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  1. Julia-BM

    Julia's Awesome Art

    I love to draw, especially digitally, on my Lenovo Yoga laptop's touchscreen. Here I will post my art. Some common topics in my art usually end up being portraits of myself, occasional Mario-related stuff (I'm just getting back into the fandom) and fanart of this underrated game called KoGaMa...
  2. Julia-BM

    Fictional Crushes (or characters you just found cute or something)

    Ah yes, fictional crushes. Anyone can get them. Feel free to share some of yours here, including past crushes!
  3. Julia-BM

    Playmobil: The Movie (2019)

    Remember Playmobil, that one underrated German alternative to LEGO? It also had an entire series of animated Direct-To-Video movies that fell into obscurity (the first one being Playmobil: The Secret of Pirate Island from 2009). But this time, there's going to be a Playmobil movie that will be...
  4. Julia-BM

    Trigger the above user with a picture

    Attempt to trigger the above person by posting a picture of something you know triggers them or something they hate. And no irony, please.
  5. Julia-BM

    Miiverse Shutting Down on November 8th

    Nintendo's Japanese website announced that Miiverse will be closing it's doors on November 8th, 2017. That really sucks, because I'd post there a lot. (First Club Penguin, and now this!?) To rub more salt in the wound, many Miiverse-based games (Such as Mario VS Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars) will...