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  1. Luigifreak

    Director Election!

    ..Havent seen this place in a while. All the canidates look pretty qualified. At least this isn't like last years election (When stooben was leading by 20+ votes) I believe any of the canidates would make a good director. Probrably not gonna vote in it though. And with that, I go back into my...
  2. Luigifreak

    Job Openings

    I just resigned from the Review corner, so that's open. Also open are the classic review and the top ten..
  3. Luigifreak

    The Oprah Show is ending

    OH JOY! Now if Dr. Phil was canceled... EDIT: 400th post FTW
  4. Luigifreak

    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    In it wasn't clear by my recent abcence, I won't be here for a few weeks or so. I'll be back, I just need a break.
  5. Luigifreak

    Want to be Editor in Chief?

    On the wiki, I used to constantly check large articles for small errors, I could do it if I'm needed. Just an idea, maybe we could have an editor for the main articles, and an editor for the sub-sections?
  6. Luigifreak

    Meta Knight Adventure(s)

    .. The creator stated that he is a male. If something is different than what you think it should be, it is not dumb. Please do not go around mindlessly flaming or you will be banned from the forums.
  7. Luigifreak

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Please stop saying people are stupid becase they have a different opinion than you.
  8. Luigifreak

    Meta Knight Adventure(s)

    That's normal for FAN comics, and he (the creator) has every right to make his own story..
  9. Luigifreak

    Meta Knight Adventure(s)

    ... Of course it doesn't. It's meant to be a totally different story.
  10. Luigifreak

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Well I can see that I wil lstill hate most of the music in this game :-\
  11. Luigifreak

    What consoles do you have?

    If you count handhelds too, Wii Game Cube DS Gamboy Advanced SP Non Nintendo: Playstation ... I'm boring
  12. Luigifreak

    The Reverse Thread

  13. Luigifreak

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    If I understand, this game was created to fill gaps between KH1 and 2. So I wouldn't really fully enjoy this game.
  14. Luigifreak

    Commercials you hate

    BACKGAN BRAWL!!!!! My little brother always watches Nick, so I hate the Chuck-E-Cheese ones. After the milienth one, you want to scream.
  15. Luigifreak

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    You calling me an addict?
  16. Luigifreak

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Thats what I thought too.
  17. Luigifreak

    The worst video game ever?

    .. when did I say PiT was bad?
  18. Luigifreak

    The worst video game ever?

    You will all murder me for this. My least favorite game is....
  19. Luigifreak

    Share weird dreams here...

    Invading other peoples dreams, check. What? Can't I dream for world domination?? On topic: Sometimes, before an event, I have a dream where EVEREYTHING goes wrong. Then, in my dream, I realize it's a dream or go back in time or something and relive the same event. EVERYTHING goes wrong again...
  20. Luigifreak

    How many Mario games do you have?

    probrably 10-20, Mario Isn't my favorite series. Still good, though...
  21. Luigifreak


    Erm, can you add a none of them option? I really dislike all the koopalings...
  22. Luigifreak

    Rabbids go Home

    The latest Rabbid game in the collection, in case you didn't know. So, the Rabbids finally leave "our world." Its supposed to be better than the last one or two, but I'm excited for it because of something else. Maybe now we can finally get new REAL Rayman games. Your thoughts?
  23. Luigifreak

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Im kinda 50/50 on it. Ill see the gameplay and such when it comes out. Then I'll wait a month or so and make my decicion.
  24. Luigifreak

    Mario Wiki Forum RPG (Actually a Game!) (Paper Mario Style, NOT POKEMON STYLE)

    I use kamiameah wave!!! Thunder wave. ... Cracken is dizzy (BTW, I flip a coin to decide status effects and there is a 25% chance of succes. Dizzyness means that there is a chance that you will miss, at least I think...) 4 damage (I am lowering it because of the chance of status effects.)...
  25. Luigifreak

    Two choices

    Knightmare frame?? :waluigi: or :wario:* *If you pick this choice I will destroy you.
  26. Luigifreak

    Two choices

    :eekdance: :eekdance: Orcainia of time or Majoras mask?
  27. Luigifreak

    Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

    I would play it... but I don't have a PS2 or Kingdom Hearts 1/2, so I probrably won't understand the plot.
  28. Luigifreak

    Easiest Boss

    Also, the Golem overlord from Chrono trigger was... that's not even a boss... In case you haven't played that pwnful game, even though he has the most HP out of all the bosses to that point (well, one exception) He never attacks... because he's afraid of heights. THE BATTLE TAKES PLACE ON AN...
  29. Luigifreak

    How much do you like the 'Shroom?

    It's pretty good... The sections that have consistent writers are good, but there are a few sections that have a change of writers everey month or two, and sometimes the writers are kind of bad at writing their sections...
  30. Luigifreak

    Control the Throne

    I use my mad computer skillz to transfer all your monarch powers to me. ALL YOUR THRONES ARE BELONG TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. Luigifreak

    Mario Wiki Forum RPG (Actually a Game!) (Paper Mario Style, NOT POKEMON STYLE)

    You could start a new fight... With a crazed maniac... *hint hint*
  32. Luigifreak

    Who are you going as this Halloween?

    we had a halloween party at my school yesterday. We were allowed to dress up. Two guys were wearing Mario and Luigi costumes. When I saw them, I wanted to barf. On topic: If I DO dress up, I will be a hobo.
  33. Luigifreak

    The worst video game ever?

    ...All the things you mentioned also happened in the prequel...
  34. Luigifreak

    The Reverse Thread

    I just choked on my pencil. It was fun!
  35. Luigifreak

    type your username without looking at the screen or the keyboard

    Waluigi wow.. not hard at all.
  36. Luigifreak

    The Reverse Thread

    I'm writing a limerick. Anyone have any funny stories about hot dogs?
  37. Luigifreak

    The Reverse Thread

    Im gonna have to be off topic and say that girls are ruling the forum.
  38. Luigifreak

    Who are you going as this Halloween?

    I hate halloween. So, nothing.
  39. Luigifreak


    LUIGI TIME!!!!! No devoting your life to serving me.
  40. Luigifreak

    Have you ever cried during a video game??

    Oh yeah, I was really bummed it didn't have continuos gameplay. I got emotional, didn't know if I cried.
  41. Luigifreak


    No worshiping waluigi.
  42. Luigifreak

    Type your username with your toe!

    wa LYU CI CUI
  43. Luigifreak

    The Reverse Thread

  44. Luigifreak

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

    Cool, he still cares about zelda. On topic: I really have mixed feelings for this game. I think I might just get it now...
  45. Luigifreak

    Super Mario RPG 2?

    I want a new mario RPG, not a new SMRPG. We already have Mario RPG's with similar and (In my opinion) better formulas. So, a sequal to SMRPG would have to have a similar story. What can you do? Stuff with Geno. But, is there anything that geno can do that any other character can't do? No! I...
  46. Luigifreak

    The Reverse Thread

    Waluigi owns this thread because he is epic.
  47. Luigifreak

    Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

    100000 times better
  48. Luigifreak

    For a Million Pounds, would you?

    No, Ugozumadollars are useless. For 1,000,000 waluigidollars would you become my right hand man?