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  1. Bowsette Luigi

    Count In Italian till I get bored

    You can use Google Translate if needed uwu una
  2. Bowsette Luigi

    My text isn't showing up in my sig.

    My signature shows Princess Luigi right? Well, its supposed to have more than that. There is also text but apparently it won't show up for other people. And it's not like I didn't save it. Whenever I open my signature it shows my text. What is going on?!
  3. Bowsette Luigi

    Princess Luigi Worship Thread

    Hello! Welcome to the Official Princess Luigi Worship Thread! Kind of like the Mario fanart thread, but only the princess boys. Princess Mario is allowed too. So enjoy your time here~!
  4. Bowsette Luigi

    I made an account on the Wiki

    I made an account on the Wiki a long time ago, but I don't exactly know how to use it. Can anyone help me with this? :3
  5. Bowsette Luigi

    3DS SD Card Problem

    My SD card from my 3ds says that it is write-protected, so i can't add music. What can I do?
  6. Bowsette Luigi

    nvm i hate writing

    I knew I was going to make one of these sooner or later, but I never got around to it...UNTIL NOWWW! I will post art and allow critique here and I will also be doing requests. I am a beginner with MMD so bear with me as I learn. I hope you guys enjoy me art and help me learn!
  7. Bowsette Luigi

    I need some help with my profile...

    I have been here for a bit now but I have some questions. How do I have a rotational profile pic? Also I have seen people with .gif pfps, how do I do that as well?
  8. Bowsette Luigi


    Post pictures and other great things of Mario, Sonic, or MLP here! BUT NO SHIPS PLS!!!