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  1. Miiman56

    Nicknames/Alias/Pet Names ect......

    On the internet Mii Miiman wii Wiiman Miiwoman (by flamers) Toad-Bro (my oter commonly used username) Toad Toady Retard :-\ Fag :( Idiot >:( Thats about it
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    2012? I'll only be 21 when I die? ???
  3. Miiman56

    What inspired YOUR avatar?

    The love of Gir
  4. Miiman56

    Share weird dreams here...

    I dreamed I was playing super mario 64. I was on the final bowser level and jumped off a cliff. The there was pokemon eveloution muic. All of a sudden I was playing fox. :o I wuz so cool. I had this dream after I bought Super smash bros. Mele.
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  6. Miiman56

    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    I'm back. You may not remember me because it was so long ago when I quit for persnal reasons :-\.... But i'm back ;)
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  8. Miiman56


    relax i was joking but i'm still not going
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    tissue (i know i diddn't spell that right)
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    No because holloween is devil worship.
  11. Miiman56

    Who do you like more Bowser or Wario?

    :bowser: BOWSER!!! :bowser:
  12. Miiman56

    Super Mario Stadium Baseball

  13. Miiman56

    The one-word-game

    butt (bet ya didn't see that comin')
  14. Miiman56

    Two choices

    :toad: :!: | :?:
  15. Miiman56

    Who thinks that there should be a New super Mario Bros. movi

    I think they should give it another try (dont hurt me)
  16. Miiman56

    Can some one help me

  17. Miiman56

    Can someone tell me where I can get some mario comics

    The cheaper the better, looking for free online on's as well
  18. Miiman56

    Can some one help me

    Can someone tell me how to put background color on your wiki page?
  19. Miiman56

    The what if game

    I would cheer with bliss What if the internet was destroyed
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    give me a peanut so I can.....
  21. Miiman56

    “Weird Al” Yankovic

    WHO IS HE?
  22. Miiman56

    Pac-Man for Brawl

  23. Miiman56

    Fake News Poll: Which Creature Would you want as a Pet?

    chan chomp because they are like dogs but without the fur so my brother can play with it
  24. Miiman56

    The what if game

    post what your reaction would be if the above post came true then post your own, I'll start, What if Sega bought out Nintendo?
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    meh It's ok
  26. Miiman56

    Underwhere or Overthere

    Overthere Waddle Dee
  27. Miiman56

    Two choices

    In California, you can always find a party. Radio/Music Video
  28. Miiman56

    If You could add any character...

    Toadsworth :lol:
  29. Miiman56

    The very official 'nay" thread.

    This tread was made NAY!!!!!!!
  30. Miiman56

    The official "yay!" thread

    I'm alive YAY!!!!!!!!!
  31. Miiman56

    Say something the above user would NEVER say

    koopatrolls suck
  32. Miiman56

    Sucky sig I made for myself <.<

    what anime is that from
  33. Miiman56

    Favourite Yoshi color

    Dark blue for me.