do you guys plan to do on the big day? I've made a 3-part "12 Days of MarioWiki Christmas" comic. Click the links below to read! First. Second...
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    I Think I Shall Need To Leave: Part One of Six Thousand

    I'm making this into a new thread because I'm in a huge hurry and don't want to waste time by posting in the Going Away thread. I'm going away for a week, and I'll only be on for a few minutes on the 17th and 20th to post new comics. But why is this one-week hiatus so important? It's...
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    MW Alliance Comics

    I am now putting my comics onto the forum for some strange reason. Maybe because here I'll get more feedback. :smug: Here's my latest comic: Review, please!
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    Hello, but I have to leave...

    READ THIS BEFORE VOTING Hey, guys. I've been mulling over this for some weeks, and I've come to this conclusion. When I first came here, I was very active. iIhad unlimited internet access, and I gave this wiki all I could. I revamped the Merchandise, entered information for all Mario...
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    Custom GIFs

    Anyone want a cutom GIF? I'll make to order. Just state who'll be in it (MarioWiki users fine) and post sprites.
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    Donkey Kong Wii

    What are your thoughts? Any ideas? Anyone got any news on it?
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    Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA Trouble

    I have almost completed Donkey Kong Country 2 GBA; all I need now is two Hero Coins (or DK Coins) to finish. But I CAN'T find the Coins on Ghostly Grove or Bramble Blast! HELP! PLEASE! Does anyone know where they are?!
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    Super Paper Mario

    Here's a cool pic I found: Anyone have any info on it? Discuss this cool game!
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    I WAS NOT HACKED! (3dejong)

    OK. THis is what just happened. I tried to be a help with redirects, and I redirected a lot to the Main Page. REALLY SORRY IF I DID WRONG. Then I made a new accound, 2dejong, after I was blocked, to try and contact Wayoshi. SORRY. PLEASE UNBLOCK ME?
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    Why Conker?

    Does Conker really need a wiki? I mean, he only had three games. There was Conker's Pocket Tales, he appeared a bit in Diddy Kong Racing, had Conker's Bad Fur Day, and then there was a remake of Fur Day called Conker: Live and Reloaded. Is this enough to base a whole Wiki on? Just asking.[/b]
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    What inspired YOUR username?

    This may be a personal subject for some of you, but some of us might be curious! Mine's becuase, for one thing, my last name, DeJong. My initials are DDD, or 3D. So, 3D-ejong!
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    Best Tilt: Loco Roco or Yoshi Topsy-Turvy

    I know, I just COULDN'T have one poll. WHich is the better tilt-sensing game: Loco Roco for PSP or Yoshi Topsy-Turvy for GBA? MY vote goes to Loco Roco, although YTT has a better storyline and graphics.
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    Foxtrot "ended"

    Foxtrot has ended, except for Sundays. They're running classics now! :cry: Am I the only one sad about this? Although Foxtrot was getting kinda lame.
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    DS vs. PSP

    'Bout time. So, which do YOU like best? Or do you like 'em both?