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  1. Moldomré

    Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

    The redesign is great, but I'm still not impressed with the movie itself. I'm not gonna get excited for it, it's a video game movie, it's bound to be at most mediocre.
  2. Moldomré

    Moldomré's Art: Recolors, Sprites, Bad Photo Edits, 'n Junk Like That

    TRIPLE POST: I am currently working on another small piece influenced by Luigi's Mansion 3, Luigi is currently screaming. I haven't drawn a Yoshi in a while though, might incorporate Pink Yoshi into it somehow. In the meantime, here's "Toadette's Psychedelic Breakfast". It's an homage to the...
  3. Moldomré

    What are your irl first names?

  4. Moldomré

    Most Notable Mario Fanart?

    That's actually how I could see a SMRPG HD look.
  5. Moldomré

    Poll Talk

    Imma go with Option 3 as well on this one. You don't have to use them to win matches but they make winning easier, I like that.
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    Name change chain

    2018: 1. Moldomré 2. Yo, I need a doctor. 3. Moldomré 4. Waterfall of Flab 2019: 5. Abe Lincoln except Toad 6. The DK Emoji IRL 7. Moldo 8. Moldomré 9. Moldomré: The Crossover Episode 10. Erdrick the Hero 11. a b i g o l ' t r e e 12. JAMESON YOU SLIME!! 13. A sad ghost | Moldomré 14. Moldomré
  7. Moldomré

    What characters would you like to see as DLC for Smash Bros?

    How has no one mentioned Minecraft Steve? He's my most wanted Smash character. I think he'd have a really unique moveset.
  8. Moldomré

    My experiences with New Super Mario Bros.

    By even mentioning that game you have activated McMadness's rant mode. Anyway, I like NSMB DS and NSMBU (and NSMBWii for the nostalgia) but NSMB2 is the blandest of them all. As for NSMBDS I think it's the strongest of the original 2, but my 2010-childhood nostalgia self says that NSMBWii...
  9. Moldomré

    How old should a frachise be before joining Smash?

    Uhhhhh, idk, one or two years? Honestly I don't think age matters as long as the character is originally from a video game.
  10. Moldomré

    "Planned Themes" Thread

    Now that it's November I'll be staying good ol' Moldo for a month and will be switching to Merry Moldo in December.
  11. Moldomré

    Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

    E. Gadd has absorbed the void I see.
  12. Moldomré

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    "Smash is only for good boys and girls" - Sakurai on why Mai couldn't even get a cameo
  13. Moldomré

    Real-Life Photos

    Here's another one of me, with my most normal look. I usually have glasses on (as is shown here) and short hair (just got it cut yesterday).
  14. Moldomré

    Would Hellen be a good pick for Mario main cast?

    I feel E. Gadd has more of a chance then ol' Hellen. Especially since she's a random, new ghost that doesn't really fit anywhere besides Luigi's Mansion.
  15. Moldomré

    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Welcome to anyone I may have missed!
  16. Moldomré

    Poll Talk

    Option 5, but not because I don't think it'll be good, it's just that I haven't seen much from it (gameplay wise or story wise) so I want to be surprised.
  17. Moldomré

    post any random thought on your mind

    Meh, if I had to have some sort of canon explanation it's that the affect of the Dark Moon only happens in Evershade Valley. Polterpup never was an evil ghost anyway, it just was mischievous and could be trained by Weegee to be less mischievous. Anyway, I'm at the same stage as FTG, currently...
  18. Moldomré

    Luigi's Mansion 3

    Hey, in Dark Moon you CAN shoot Toad off balconies, it's awesome. Oh yeah and there's also the main campaign, that's fun too.
  19. Moldomré

    I have a new/avatar/sig/whatever.

    I'm the Pink Yoshi you know and love again. Woot woot amiright?
  20. Moldomré

    Luigi's Mansion 3

    Amen to that, I dare say that alongside BotW, this is probably the Switch's best looking game; I haven't even experienced any frame drops and I'm almost to Floor 9, that's an incredible achievement to go over halfway through the main campaign without dropping frames.
  21. Moldomré

    post any random thought on your mind

    For once I decided to look at what rivals you get when you play as a certain character in MK8DX and finally realized why Toad and Donkey Kong are in all my races.
  22. Moldomré

    Luigi's Mansion 3

    Now I haven't played many Mario spin-offs so maybe they have more "dialogue" from the bros than this (besides Paper Mario), but it seems like they gave as much dialogue to Mario and Luigi in this as possible imo. Not necessarily written out words in text boxes, but Mario's "Oh hey bro" and...
  23. Moldomré

    I've never played the OG LM or the 3DS remake so that's a no-go.

    I've never played the OG LM or the 3DS remake so that's a no-go.
  24. Moldomré


    EDIT: NO NEED FOR HELP. I HAVE COMPLETED IT WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS. Y'all I need to write a poem about something (the assignment says any subject). It's due Tuesday but I really should do it today for schedule's sake. Gimme a subject.
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    The official name change log

    User A sad ghost | Moldomré has changed their username to Moldomré.
  26. Moldomré

    Halloween 2019

    I was gonna wear my suit to school, but I decided not to. I'm not doing anything Halloween related.
  27. Moldomré

    Scrapped Characters

    On the subject of scrapped Paper Mario characters, there was going to be a Chain Chomp partner in Sticker Star (implying that partners as a whole would come back). There are also PLENTY of unused enemies in Paper Mario games, Mario RPG, and Mario & Luigi. The Mario RPG ones are pretty...
  28. Moldomré

    Your happiest memories

    Last April I got to go to my first formal school prom (I'm homeschooled, I go to a co-op currently which is how I finally went to one) and danced with a girl that I like. I think she likes me too, but that might just be my brain telling myself that (though after I danced with her she started...
  29. Moldomré

    Goomba species appreciation thread.

    Captain Goomba is one of the most well thought-out Mario characters and no one will sway my opinion.
  30. Moldomré

    Poll Talk

    Option 2 as well for me, gameplay is the main reason why SMO is my favorite game of all time, but the soundtrack is pretty dang good too.
  31. Moldomré

    2001: A Mario Odyssey

    I was gonna say something about this! This is my all-time favorite game, happy birthday Mario Odyssey!
  32. Moldomré

    King Boo Appreciation thread.

    The Mansion design is my favorite, it made him a lot more intimidating imo. Otherwise he's just a boo with a crown.
  33. Moldomré

    Which platform do you prefer?

    I play a lot more console games but I've sunk a ton of hours into Minecraft Java Edition. So, both equally I guess? The only mobile game I have is Pac-Man 256. And that's only fun for about 10 minutes while I wait for my pizza to heat up, so definitely console and PC.
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    Forum level up thread

    I thought so.
  35. Moldomré

    Mario pictures

    I feel like if they added a a tongue line then it would look better.
  36. Moldomré

    Oh yeah, I love working on my Zelda Minecraft resource pack. Even though I don't really gain...

    Oh yeah, I love working on my Zelda Minecraft resource pack. Even though I don't really gain anything from it I just love making tons of tiny pixel art. And also me and my brother have an awesome survival file where we're transporting villagers from far-off villages to one we're making ourselves.
  37. Moldomré

    Post food that you just made

    I boiled pasta earlier and had some rotisserie chicken with it. I have no proof unfortunately, as I washed the dishes. And I also ate the food, that too. (also cold rotisserie chicken is waaaaay better than heated-up rotisserie chicken prove me wrong)
  38. Moldomré

    Mario Kart Tour

    I'm concerned, ngl.
  39. Moldomré

    Who are you maining in Ultimate?

    My fully updated roster. And good grief am I loving playing as Banjo. I wasn't that hyped for him when he was announced cause I wanted Minecraft Steve (still do though, a lot), but man is he enjoyable to play as. Oh yeah, the Mii Brawler has Shot Put, Suplex, Soaring Axe Kick, and Head-On...
  40. Moldomré

    "Planned Themes" Thread

    Imma be full-on Moldomré in November and that "Merry Moldo" theme I mentioned last year will be for December.
  41. Moldomré

    Mario characters theme songs

    Does their theme song have to be from a game? Cause if not... Donkey Kong: "Welcome to the Jungle" - Guns N Roses
  42. Moldomré

    Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

    Someone save Yoshi oh no oh frick Also Wario's going to blow up, he's not even trying anymore. And Peach too, she's just accepted it by now.
  43. Moldomré

    Luigi's Mansion 3

    A TETRIS 99 event has been announced that rewards you with a Luigi's Mansion 3 theme if you get over 100 points. Also 10 days til release!
  44. Moldomré

    Mach Speed Mayhem (Superchao 'Shroom Section)

    MIGHTY GAZELLE GANG Tbh I have no idea who this is but their name sounds awesome so I'll roll with it.
  45. Moldomré

    winstein's art that are hardly a looker

    I like that Yoshi. Looks very content.
  46. Moldomré

    Moldomré's Art: Recolors, Sprites, Bad Photo Edits, 'n Junk Like That

    Apologies for the double post, but I posted this on Twitter, and since it's my art, I thought I should post it here. This isn't the normal thing I would draw; it's for a class I'm in. We were assigned to draw the other half of the given celebrity. Mine happened to be the (breathtaking) Keanu...
  47. Moldomré

    Poll Talk

    Option 3. Nintendo needs to stop being stingy with their past titles.
  48. Moldomré

    Who are you maining in Ultimate?

    I appreciate the Pink Yoshi. A lot.
  49. Moldomré

    Luigi's Mansion 3

    You can pet the dog in Luigi's Mansion 3. Also, 13 days until it releases!