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    The Great Text Adventure

    I heard about this game from somewhere, and decided to use it here. This is like those old text adventure where you use your IMAGINATION!!! If you make a right command, the game proceeds. Here we go! >You wake up in a room. You don't know where you are, or who you are. First of all, what's your...
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    The Games of Chance

    Yup. Just like the title says. I'll be posting some games and it will be all luck. First we need people to sign up.
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    Shroom Article?

    I'm supposed to send a Shroom Article but I don't know where.
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    You attack someone with a random muffin. Like this: Person 1: Strawberry Muffin!!! Person 2: AH!!! THE FRUITYNESS!!! Yoshi Muffin!!! Person 3: AH!!! LONG TONGUE... I go first. Animated GIF Muffin!!!
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    You object the above sentence. Simple. This is a forum.