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    Can you change your name back to a previous one?
  2. porplemontage

    Why can't I edit conversation messages?

    Yes. Conversation messages don't track history or even show when they were last edited. There is a small window after a message is sent in case you notice a typo or something, but after that the message is locked to preserve the record.
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    My text isn't showing up in my sig.

    Check the FAQ
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    Fixed :yoshi:

    Fixed :yoshi:
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    Hi gamer

    Hi gamer
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    How do you like the new forums?

    Just click Reply
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    Suggestion Box

    This is an idea I had for using Discord, should the Committee decide to go that route next year. Create a public #mario-awards channel, and before it's open, enter the following 2020 ------------------------- Then open the channel for the ceremony. After the ceremony is over, you pin the 2020...
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    New forum check-in

    It's fixed
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    The official name change log
  10. porplemontage

    Good times

    Good times
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    Is there a way to disable post drafts?

    Yeah. It looks like the move is to blank the text box, then save/delete draft.
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    Is there a way to disable post drafts?

    You can delete the draft by clicking on the floppy/save icon
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    We got tags - clonk

    We got tags - clonk
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    I changed it back to what it was before Wario 🤔

    I changed it back to what it was before Wario 🤔
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    New forum check-in

    There is also a mark read button for each board
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    New forum check-in

    There is no more half-gray icon so if there's an unread post in a subforum it's full red mushroom now
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    New forum check-in

    try this
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    New forum check-in

    Increased to 100
  19. porplemontage

    New forum check-in

    Increased it (SMF was 25k)
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    The Official Elimination Game Winners Thread 2.0

    I increased the limit
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    New forum check-in

    I'm taking a look into adding display names.
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    New forum check-in

    Post your name and who you are
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    Scheduled forum downtime and software migration

    Yeah it's cool. BBCode will still work
  24. porplemontage

    Scheduled forum downtime and software migration

    It will feel both new and familiar.
  25. porplemontage

    Scheduled forum downtime and software migration

    Yes, likes will be reset. The new system has binary fields in multiple tables and I don't want to mess it up.
  26. porplemontage

    Scheduled forum downtime and software migration

    Everything up to 11:59 will move over. Raw estimate of the downtime is 8 hours.
  27. porplemontage

    Scheduled forum downtime and software migration

    The accounts will transfer.
  28. porplemontage

    Scheduled forum downtime and software migration

    Hi all, I've discovered an issue with the forum software and how it's behaving after updating some of the main server software. Unfortunately, the SMF core is just too old at this point and isn't receiving adequate new releases to keep up with these changes. As a result, I'm announcing that on...
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    Activity on Facebook

    If any admin wants posting rights on the MarioWiki Facebook, I will grant it. Alex?
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    Geoff Keighley

    this how we posing for photos in 2018
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    General Discussion

    SVG's on the wiki must use absolute paths. Updated the file.
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    Tightening Featured Articles guidelines

    An article is feature-worthy when it is reasonably "complete" and follows all the wiki guidelines. For some topics that will result in a long article, but for others it will be quite short. Nothing wrong with that.
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    General Discussion

    Because EasyPrivacy blocks the phrase -boomerang_, which appears in the image URL.
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    General Discussion

    Disable uBlock Origin.
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    Changing the wiki's logo

    We will not be switching to that logo. It's a Club Nintendo ripoff and I don't like the text placement. Feel free to discuss other designs and reach out to me to present them. A new logo proposal should only be put forward after the design has my approval. That being said, let's give the new...
  36. porplemontage

    Changing the wiki's logo

    I'm open to the mushroom logo, although resizing down from 1500x1500 isn't ideal. A native 150x150 version or SVG would be welcome. Also, I wouldn't mind seeing an alternate version with the "Super Mario" text on separate lines and larger, like the current logo.
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    2001: A Mario Odyssey

    Re: Super Mario Odyssey I can't wait to check out New Donk City
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    Admin Noticeboard Message

    Oh, I see the issue. When you send an email using the email user function, the email is sent from our server but is made to look like it's being sent from the sender's email address. Yahoo no longer allows this, so Gmail is rejecting the email in accordance with Yahoo's policy. I've made a...
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    Prizes -- CLOSED

    Re: Prizes -- Porple Huh, donate all :yoshi:
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    Recent Forum Changes

    It is if you want it to be.
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    Recent Forum Changes

    After some user engagement A/B testing, 200px was determined to improve user experience by 22%.
  42. porplemontage

    Recent Forum Changes

    Yes, the max is 200px now! :yoshi:
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    General Discussion

    Mario is a special case because it's above everything. That article focuses on the game series, and I think the rest should remain as series.
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    Need help regarding PMs!

    Turns out Microsoft blocked email from our server's IP. Guess I'll apply to be unblocked.. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Official Rules & Guidelines

    For continued reading, check out our forum FAQ and privacy policy.
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    General Discussion

    I feel good about this and if the proposal didn't pass I would force it to pass, so it's not that necessary. ;) If someone wants to go around and update spelling to American, they can. But basically, the rule needs to be that the only allowed spelling change is from British to American. This...
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    Quick question about this

    The forum originally ran on phpBB, which uses ID 1 for anonymous users and starts accounts at 2.
  48. porplemontage

    General Discussion

    This is something I've thought about too. I support standardizing to American English in articles for the same reasons we standardize to American game titles, and for consistency across the wiki. Traffic is majority American, so most of the wiki is already this way. A user who adds new text...
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    This site is logging me out even though I'm not pressing the logout button

    It's all done with cookies, so all I can recommend is clearing your cookies and then logging-in with the "Always stay logged in" box checked to get a fresh one.