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  1. Dodoman

    What Mario games DON'T you wanna see?

    Okay, so people started using the sports titles topic for games besides sports. So, this is the topic to discuss all of the wonderful ideas that, for our sake, should never be made.
  2. Dodoman

    Master Game List thread

    List your games here. I'll make a Handheld one too. (posts list in 5 hours)
  3. Dodoman

    Super Wario Bros.

    Hmm... Is it possible that Nintendo could make a spin-off of Mario, featuring the Wario brothers? I myself think it's a good idea. Waluigi seriously needs to take a break from parties and sports. Hmm?
  4. Dodoman


    If the title didn't give it away, this topic is for the Rayman Raving Rabbids series. I have both on Wii, and I lub them. Some of the games make me laugh, and it is very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very...
  5. Dodoman


    Garfield. Garfield, I say. So, yeah, Garfield is awesome. Pwnsome comic, great TV show, good movie trilogy (though #3 isn't related to the first two).
  6. Dodoman

    Me is in the Nintendo Power Pulse!

    Yes. They actually put me in the Pulse for the January issue. Anyway, I'm the last letter in the Pulse, under the name "Nick". :D
  7. Dodoman

    Ask a question that's related to the last question!

    So, remember the "ask a stupid question" thread that went down in flames? Well, this is like that, but your question has to be related the last one. Example: Or something like that. ME START K? Why is Galaxy el roxxor-o?
  8. Dodoman

    Is Rosalina the new Daisy?

    Remember when Daisy first came around in Super Mario Land? "Oh, not Peach? Well, no big deal, it's not like she'll appear anymore." Then came Mario Party 3... and Mario Tennis 64... And baseball, golf, soccer, basketball... Daisy went from a supporting character to a spinoff star in the...
  9. Dodoman

    Wi-Fi Settings

    Does anybody know how (on the DS) I can go straight to my Wi-Fi settings when I turn it on? KTHX
  10. Dodoman

    What Mario sports titles DON'T you wanna see?

    Golf, tennis, baseball, soccer, basketball, olympics... dancing... All right, Mario's sports collection is quite good at the moment... But if Nintendo added a new sport that made the others go down in flames, what would it be? Personally, I would most dread volleyball. Or... *shudder*...
  11. Dodoman

    Favorite Playable Character of All-Time >:3

    This is every playable character in a Mario game that I've been able to think of. There are a few characters I won't count: 1: Characters who have only appeared in Wario, Donkey Kong, and Yoshi games. This was posted in the Mario sub-forum, so only characters who have been playable in at least...
  12. Dodoman

    Check Mii Out codes

    So, is everybody familiar with the new Check Mii Out Channel on the WiiWare? Well, if you can track down your Miis, post their entry number here!
  13. Dodoman

    Rhymin' Timin'!

    It's the rhyming game! Yeah. Okay me am start: cheese
  14. Dodoman

    Rate the above user's custom rank.

    Well, read the title. Obviously you can't play without 1000 posts. >_>
  15. Dodoman

    Wario's Surname: "Wario" or "Wicked"

    In Mario Party 5, Wario and Waluigi's team name is "Wicked Bros." Some believe that Wicked is the last name; others think that it's Wario, as Mario is the title characters' last name. So, what do you think? Personally, I believe that Wicked is the name.
  16. Dodoman

    The Idiotic Life of Dodoman - Chapter 9!

    NOTICE (11/16/07): I know it's been a while since I worked on this story, but, every time I load Chapter 8 on, my 'puter freezes. I apologize, and I'm working on Chapter 8 as I speak, so please sit tight. Thanks, The Dodester NOTICE (12/2/07): I'm happy to announce that LuigiDude has finally...
  17. Dodoman

    Check Mii Out! :D

    This topic is for the discussion of the new channel for WiiWare, Check Mii Out. My Artisan is named Cheesy, and I've submitted 8 Miis.
  18. Dodoman

    Are the RPGs canonical?

    Well, Uniju, er, inspired me to make this poll. Do you think the RPGS are canonical? Personally, I do. And that's that.
  19. Dodoman

    Lemmy's Land

    Anybody come here? It has some pretty good fanon. >_>
  20. Dodoman

    Only users...

    Is there ever a time where you're the only registered user on the forums at one time? I know I am as I type this. ... Someone come on and respond. >_> Seriously, though.
  21. Dodoman

    Embarrasing Moments?

    Has there ever been a time when you're embarrased in front of a lot of people? I recall calling my first-grade teacher "Grandma"... >_< Anyone?
  22. Dodoman

    The Official AH NEE MAY Topic

    This topic is discuss anime/Japanimation. I only made this so that Moogle didn't make a topic on every anime on the surface of the earth (and other planets). And, uh... That's it. My only comment is POKEYMANS GIVES THE KIDS THE BRAIN DAMAGE!
  23. Dodoman

    Worst Movie Eva

    We don't have this. Now we do. What is your least favorite movie?
  24. Dodoman

    The (un)Official "Why is Luigi neglected?" topic

    This topic is for ranting about Luigi not getting enough attention. I figured we needed one of these, so... bombs away.
  25. Dodoman

    Lemony Snicket - A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Has anybody read Lemony Snicket's series, A Series of Unfortunate Events? I read them awhile ago, and they're the most brilliant (and only :P) mystery novels I've read. The clues pieced together through the series are great, and the ending is somewhat a cliffhanger.
  26. Dodoman

    SMWF fads...

    Well, what are your least/favorite fads on this forum? My fave is the corn flakes fad. I started it, and it's awesome. Least favorite = "dun dun duuun". Annoying, waste of a post.
  27. Dodoman

    What's your favorite Nintendo series BESIDES Mario?

    Okay, the last topic didn't work out so well, because almost everybody voted for Mario. So, I'm taking the plumbers out of the poll (as well as the three subseries), and now I'm putting SSB, so that I don't phail. ANYWAY, my favorite is quite certainly Super Smash Bros.. I'm not sure if...
  28. Dodoman

    The Nightmare Before Christmas

    Has anyone seen this movie? I hear it's really good, and I'm dying to see the upcoming 3-D version. Get it? DYING? Hahahanotfunny. So... yah.
  29. Dodoman

    Halloween Loot

    (Yes, I'm aware that this is the fourth Halloween topic on the forums... >_>) So, did anybody get any good stuff? I went for quantity over quality this year. But I was evened out on both. I'll post me loot later, but you guys can now.
  30. Dodoman

    Video Games = MW Users

    If your life was a video game, which users would be which characters in that game? Based on their attitude, personality, et cetuhrah. I can't think of any, so you does.
  31. Dodoman

    Internet Lingo!

    Share any Internet lingo you know here. LOL = Laughing out loud BRB = Be right back BBL = Be back later STFU = Er... >_< = Gosh I'm stupid! >_> = Gosh you're stupid! (o'.'o) = Kirby (>'.'o)> = Kirby dancing Q(o'.'Q) = Kirby boxing
  32. Dodoman

    Who do you want to meet in real life?

    Is there any particular person in reality that you want to meet? It can be anybody; someone famous, someone you hear about but never see, anyone. Me? I want to meet the Brothers Chaps. >_> 'Nuff said.
  33. Dodoman

    Favorite Wii Game?

    What is y'allses favorite game for the Wii? Mine, at the moment, is Wii Sports. Gotta love beating up Miis of your rivals in Boxing.
  34. Dodoman

    Edit the above poster's signature!

    Okay, so basically you just have to take an image from the previous poster's siggy, and do something with it. Have fun, kiddies.
  35. Dodoman

    The Simpsons Movie

    Yes... The Simpsons Movie... Did anybody see it? What did they think? Honestly, I was hoping for Plopper to be on the show. Liked the movie pretty good, though. (BTW, please don't turn this into a thread where the only thing the posts say is "OMGZ SPIDERPIG SPIDERPIG DOES WUTEVUR A...
  36. Dodoman


    So, are you going trick-or-treating this year? Or, to a lesser extent, are you dressing up this year? Since I ran out of ideas last year, I'm going as a detective... How ridiculously generic. -_-
  37. Dodoman

    Rap: Is it music?

    Well? I personally don't think of rap as music: it's talking to a beat. Really fast.
  38. Dodoman

    Favorite DS Game

    Well, you know by the title. What's your favorite DS game? Mine is probably Super Mario 64 DS, but The Simpsons or Mario & Sonic might change my mind. DISCUSS NOWS
  39. Dodoman

    Fred the Monkey It's a flash cartoon. It's sort of like Homestar Runner (in fact they sometimes blatantly steal from it), but it's funny. WATCH NOWZ
  40. Dodoman

    The worst disease you've ever had

    <_< >_> <<>>>><><><<>><><><><>><>><><><>>>><<<><<<><<>><<><><>>><<<> Anyway, have you had any really bad sicknesses that you can remember? I remember getting pneoumonia (sp?) for a while. I was out of school for a week.
  41. Dodoman

    The Simpsons (season 19)

    This is for the discussion of the current season of The Simpsons. Out of the four episodes that have aired so far, I liked Midnight Towboy the best, but I'm still holding my breath for Treehouse of Horror XVIII.
  42. Dodoman

    Favorite Candy?

    Yup, I'll talk about pretty much anything. :P So, what's your favorite kind of candy? I prefer chocolate, or sour stuff (mostly Sour Patch, Zours, and Sour Skittles). Anyone?
  43. Dodoman

    Does your school have any "dumb" rules?

    Well? I heard of one school that had this rule where it was against the rules for hugging. Can you believe that? Imagine the detention slip. "Reason for detention: huggles". >_____>
  44. Dodoman

    DKMHS - Retarded SSBB Pics - UPDATE: Nov. 2, 2007

    LATEST UPDATE: Donkey Kong Tunes Welcome to my own... corporation... Donkey Kong Makes His Stand Pictures. This is the place where I'll make idiotic "screenshots" for Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Basically, I'll go to DOJO!!, find a random screenshot (or video freeze-frame), then edit it to...
  45. Dodoman

    Holiday Wishlist

    So, what's on your list for the December holidays? Yeah, I know this is up before Halloween even, but I wanted to post this now so get over it. Here's mine. *'d things are what I really want. Super Mario Galaxy * Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games * Mario Party DS Super Smash Bros...
  46. Dodoman

    Birthday discussion

    This is where you post when it's your birthday. Or, you can tell us and I'll stick it here, so that we all know. Oh, and it's not like you have to, so if you don't wanna... don't. >_> January Dodoman - 17th February March maledict - 7th April 3Dejong - 4th May June...
  47. Dodoman

    Homestar Runner

    I was surprised there wasn't a topic on this earlier. :toad: But anyway, discuss now. I love Make-o Your Own Stinko (Man)
  48. Dodoman

    Liam Kyle Sullivan - "Muffins"

    Click me! This video is too famous for the YouTube thread.
  49. Dodoman

    What's your favorite Nintendo series?

    Well? Mine's Mario. That's why I'm on this Wiki. >_> If I missed anything, hit the "other" option.