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  1. Ihsan997

    Story: Mutiny on the Blargg

    Bolts of strange magic shocked the water as a portal opened beneath the surface. Fish scattered as five bodies were pushed through as if in a current, and all of them began flailing in their disorientation. Sneegle broke to the surface first. "You rat finks!" the Snifit yelled at an empty...
  2. Ihsan997

    Mario 1 on the NES sucks!!

    It is by many critics. Check out the list of video games considered the bestest on Wikipedia. There are about a dozen citations of video game journalists making such a claim for Super Mario Bros 1 on the NES. That doesn’t make them right, of course. It’s just a claim that’s been made.
  3. Ihsan997

    What game did you last play?!?!?!?

    Vermintide 2 Skaven are great villains because you never have to feel bad about killing them.
  4. Ihsan997

    User: The Movie: The Subtitle

    Alley-Kat-Abra vs. Godzilla… …PART III
  5. Ihsan997

    Mario 1 on the NES sucks!!

    Kids these days.
  6. Ihsan997

    Your avatar vs the avatar above you; who will win?

    Is the competition to do not nice things? Because if it is, my Snifit might have a chance.
  7. Ihsan997

    Count by Pokemon

  8. Ihsan997

    Do you know what the above user's avatar is?

    Going off the rails on a crazy train
  9. Ihsan997

    post any random Mario thought on your mind

    Was that like a web show or a real television show?
  10. Ihsan997

    The official "Ask more about our OCs" topic

    Sneegle the Snifit: Any hub or nexus where the baddest baddies can meet, plot, and plan. Bonus points if there are lunch specials.
  11. Ihsan997

    The original message of Godzilla was sadly lost in most (but not all) of the other films and, to...

    The original message of Godzilla was sadly lost in most (but not all) of the other films and, to be honest, modern film in general. I don’t think we’re likely to see big budget productions portraying a military in a negative light today. Did the cut you watched have that scene with the Japanese...
  12. Ihsan997

    Describe the above user's avatar in way too much detail

    A modernized version of the ancient Egyptian deity Bast, stylized as a crime-fighting vigilante with a magic wand. The coloration implies an imitation of the golden age of comics, possible a digital recreation to evoke the sense of slightly faded ink. The signal given with the left hand could...
  13. Ihsan997

    Do you know what the above user's avatar is?

    The engine which fuels my nightmares.
  14. Ihsan997

    Rate the User above avatar!

    7/10 everything is cool when you’re part of a team
  15. Ihsan997

    Story: Mutiny on the Blargg

    A lightly equipped airship, damaged and smoldering, trudged through the air over the sea with jerky movements. The partially wrecked ship as well as the injured crew of bad guys spoke of the struggle which had occurred for the sake of the ship. A rowdy crowd of Koopa troops, Shy Guys...
  16. Ihsan997

    The Mafia Extended Universe Roleplay

    *A red Snifit bursts into the room looking overwhelmed. A tag reading ‘temp’ is clipped to his robe* Sneegle: Sir, the cereal factory is out of control. Our automatic boxing machine is spitting cheerios all over the place!
  17. Ihsan997

    Say something nice about the user above

    You’re quite active on here!
  18. Ihsan997

    Is the Discord operable?

    That worked! Thank you so much. Sounds like I need to switch browsers, too.
  19. Ihsan997

    The Mafia Extended Universe Roleplay

    I’m new to the forums. Would I be able to participate? I could make my character appropriately bumbling and clueless to explain his lack of awareness.
  20. Ihsan997

    Is the Discord operable?

  21. Ihsan997


    A rather bored looking Koopa with a green shell looks up from a messy receptionist’s desk to see the piranha plant. :koopa:: I’m sure there’s a time slot here somewhere…oh…I can’t find my day planner! What a mess. Why don’t you just…walk in? I don’t remember any meetings going on now.
  22. Ihsan997

    Norm Macdonald has passed away

    omg! I just learned this now…I grew up during his era on SNL, and he was one of the best Weekend Update hosts. I just did a quick search, and he seems to have come to terms with his terminal illness. The quote about dying of cancer being a draw rather than a loss is just so…Norm. It’s so him.
  23. Ihsan997

    Unpopular opinions about the Mario series

    Wait, this is unpopular? Because I feel like you’re reading my mind with this post.
  24. Ihsan997

    post any random Mario thought on your mind

    Hammer Bros have to be some of the most frightening enemies out there. Imagine if you woke up and instead of being in your bed, you were on a red brick road in some ultra-colorful alien world full of shrooms with eyes. Then some portly ninja turtle runs at you while throwing literal hammers like...
  25. Ihsan997

    what was a one in a lifetime opportunity you missed

    Seeing the Hobbit movies when they were still in theaters and on the big screen.
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    Count to 1,000,000

  27. Ihsan997

    Count to 10,000

  28. Ihsan997

    I can add your oc/roleplay to the ShroomQuest Party!

    This ShroomQuest sounds interesting. Is there a link for more info? I wouldn’t mind dropping a little character info if this offer is still open.
  29. Ihsan997

    what made you join this forum?

    Goombas made me do it! Actually, I was searching for Super Mario RP, and I realized that the Wiki (which I’ve used for years) not only had a forum but also an RP section.
  30. Ihsan997

    Is the Discord operable?

    I can’t join the Discord. Whenever I try, I get an error message saying that the address is invalid. Is the Discord down, or is the problem just with me?
  31. Ihsan997


    Is there anyone to RP as Lakitu or Lakitu’s office staff?
  32. Ihsan997

    What roleplay to make

    Have you considered throwing in a bit of light conflict to be solved? A micromanaging health inspector showing up at a cafe would throw a monkey wrench into normal operations.
  33. Ihsan997

    Tell the above user a fact you think they would be interested in

    Butterflies can see ultraviolet light.
  34. Ihsan997

    Good wishes aren't always good wishes

    Granted, but the figures have creepily lifelike eyes which follow you wherever you move. I wish I had a toilet made of solid gold.
  35. Ihsan997

    The last thing you bought

    A booster pack of Pokemon cards for my son, a Wigglypuff plushie for my daughter, Chaos Dwarf wargaming miniatures for myself, and a Coach bag for my wife. And now I’m broke for the next few months 😆
  36. Ihsan997

    Glowsquid post statements from wikis that amuses him

    I feel like that both should and shouldn’t exist at the same time. Is this what ambivalence feels like?
  37. Ihsan997

    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Hi! I’ve been using the wiki for a while and discovered these forums while surfing the net for Super Mario Bros roleplaying. I’m in my late thirties and was taught how to play video games by my mom, who was a huge fan of the original game on NES. My kids and I beat Super Mario Odyssey swiftly...