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  1. SmartGuy

    Bob's Burgers

    Personally, as much as I like how it undermines some cliches and doesn't really on daft, dated stereotpyes, I just find it extremely boring and underwhelming. I can remember very few specific moments because I just felt constantly like I was waiting for something to happen. I seem to be in the...
  2. SmartGuy

    Disappearing posts

    Thus far, 4 of my posts have disappeared from topics for no apparent reason. 3 from the topic about people's first posts, and 1 from the topic people's real names. I very much doubt that they were deleted, as I recieved no warnings for making these posts and when I asked, the moderators replied...
  3. SmartGuy

    Write a poor fan fiction

    This is a thread where you write bad fan fictions, like the ones by Peter Chimaera and squirrelking. In order for your fan fiction to be truley awful, it must have the following: * Poor grammar. * Horrible spelling. * Strange non-sequiturs (for example, things that do not make sense...
  4. SmartGuy


    What languages do you understand? I speak fluent English, and only understand minor bits of various other languages, but I'd say most experienced second language is German.
  5. SmartGuy

    "Proof" that the Earth is 6,000 years old
  6. SmartGuy

    Nostalgia Critic or Angry Video Game Nerd

    I like AVGN more, he has funny cutscenes in his reviews (sometimes).
  7. SmartGuy

    YouTube Beta Channels

    They suck. You have to have an annoying ad on your screen, most of the favourite, uploaded and recommended video lists do not even work or are extremely faulty most of the time, and they are forcing people to convert to it if they do not by July14th, despite that most of the YouTube community...
  8. SmartGuy

    Post a picture to match the above one

    Simple really, just post a picture that is in someway relevant (but not exactly the same) to the above picture. I shall start with this one:
  9. SmartGuy

    Diana Vickers

    I thought it was about time I made it.
  10. SmartGuy

    Post a random video here

  11. SmartGuy

    Nuclear Weapons

    I think Nuclear weapons are too dangerous to use, even though I agree that the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were perfactly justified, despite the terrible aftermath, the Japanese just wouldn't surrender, they deserved it, but I digress, onto the subject itself.
  12. SmartGuy

    Worms 4 Mayhem

    This game is t3h 3p!c Pwn4g3. It's a worms game, you can customise your own worms team with clothes, voices and even make your own weapon :D
  13. SmartGuy


    An epic show, discuss here.
  14. SmartGuy

    Rate the custom title of the above user

    0/10 cuz u dont exist n u phail.
  15. SmartGuy


    The official website ;D
  16. SmartGuy

    Super Mario Bros. Z

    A flash series based on Newgrounds, about Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Shadow and Yoshi trying to find the chaos emeralds before Mecha Sonic, but there are others seeking them, it's basically a scramble for the chaos emaradlds between several teams, just search it on Newgrounds and watch the series to...
  17. SmartGuy

    Name changes on Userpedia

    Basically, for those of you on the Userpedia Forums, you simply say all the names you've had in chronological order starting with the oldest, if you have had the same name more than once please put it the necesary number of times but in the right place please, mine are: SmartGuy > Smart Man >...
  18. SmartGuy

    Virus Alert

    what might this virus do?
  19. SmartGuy

    Waffles vs. Pancakes

    Waffles all the way, right Smidd?
  20. SmartGuy


    Lost by Michael Buble, a good song, very emotional, but I love it :)
  21. SmartGuy

    Weird Al Yankovic

    I think that Weird Al is one of the most pwnsome artists ever! :posh:
  22. SmartGuy

    Throw something at the above user

    I did this before the other day so some may remember, basically you throw something at the above user (repetition of title) and then something can happen, I shall start *Throws a garlic at Mr Nonexistant so Wario eats him*