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    The official "Ask more about our OCs" topic

    Which one? I can safely say all of them have homes; do you mean what kind of house?
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    Why is it that, of the Mario spin-off series, Dr. Mario did overall less well?

    I feel the only reason they didn’t use the actual Puyo Puyo characters when releasing the first game over here (as Kirby’s Avalanche/Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine), was because America in general wasn’t receptive to anime yet (not until Dragon Ball Z and Pokémon the Series came along at...
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    What Super Mario game(s) do you get the most nostalgic for?

    Not to sound like I’m copping out, but, nearly all of them. There are definitely some I like more than others, but if I go into detail on them, I’d be typing an essay! Just know that Super Mario All-Stars introduced me to video games, and ever since then the Mario series has been the source of...
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    Toughest Mario Level and why it's so hard

    My dear boy, have you heard the legends of Champion’s Road from Super Mario 3D World? Or how in order to technically 100% the game, you have to clear it five times? That s*** is brutal, and I consider myself an expert at the platformer Mario games!
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    Why is it that, of the Mario spin-off series, Dr. Mario did overall less well?

    How can I? Or the fact that Dr. Baby Wario is the most relevancy Baby Wario in general has had since Yoshi’s Island DS? And yet they didn’t make Dr. Toadley playable... Would’ve been perfect!
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    Mario vs. The Koopa Troop

    No cutscenes come to mind of this happening specifically. But if you haven’t played a lot of Mario games; uh, please do! They’re very fun and you’re missing out by not trying out the main source of media for this series (in my opinion). Playing the video games is also the best way to learn...
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    Does Mario really kill tanooki

    Well like, one, he gets the power-up from the Super Leaf. Second, nobody said it was real fur. It could just be cloth that’s fuzzy.
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    Why is it that, of the Mario spin-off series, Dr. Mario did overall less well?

    As a big time Puyo Puyo fan myself, that probably has to do with the fact that the entire series falls within the puzzle genre. Sure it was initially intended to be a spin-off to its predecessor, Madou Monogatari, but Puyo Puyo saw more popularity and sales, so they shifted the series as a...
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    The official "Ask more about our OCs" topic

    Yeah, she’s Mario and Airashi’s middle child (who in this case, her real name is Sarah). I appreciate you not wanting to have the name conflict with one of my characters, but it’s not mandatory. Since I’m assuming these questions apply to all of them, I will try answer all three questions for...
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    The official "Ask more about our OCs" topic

    Well thanks dude! So do you have any questions about the ones shown here? Or for one of the others? In case anyone else is curious, here’s more of my Mario based OCs: Marco & Luana, the Mario Bros.’parents (or at least my take on them) Rei Mizushima, a shrine maiden whose family is known...
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    The official "Ask more about our OCs" topic

    Ah, well if it’s OCs we’re talking about, I’ve got plenty to go around (or rather, fan characters to be specific)! I’ll show a few of my most popular ones here, but if anyone on the forums is familiar with the rest of em, feel free to ask me about those characters too! Anyways, we’ve got...
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    JBX9001's Art Gallery 3

    Here’s a picture I made it of Goombatt back in late 2020, mainly because before then, his last profile artwork was back in 2016!
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    JBX9001's Art Gallery 3

    Next on the list of OCs is a character by the name of Rei Mizushima! I don’t think I’ve done a proper reveal on her yet, so I’ll provide a brief description and some of the drawings featuring her so far: Rei is a shrine maiden of the Mizushima family, a clan known for dedicating their lives to...
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    Favorite Mario Rpg?

    As someone who has played all of them, and enjoyed all of them, that’s a tough choice to make...! Part of me just wants to outright say Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but it doesn’t feel right for me to consider the rest of them any lesser. Next to the platformer games, Mario RPGs are...
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    If Mario could have a crossover with any series you want..

    Let’s see, I have a few choices: Kirby - Could possibly be a seamless crossover gameplay wise, despite Mario and Kirby having different move sets from each other. Plus, they’re my top two fictional franchises; it would be amazing to see these two crossover beyond Smash Bros. Legend of Zelda -...
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    Is Luigi's Mansion a Survival Horror Game?

    While at first glance, the games may seem to take some slight inspiration from the genre (especially the first one), I wouldn’t necessarily call it a part of the survival horror genre. As others will probably mention, games in that category usually have a protagonist with the odds stacked very...
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    Spikes are… Penguins? What!

    Just did a little research on the wiki; the name comes from the Player’s Guide for Yoshi’s Island at the time. Considering this is the only time Spikes are referred to as “Mace Penguins”, it’s likely just a translation/localization slip up.
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    Besides ones that make one invincible, what is the strongest power up?

    Hmmmm... I remember making a video about top ten power-ups, years ago. Not counting any that grant Mario invincibility, the clear choice has to be Cape Mario. While Mario has multiple power-ups that give him the power of flight, this one is easily the most efficient of the bunch. It may not...
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    Mario 1 on the NES sucks!!

    While it is important for the developers to make sure a game is not too easy or too hard, it was actually quite common for NES games to be much harder than modern games (which I suspect is to make the time spent on them longer; games from the 80’s are obviously way smaller than what we get now...
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    JBX9001's Art Gallery 3

    For today’s drawing, here’s my take on Mario and Luigi’s parents; I call them Marco and Luana!
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    JBX9001's Art Gallery 3

    Here’s another one in between my work break; this one is an interaction between Airashi and her siblings; Koji and Yokiko:
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    JBX9001's Art Gallery 3

    Good freakin’ Lord, I gotta stop forgetting to come back here...! Hopefully you all see this next one I’m sharing. If not, I’ll have to start a new thread for art once more. So on that note, for now I’ll just share one, since I’m on lunch break at work.
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    Opinion on a Live Action Mario Series (NOT film)

    ...Whooooooops! How right you are. Now I feel silly...! They do go to great lengths to make them look realistic though. And that tends to have...... Results...
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    Opinion on a Live Action Mario Series (NOT film)

    Personally, never been a fan of the whole "making an animated series live action" trend in general, especially when it's main purpose is to get the casuals back on board. It certainly isn't going to be the series norm from that point forward, and people who couldn't or won't grow to love the...
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    Lesser seen interactions

    Mario probably doesn't get along with Waluigi too well since he likes to mess with his younger brother, so he tries not to interact with him unless necessary. The feeling is mutual, but in Waluigi's case, he just can't stand Mario's "goody-two-shoes attitude". Daisy dislikes Waluigi for...
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    Lack of food as power-ups in some Mario games

    To be fair, I could see that being the case for some wackier mini games in the Mario Party series. And Wario eats garlic to turn into Wario-Man, while Yoshi could eat certain fruits and peppers in Super Mario Galaxy 2 to gain temporary abilities. Those are foods in their raw, natural state...
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    Mario adapting famous stories

    I don't think they'd be allowed to remake exact arcs from the Superman comics and animated features, but it has been parodied multiple times over the decades. They could possibly do something similar to those if that's the case.
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    How would a Mario level based on a different franchise work?

    So a Mario level based on another franchise? How about one taking place somewhere on Planet Pop Star? It'd be great to see more interaction between the Super Mario and Kirby series beyond cameos between the two and Super Smash Bros.!
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    Should Mario Kart have more expanded single player content?

    Yeah, while the Zone Shot and Zone Speed techniques were really cool and the Story Mode was decent for what it was... After that, not much you can do as a single player (had a lot of fun playing with my brother though).
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    Mario adapting famous stories

    To be fair, all franchises have to stick to public domain when it comes to using their characters for adaptations (parodies are a different story). But to answer the question, while I wouldn't be so hyped about an entire game doing this, having a sub-plot or even an animated feature do this...
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    Lack of food as power-ups in some Mario games

    Well because food is just food in the Mario series. Besides regular mushrooms, it's implied that the characters only need to touch or hold onto power-up items to use the abilities they grant; Super Mario 3D Land and World allow you to swap between power-ups at will as long as you're using one...
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    Should Mario Kart have more expanded single player content?

    I guess one way to spice up single player mode with a story is to give like a simple plot for each character. Like say, Mario is racing simply because he wants to prove his skills. Wario is in it for the money, Waluigi wants recognition, etc. The player's final placement for each cup and the...
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    Let's be realistic, should Super Mario-kun get an english adaptation?

    At first, I would've said yes, since France and Spain got their own versions, and the chibi designs did interest me. But then yesterday I caught wind from here that the manga kinda goes overboard with the toilet humor... And that ain't my cup of tea... So while I'm not completely against an...
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    New ideas for powerups

    Some ideas of mine I'd like to share: Falcon Mario (from "Falcon Suit") - Mario gains a suit that resembles a falcon; with wings and talons included. Mobility functions similarly to Kirby's Wing Copy Ability, but getting a running start allows Mario to fly in a similar fashion to his Cape...
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    what would be your ideal Mario comic/manga series?

    Well, I'm making a fan comic of my own about Mario, so there's that! In other words, stay true to the source material while introducing some new concepts (if not retelling a story from one of the games); only taking creative liberties when necessary. Preferably action-oriented with plenty of...
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    How many of you have played the video game Mario kart 64.

    Flawed as it is, I had the original cartridge when it was new and I have it digitally on my Wii U to this day. The only things I actively dislike are Bomb Karts being present in Vs Mode and the Red Shells having poor tracking. Victory Lap, the game's credits theme, is practically the best...
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    Do you consider Yoshi to be a major Mario spin-off or its own game series?

    It's more like a prequel to the main Mario series, rather than it's own thing. The Donkey Kong and Wario sub-series I kinda see as like side stories. They are still Mario characters after all.
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    Favorite and least favorite Mario characters

    Favorite: As if ya have to ask! Most Disliked: Pink Gold Peach
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    Mario Flash Games

    I'll give props to Super Mario 63 for saving me from boredom during free period in my high school days. But other than that... Eh, I'm too bougie for flash games; never felt the urge to play them when I can play the real deals anytime.
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    Prospect of Wart being in future main or spin-off titles?

    Well you're free to think that. I won't try and force someone to change their mind.
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    Prospect of Wart being in future main or spin-off titles?

    Well I'm not saying they HAVE to bring Wart back, nor am I saying they NEED to. Heck, personally I'm neutral towards the guy. And there is definitely nothing wrong with the main cast at all in anyway. But, I don't think it's right to say the story for the Mario series SHOULD remain...
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    What would you want out of a new 2D Mario game?

    What I would do: Visuals - If 2D, give it that anime style that Wario Land: Shake It! had (but now in HD, obviously) or like the art they use for promotional Mario content in general. If 3D, maybe like the 3D World style from Super Mario Maker 2, but polished up a bit more. Story - Now a very...
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    Things that are awesome in any Mario game

    The world and characters; the gameplay is great, but it's the setting and people that make up the series that has kept me playing for practically my whole life. Mario himself plays a big part in that; sounds obvious, but hear me out a bit. The character's design and personality can be...
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    Egad and Fawful?

    They are similar in a couple of ways, but big question is, how old was Fawful supposed to be? We know Professor E. Gadd is old, but I'm having a hard time determining how old Fawful is. More than likely not a kid or a teen, but definitely not too old if his voice and mannerisms are anything to...
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    Prospect of Wart being in future main or spin-off titles?

    I think the main thing keeping Wart from coming back is the fact that Super Mario Bros. 2 was all just a dream Mario was having. But the fact that he also appears in Link's Awakening, where the setting of Koholint Island is also a dream (specifically that of the Wind Fish), do raise a couple of...
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    Unique Mario Music

    Unique Mario music, you say? Sherbet Land's theme from Mario Hoops 3-on-3 certainly sounds different from the status quo for the series' music. But if we're going by soundtracks as a whole for each game, I'd say the original Paper Mario certainly has a unique feel to it. That soundfont is...
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    JBX9001's Art Gallery 3

    Okay, so this time I'm gonna make more of an effort to share any of my Mario-related art on the forum here. It'll keep me more active and you guys get to see even more of my content (which includes OCs by the way)! I'm gonna try to remember where I last left off on Part 2, so here goes: A...
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    Have you ever made a Mario OC?

    When creating my OCs, the inspiration for them can vary greatly depending on how I want to design them and how I want to portray their personality. Using Airashi Furuya as an example here (some artwork of her for those unfamiliar with the character): In a sense, I guess her primary...
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    What is your favorite vocal song from Warioware?

    As mentioned earlier in the thread, Mike's Song, specifically the Super Smash Bros. Brawl remix!
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    Yeah, it's just me taking that line Mario says when you enter a fortress/castle/Ghost House...

    Yeah, it's just me taking that line Mario says when you enter a fortress/castle/Ghost House level in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, and bein' goofy.