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  1. Pokemon DP

    Dippy and Stooben's Best Songs of the 2010s (So Far)

    a week late to be added to The 'Shroom, but it finally got done, and I think with how fucking massive this thing is, hopefully, it'll have been worth the weight. Me and Stoob worked hard on compiling 100 songs...
  2. Pokemon DP

    Packy and Dippy's Pokémon Tournament 2016 (Generation VI)

    G'day there, mates. This year, me and my adorably overweight friend, Packy, have spent a long time talking over cups of berry juice, pondering the secrets of the universe and when the fuck Stooben will write a song about Packy's amazing arse, where we got an amazing idea. What if we hosted a...
  3. Pokemon DP

    Open Invite: Issue 111 Guest/Special Sections and Ideas

    This is a bit late, but for Special Issue 111, we are dedicating the issue entirely to the memory of beloved bureaucrat and dear friend, Walkazo, who sadly passed away on March 27th this year. While the traditional method of gathering special section writers for special issues in The 'Shroom has...
  4. Pokemon DP

    Crocodile Dippy's Album Collection

    Not quite a fan project, but this is the best place for me to put it. This is an ongoing update on my ever-growing album collection, which sits at about 327 albums so far. Most of them are CDs, I'm saving up for surgery so I can't really spend too much on vinyls at this stage, but that'll...
  5. Pokemon DP

    Dippy posts unlikely events in history that happened at the same time

    Some of these are taken from Reddit, but I'll try to pepper this with some of my own. -2000 B.C.: Wooly mammoths still inhabited Wrangel Island while the Great Pyramid of Giza was being built in Egypt (and no, there's no grain stored in it). -1811 A.D.: Italian scientist Amedeo Avogadro...
  6. Pokemon DP

    Issue 105: Lightning Opinion Piece Contest

    so for those not aware, we're running a little competition over on Critic Corner, the very first to ever be featured in the sub-team. It's a Lightning Opinion Piece Contest, which basically means that you are to submit a short opinion piece about something relating to the topic given - in this...
  7. Pokemon DP

    Psychonauts 2 Crowdfunding Campaign hooooooooooooooooooolyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit it's finally happening guys omp I can't believe this
  8. Pokemon DP

    Indivisible (click this thread or I'll plant one right between your eyes <3)

    Lab Zero Games, the team behind Skullgirls, are working on a new video game that blends the platforming exploration of Metroidvania games with the turn-based RPG combat of Valkyrie Profile (albeit with a more dynamic action-oriented focus to the fights), and it looks bloody amazing. They can...
  9. Pokemon DP

    Issue XCVIII

    the real dark souls starts here single page ain't up yet, someone can edit that into my post when it's ready because I'm going to bed EDIT: Important links: Issue XCVIII Feedback Survey Sign Up Facebook Twitter E-mail subscription form Issue C...
  10. Pokemon DP

    Issue XCVI

    knock yourselves out, kids.
  11. Pokemon DP

    Issue LXXVIII

    new issue, please read
  12. Pokemon DP

    Issue LXXIII

    new issue and stuff
  13. Pokemon DP

    Poll Committee needs a replacement!

    Bop has disappeared, so we need a new bloke to come up with polls with us. Anyone interested?
  14. Pokemon DP

    Issue LXVIII

    shoot Tucayo here with this month's milestones. Congratulations to: *PDI on his 10th Main section and 25th overall! *Freakworld on his 1st section! *Gamefreak75 on his 40th FS section! *Myself on my 100th FS section! *Shoey on his 10th FS section! *Paper Yoshi on his 50th overall section...
  15. Pokemon DP

    Issue LXVII

    shoot MOD EDIT: Tucayo here with this month's milestones: Congratulations to: *Toadbert101 on his 10th Fake News section *Edofenrir on his 30th Fake News section *Koopa K on his first section overall *General bob-omb on his 25th Fun Stuff (and overall) section *Bop1996 on his 10th Pipe...
  16. Pokemon DP

    Crocodile Dippy's Supremely Bored Pokemon HeartGold Let's Play

    Quizmo's attempt at an Emerald LP got me interested in trying another Nuzlocke challenge, but I thought "ehh why not make it a shitty LP? Everyone on IRC wants me to do it." so here I am doing my first LP, and likely doing it very half-assed, but maybe it'll entertain you I guess to start...
  17. Pokemon DP

    The 'Shroom Issue LXV

    shoot (there are some technical difficulties with the colouring on the boxes for fake news and fun stuff, and smb is collecting his notes, so please bear with us on that while we try to figure out a solution) Tucayo here with this month's milestones: Congratulations to: *Stooby on his 50th...
  18. Pokemon DP

    The 'Shroom Special Issue 64

    Sorry this took so long to get up, but we had a lot of... technical difficulties and editing before we could make a formal announcement. By now, plenty of you have probably seen it, so... let's discuss! Your now-legal Statistics Manager, Tucayo is here with some cool stats! Congratulations...
  19. Pokemon DP

    Okami HD announced for PlayStation 3 Hell yes, this is the best news I've read all day. Tough luck, Mario4Ever; you could've been playing this game with a non-shitty controller.
  20. Pokemon DP

    What's your computer's resolution?

    don't know if this has been done before, don't care. On me laptop right now, and it's 1366x768.
  21. Pokemon DP

    The 'Shroom Issue LXIII

    You know the deal. Have fun.
  22. Pokemon DP

    Issue LXI

    I hate early mornings. But whatever, the April 2012 issue of the 'Shroom is up now! Comment, rate, etc., while I go back to bed for a few hours.
  23. Pokemon DP

    Let us pay our respects to the late Joshua Paul LeJeune

    It has been exactly one year since the tragic passing of Joshua Paul LeJeune, better known as Axiomist, a former administrator of Zelda Wiki, founder of WiKirby, and highly contributive and prominent member of Nintendo Independent Wikia Alliance (NIWA). He was well known for his friendly...
  24. Pokemon DP

    Issue LX

    Yup, sixty issues. How fun. We tried our best to make this issue feel a bit special, but I guess the best we could do was implement a bunch of changes. Changes I will reiterate later along with other announcements, but for now just read the issue and have some nice, fun discussion before we get...
  25. Pokemon DP


    Two guys from the Something Awful forums - including the bloke who pretty much created the Let's Play trend - make fun of really, really bad Youtube Let's Plays, really dumb video games, and other assorted game-related bullshit. Think Mystery Science Theater but more nerdy and less politically...
  26. Pokemon DP

    Issue LIX

    I stayed up late to do this, so you people better appreciate it. And I just noticed while writing this that the images for Fake News aren't up yet; holy shit, this is annoying. But uhh anyway, discuss... If anyone is interested in writing for the 'Shroom, I strongly urge you to write for Fun...
  27. Pokemon DP

    Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter Drive Holy shit. Reached over twice the amount of money they hoped to raise inside 24 hours. Everyone donate and support Double Fine's upcoming game, they're an awesome team with a talent for making awesome games.
  28. Pokemon DP

    GameStop has closed down all their stores in the United Kingdom If any British folks here used GameStop, they're still offering online services to the U.K. Just... they've ditched retail.
  29. Pokemon DP

    Issue LVIII

    Herp a derp, getting this shit up was messy. Sorry 'bout that, you can vote and comment now!
  30. Pokemon DP

    Which languages would you most like to learn?

    If you already know a few, then just label a few others you'd like to learn on top of those ones. Obviously. I'd love to learn Indonesian (and by extension, Malay) and Turkish. Considering Australia's close ties to both of those nations, they'd be fairly practical !!
  31. Pokemon DP

    The Official MarioWiki/Xephyr TF2 Server

    IP: Port: 27015 Join Password: doritos Some things to note: 1. Stooben and Groden are the Head Admins. Other admins include Toadbert, Martini, Turb, and Dippy, and they all can control rcon. If there's any changes you'd like to see made to the server, contact one of us. 2...
  32. Pokemon DP

    Your favourite games of the 2000s

    Basically, yer favourite games released in 2000, 2009 and all years in-between. Can include any platform; console, computer or handheld, doesn't matter. Don't care how many ye list; it can be 5, it can be 25, whatever suits ye. Of the games I've played (I have a large collection of games I...
  33. Pokemon DP

    Songs You Find Sentimental

    I have a deep fondness for "Waltzing Matilda" by Banjo Paterson, being the unofficial national anthem of Australia and all. Slim Dusty's version is the best one I could find on Youtube. To go with that, Eric Bogle's "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda", although I prefer The Pogues' version...
  34. Pokemon DP

    XBox Owner Sues Microsoft for $500 Billion It seems serious, but I'm most certain the twerp is just trolling.
  35. Pokemon DP

    Recommend Indie Games

    Simply suggest independent games you feel deserve more attention. RUSH and EDGE by Two Tribes are two very well-designed puzzle games I'd recommend. They're both available on Steam for $4.99 and $7.99, respectively.
  36. Pokemon DP

    Which Team Fortress 2 class do you main?

    I'm sure enough people play Team Fortress 2 here to make this poll useful. I main as The Sniper. I really like using the Huntsman weapon.
  37. Pokemon DP

    Concepts and themes you would like to see explored in video games

    I'd love to see a video game based on traditional Australian culture - featuring both the Aborigines and the Colonies - with a more accurate depiction of the country's geography, climate, wildlife, culture and history. Or hell, just a game about The Dreaming would be nice.
  38. Pokemon DP

    Assassin's Creed

    Pretty fun free-running stealth games. Anyone else looking forward to Revelations?
  39. Pokemon DP

    Brutal Legend

    Pretty fun game with one of the greatest video game soundtracks ever. Also, Tim Curry as the main demon villain; instant win.
  40. Pokemon DP


    Am I the only one who can't access the Xephyr Board?
  41. Pokemon DP

    The Official Led Zeppelin Thread

    While we're making topics on awesome bands, here's one of the greatest bands in history and THE band of the 70s. Led Zeppelin crossed the boundaries of where hard rock and heavy metal could go far better than any progressive rock act did, and had a knack for always creating a kickass guitar riff...
  42. Pokemon DP

    Rate the above song

    It's simple. You just rate the above song from a scale of 1 to 10. "Even Flow", by Pearl Jam
  43. Pokemon DP

    The Official Music Thread

    Discuss anything music-related here. I still find it sad that no store here sells INXS albums. I mean, honestly, INXS were one of the most popular Aussie groups ever, and I can't find a single store here in Melbourne that sells them. It's just depressing, man. :(
  44. Pokemon DP

    Character Age

    Srsly. The kind of stuff to compare... Daisy is a girl. Waluigi is a boy. Daisy is a teen. Waluigi is not. Daisy is a princess. Waluigi is a plumber. :)
  45. Pokemon DP

    Sonic Songs

    Discuss Sonic songs! Tell us your favorites, comment on the singers, note if it fit the situation well, or whatever the heck you comment about when talking about this kind of stuff. XP My favorite is (as my Location and Sig may hint) Dreams of an Absolution. =3 I like the tone, the...
  46. Pokemon DP

    The Shadow Chronicles

    Well, some of you Users who frequently visit the MarioWiki or Userpedia would know, I am making a Comic known as The Shadow Chronicles. I started work on it Months ago, back when the Smash Bros. Dojo!! actually had GOOD updates. As such, I've already finished, like, 30 Issues. Anyway, here's...