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    Explain the Star Cursor(s)

    Who's controlling it? It can't be a Luma, since you have control over the Star Cursor at the Star Festival before you meet them in the Gateway Galaxy. Do Mario and Luigi have psychic powers? Is the player breaking the fourth wall? What about the second Star Cursor?
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    Design the next Mario Kart Retro Cups

    In the next Mario Kart game, which existing tracks would you select for the Retro Cups? Since there's six games to choose from, and sixteen tracks that can make the cut, I've tried to arrange things as evenly as possible. The 2D games get fewer tracks due to their flat layouts, much like in MKW...
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    You have been disconnected from other players

    I HATE THIS ERROR! EVERY TIME IT COMES UP I LOSE LIKE 300 POINTS WHEN I DID NOTHING WRONG! And it always seems to occur when I'm in first...
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    A Mario game AND a Luigi game

    Wouldn't it be cool if for the next main Mario game, it would be an adventure that spanned two whole games? Kinda like the Zelda Oracle games, which are two seperate games that can be played independently. They wouldn't be half games, they'd be full-fledged adventures. However, after finishing...
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    What should come back?

    Over the years many aspects of the Mario series have come and gone. Now, let's say you asked Nintendo to bring back one aspect from an older game and incorporate it into their next game and they said okay we will, what would it be?
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    Virtual Console Exchange Sign-Up

    With the new gift feature on the Virtual Console available, we can now send people games as gifts, provided they live in the same region. What I'm asking for is with Christmas coming up, you can sign up for the exchange, and you'll be paired up with someone else in your region to give a gift...
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    Technical difficulties

    My laptop's power cord broke, and I'm typing this message on my Wii. I will be unable to edit the Wiki until I get it fixed. :cry:
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    Cartoon screenshot thread

    If anyone wants to request a screenshot from one of the Mario cartoons, this is a great place to do it. Whether you want a pic for your own personal reasons, or you want me to upload a certain pic for the wiki, I'll be more than greatful to help. However, try to be specific as to what it is...
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    Anyone else having problems?

    It's great that the wiki is back up, but there's something wrong. If you try to access any page with an ampersand in the title, like "Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games" it directs you to Mario for some strange reason. Trying to get to "Butch Mario & the Luigi Kid / All Steamed Up" takes you...