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    Super Paper Mario: Too much hate?

    I noticed a lot of people hate SPM. Sad, because it was a good game. Sure it had tons of flaws but it had tons of redeeming features. The music is great, to bad nobody pays attention to it. And the villains are LIKEABLE. For instance, Bowser in every game has nothing to explain his ambition. At...
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    I started reading these books. They're good. I'm on the New Prophecy Series. My favorite character is Greystripe and Scourge. (As Tiny)
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    Question: Mario Party 2 or Majora's Mask

    Both of them don't seem to be working on my N64 anymore along with Paper Mario. Now I understand why my brother insisted on buying Paper Mario on the Virtual Console. We got that, but now I have a tough choice deciding. I can only get one of them... Because I'm getting a Nintendo Points Card for...
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    Paul the octopus is awesome.
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    Stuck in a Zelda Dungeon

    The rules are the same as Yeti's Castle with a twist! You wander off into a dungeon from Zelda. You have to go back to see your pet Posh and feed it. Every week the dungeon changes so think of a strategy that works for that works for that specific dungeon! Current Dungeon: Ice Carvern Also you...
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    The Official Hetalia Thread

    My friend loves this thing. I'm going to begin watching it today before she tramples me.
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    My first drawing contest: A Mario Party

    Yep my own. NOTE: It can be made with a software like paint but no copying one from someone else. Rules: 1. Must be what you believe is what a Mario Party is. 2. :posh: 3. No inappropriate stuff. Judges: 1 1. PokemonMaster 2. Supremo78 3. Toad85 4. Drawers. (unlimited) 1. OJ 2. New Super...
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    For new mafia players

    Sticky this please. How to play. It goes like this. The innocents are the main team but don't know who each other are so they may end up "killing" their teamates. They're goal is is to kill off the mafia. Mafia must disguise themselves as innocents for a easy win. Mafia is the other party...
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    The role-play game

    Easy. One person says or does something another comes and joins. "I wanna be a pie!"
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    PMD: Pokemon Adventures Style

    Yep. A fanfic. I'm still thinking of all the Pokemon the Dex Holders will turn into. One things for sure. Ruby - Mudkip I can imagine this happening. Ruby : I'M UGLY! KILL ME! Dia: Is that an ice cream? *eats Vanillite.* Suggestions? BTW the Dex Holders won't lose their memory.
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    T_T Nobody here is going to even to discuss about this. ;_; Rin is my fave of the 'loids.
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    Pokemon Adventures Mafia

    Yesh, I'll host another mafia. >:D 1. Smasher 101 2. Pyro Guy 3. FireEevee 4.NSM 5.Master Koopakid 6. Nabber 7. Epic Nitwit 8. Vinnie 9. Toad85 10. Crackin355 11. Legend Of Lily 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Note: I use the English names of Blue and and Green. owo
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    The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword 25th Anniversary Edition

    Because my fangirlism is demanding the awesome extra stuff that comes with it. Does anyone else want it?
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    Links Logbook

    I just love it. I read to much Zelda mangas, but who cares this was hilarious!
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    Mario Party Mafia Day 4: Deadism

    Yes I killed myself. Nights will be every second day. I'll add the player list later. What am I doing in the game thread? I broke the rulez. :P This is my first mafia and since I'm obsessed with this game I decided to make a Mario Party mafia. Exasperated EDIT: Player list added! 1.New Super...
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    Restarted PMD: Red Rescue Team

    Someone told me theres more stuff to do after the Ninetales thing. I wanted a fresh start though. I kept getting Charmanders but I want a Torchic. So I answered with the bottom answers. I choose Totodile as my partner. :P I just want a fun play through the game. I finished the Skarmory part...
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    Journeys into Mariowiki's Past

    I'm starting a story. They may only be 10 major characters. They will be 3 catagories of villains: Big Boss, Henchman and underlings. They can be 1 big boss, 3 henchman and unlimited underlings. The story id about a few users sucked into a time machine. They find they're self in Mariowiki's...
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    Hurt and Heal: Pokemon Adventures/Special/ Manga

    Decided to make my own! And this thing has to many names. You know the rules. Red = 20 Saur (Red's Venusaur)= 20 Blue Oak = 20 Blue's Charizard = 20 Bill= 20 Green = 20 Blasty (Green's Blastoise) = 20 Giovoni= 20 Koga = 20 Sabrina = 20 Lt. Surge = 20 Mewtwo= 20 Zapmolcuno = 20 Yellow= 20 Pika...
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    Red or Ash?

    The sprite and profile came from Sorry for the lack of images for Ash.
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    Can we change our avatars and names?

    I don't know butI think I remember name and avatar changing ban.
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    The Official Pokespe/ Pokemon Adventures/ Special/ Manga Disscusion thread

    Here we can speak of the Pokemon Manga and stuff related to it. I searched the entire board and didn't find a thread like this. I think Yellow is the best protagonist hands down.
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    Pokemon Leafgreen Nickname Ideas

    I've restarted Leafgreen (I sent all my Pokemon I love to SS.) and I can't seem to come up with good nicknames for my Pokemon. If anybody could help I would apreciate it. My current team consists of: Female Charizard= Lizardon Female Dragonair = SolidSnake (Same issue as Blue.) Male Lapras =...
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    Are you going anywhere this summer?

    I'm not going anywhere,
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    Mario Games Plot Ideas

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    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    I was slightly surprised to see this on the e-shop but I saw what I saw. Luigi's Mansion is getting sequel on the 3DS. The trailer was very similar to the first game. You suck up ghosts with a red vacuum. It maybe the an enhanced version of the Poltigust thing. I think this game is perfect for...
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    Favorite Hockey Team

    My favorite Hockey teams are the Canucks and Pittsburgh.
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    Whats with all these silver stars?

    A user named "Rosencrantz" has so many silver stars and silver stars mean they're banned. Yet this guy isn't if you check his position. See? Either the mods are terribly confused or we have a major image issue.
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    Wiki Weirdness

    Okay on the Wiki I saw something really weird. They were blue lines all over the front page. I can't be the only one seeing this.
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    Pokemon Black And White Tornement

    Rules: Sky Drop can not be used. Genecect, Keldeo and Mellito are not usable. No rude, inappropriate names Pokemon must use moves in their moveset. (unless event) Signup list: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 1st Prize: A level 100 Pokemon of your choice with a level 99 Eevee shiny. Plus...
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    Munna C-Gear Code

    I checked about 7 books for this and they all have the same code. Code: PGLDR34M
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    Mario Party Mafia Lounge: Now The Spot Is Filled!

    This is my first mafia and since I'm obsessed with this game I decided to make a Mario Party mafia. I need at least 12 sign ups. 1.New Super Mario (Whittle) 2.Yoshiwaker (Yoshiwalker) 3.Smasher (turntechGodhead) 4.Mijzelffan 5.Rocker 64 (666) 6.Baby Mario Bloops 7.Zero777 (The guy who always...
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    PokemonMaster's Art Corner: Ugly Paint

    Well I'm setting up an art thread. I take requests for drawings. Just tell me what you want me to draw. I need a reference and your request. The request will be done on PAAAAAIIIIINNTTT........... The requests are purposely done ugly so we can see how ugly it is. You can rate it on how ugly it...
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    NIWA founding figure farewelled: WiKirby owner passes away

    I thought it would be reasonable to post it on the forums and nobody on the wiki posted about it.
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    Cool Mario Video
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    I can't login to my wiki acount!

    Login error There seems to be a problem with your login session; this action has been canceled as a precaution against session hijacking. Go back to the previous page, reload that page and then try again. I did exactly what it says but it won't work.
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    Sites you visit.

    What sites do you visit? EDIT: Other than the wiki and its forums.
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    Name a animal that reminds you of the above user.

    Name a animal that reminds you of the above user.
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    Banned For No Reason?

    On Userpedia someone banned me and said I'm a sock puppet just because I had the number 2 at the end of my username. I'm no sock puppet someone stole my username!
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    The Legend Of Zelda: Zelda Turns 25!

    I didn't even notice the date today until I saw my awesome Link plushy next to my Wind Waker themed DS. Shegiuru Miyamto kept creating more and more dungeons and more fans. HAPPY ZELDA ANNIVERSARY!
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    If you change one thing about a video game character what would it be?

    Sonic: Sonic's shoes. I want to see his feet and their stoping it from happening. Sockpuppet: That zipper must be undone! Clone Yoshi: His humaniod frog voice or bulging frog eyes. Yoshi: His sudden disappearance. R.I.P.
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    Funny Video Game Moments

    I remember playing Super Mario All Stars and a Buzzy Bettle was coming so I jumped. Guess what? I HIT A INVISIBLE ? BLOCK AND DIED! Edit: Wow I didn't expect so many replies.
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    RPG Contest

    I say Paper Mario 2 and Partners in Time.
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    Have You Survived The Marquee Of Doom?

    I missed the prize. :'(
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    Sprite Sheet Help.

    OK, didn't realise this board existed until now and I posted a question on Mindless Junk. I want to know how to get permission from a Sysop or Admin to upload a sprite sheet on the wiki. So will anyone help me with my problem? :-\
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    Pokemon Red & Blue & Yellow: Dragon Type Vs Dragon Type Fail

    What I find funny about Red & Blue & Yellow is that Dragon Rage is a Dragon Type move and the only one of it's type move. While in the the Yellow manual Dragon type move against Dragon is super effective while Dragon rage is a set damage move !!! :toad: Game Freak wasn't very smart about type...
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    Zelda Plushies

    I have: 23 Link Plushies 14 Zelda Plushies 1 Ganondorf Plushie 1 King Of Red Lions Plushie Ganondorf is disturbing so I put him on top of my computer. My Links are all over my room and 1 next to my Baby Mario on my bed. All 14 Zeldas hold a video game. King Of Red Lions is next to my Wii with...
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    Favorite Pokemon

    Okay we all have a favorite Pokemon right? I'd have to say Garchomp and Charizard.
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    Top 10 Mario Boss Battles

    List your top 10 boss battles. Any Bowser boss would be on my list because you just keep kicking his butt! :mario: vs. :bowser: