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    New themed world for a future Open World Mario title.

    One of the key factors for a 3D Mario title is new worlds that fit the concepts for these games. In 64 it was castle themed, in Sunshine it was oceanic, in Galaxy it was space, and in Odyssey it was around the world. What new themed world would be fitting for the next open world Mario title?
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    If Rareware never left Nintendo...

    Have you ever imagined what would it be if Nintendo always had Rareware by their side? I have and this is what I imagine if we still live in that era: GameCube: Banjo and Kazooie are added as playable characters in Melee Banjo Threeie is released A sequel to Donkey Kong 64 is released with...
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    Is there a game you love but could use some improvements?

    Donkey Kong 64. I think the one thing that could make this game feel less monotonous for a lot of people is have the “character selection” be an option in the pause menu, that way there would be less backtracking and you don’t have to pray to remember where you’re supposed to go in order to do...
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    Video games that make you cry?

    I cry more at movies than I do at games, but there are some games that make me tear up emotionally such as Kingdom Hearts III And Final Fantasy VII (No it’s not THAT scene).
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    Former Youtuber Etika currently in a mental hospital

    Why am I posting as a Smash related topic? Because the dude has been one of the most popular Youtubers in regards to Smash due to making some of the craziest reaction videos in the Smash Community. Now his channel is gone due to posting some incredibly controversial videos, and now his ex posted...
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    The Reservoir Dogs video game......................looks like ASS!!!!!!

    When I first heard they're making a game based off of Reservoir Dogs, I was excited! I was hoping it would be a heavily story driven 3rd person shooter...But no. Instead it's a twin stick shooter that involves time travel...TIME TRAVELING?!?! In a game based off of a crime film by Quentin...
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    Split (New M. Night Shyamalan film)

    I've always been a big Shyamalan fan and The Visit told me he's still got it. This looks like it could be his ultimate comeback, it has a very interesting premise and an insane performance by James McCavoy. My only worry for this is January. I hope it's a good January film.
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    Question for people who have seen The Bourne trilogy

    Is there something about this franchise I'm missing out on? I have mixed thoughts if I want to see it because Bourne 5 is coming out. I'm not a big action person but I'm into ones that are meant to be taken seriously like The Dark Knight trilogy, The Fugitive and Die Hard. Is the series THAT...
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    Smash Bros NX as launch title?????

    Namco Bandai is working on some NX games and apparently Smash is one of them. Of course it's all just a rumor, but if it's true, I'm guessing it'll be a tweaked version of Smash Wii U. Same concept with no changes whatsoever along with more characters and stages, which I actually would not...
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    Detective Pikachu

    Okay I don't really care much about the spin offs as much as mainstream Pokemon titles, but this looks fucking cool. How amazing would it be if Benedict Cumberbatch does the English dub?
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    2016 Oscar Predictions

    Well the nominations were announced a week ago (No I'm not one of those people who wines about diversity). What do you think will win, should win, and what do you think should have been added if you believe there are some snubs in each category?
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    Most anticipated movies of 2016

    2015 was not a great year but this year looks like it be a big improvement. What films are you looking forward to this year? Here's my list. 57. 13 Hours 56. Ouija 2 55. Independence Day Resurgence 54. Captain America Civil War 53. X-Men Apocalypse 52. Doctor Strange 51. Batman V Superman 50...
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    Best and Worst films of 2015

    Well this year was a shit year for movies. What were your favorites and least favorites? Here's EVERY film I've seen: Good movies of 2015: 8. Concussion 7. Ted 2 6. Ricki and the Flash 5. Pitch Perfect 2 4. The Good Dinosaur 3. Hotel Transylvania 2 2. Spy 1. Unfriended Best movies of 2015: 47...
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    Professor Layton confirmed????

    Whether you believe IMDB is a reliable source or not, a fan has been asking Layton's voice actor on Twitter about him in Smash and he said yes. Well we'll just have to wait for the confirmation.
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    13 Hours a.k.a. Michael Bay's take on what happened in Benghazi

    Yep. This is the third time Michael Bay tackles history, so far it doesn't look like Transformers 12, but it's a January release and we all know how great of a month that is for movies. I just hope Michael Bay decided to try to make a good movie. Better late than never.
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    Joy (My most anticipated movie of 2015)

    From director David O. Russell (Three Kings, The Fighter, Silver Lining's Playbook and American Hustle) comes my most anticipated movie of the entire year! How do you think this movie looks? Are you excited as I am?
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    Nintendo are greedy hypocrites

    Yeah you know in Mario Kart 8 Nintendo added a feature where you can share your racing experience on Youtube? Well turns out I got a bullshit DMCA claim from them even though they're the ones who added that feature! Oh and as I recall from the last Smash Direct, Smash Bros will be adding the...
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    Five Nights at Freddy's movie

    Well we all know there's going to be a FNAF movie. (I still haven't played the game yet :'() And I could see this movie having potential. I wonder who could play the security guard. I imagine him as a young or semi-young individual who needed a job, he got one as a night guard at Freddy's, and...
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    Sonic's 25th anniversary game

    Well next year is the 25th birthday of everyone's favorite hedgehog. This is my guess of why Sega wasn't at E3: Sonic's anniversary is next year and they're probably working hard on it instead of rushing like...something for his 15th anniversary. So how do you think Sega will celebrate it? Sonic...
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    Worst gaming cliches

    What are some of the cliches you're sick of seeing in video games? Be sure to list some video games for examples of said cliches. I don't have a number 1 but I do have some cliches that piss me off: Quick Time Events (Resident Evil 4): Okay I'm putting down my controller after what I went...
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    A first person Mario game

    How amazing would it be if Nintendo jumped on the first person bandwagon and did that with Mario? I don't mean first person shooter but a Mario game in first person with these unique first person cutscenes would be pretty cool.
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    Question for Xbox One owners

    I've been thinking about buying an Xbox 360 because I think I underestimated that console, and as for Xbox One...well that depends are there any changes as of late? Am I allowed to play games offline now? Does the Kinect still watch you even when you're not using it? How much is the online...
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    Assassin's Creed Syndicate

    New entry in one of my favorite franchises of all time and this one takes place during the Industrial Revolution
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    Who should direct the live action Mulan? (Poll)

    Since Disney recently announced that they're getting lazier--errr I mean that they're doing a live action Mulan, who do you think should direct? I swear though, if they get Michael Bay, I'm gonna flip the *bleep* out. These people in the poll are my preferred choices (Although Scorsese is a...
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    Oh Disney...why? My feelings for this are a little mixed. One half of me is a little pissed off because when I was a kid, Winnie the Pooh was the Disney character watched the most (particularly the tv show), and to see that get made in live-action, I was...
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    Black Ops 3!!!!!!

    My favorite series of my favorite FPS franchise is getting a third game!!!! Since the ACTUAL ending to BO2 is...
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    Would you like to see Star Wars and/or Marvel in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    I think it would be awesome for Square Enix to handle such a risk.
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    Ugh. MyNintendoNews

    I know this seems pointless to talk about but I'm sorry that site is just pissing me off. Yes I have subscribed to them and I still am because they DO put out stuff that is news like Zelda on Netflix but it's very rare. Most of the time it's "This game is going for this much on Amazon." "This...
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    Live action Zelda show by Amazon?

    Holy crap! This is great!
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    Super Smash Kart

    I would love it if Nintendo makes a new kart racing game with not just Mario characters but every character from the Smash series (Including Roy, Pichu, and Young Link)
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    2015 Oscars

    What do you think of the nominations this year?
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    Most anticipated movies of 2015

    This year was a great year for film but 2015 is looking to be phenomenal. I'm gonna be making my list tomorrow but I want to know what are YOUR most hyped movies for 2015?
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    Best/Worst movies of 2014

    I'm gonna be making my list tomorrow but what are YOUR favorite and least favorite movies of this year?
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    Name for new Nintendo console?

    Since Nintendo announced a new console is in the works (Even though we just got the Wii U a couple years ago) what do you think they'll call it? Wii U U Wii rule and Microsucks (To pay homage to the Nintendo and Sega war) Wii are running out of ideas Wii just want money
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    A 2 part Mario game

    I think it would be neat if we got a Mario game that ends on a cliffhanger and concludes in the next game, kind of like Metal Gear Solid 5
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    Director Mike Nichols died at age 83

    His movies were great I loved The Graduate and I loved Charlie Wilson's War. Mike Nichols will never be forgotten
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    Favorite couple

    I'm a LuigiXDaisy person
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    mewtwo trailer ideas

    What ideas can you think of for a Mewtwo trailer?
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    A Nintendo All Stars game (No I'm not talking about Smash)

    How cool would it be if there's an RPG game featuring all of Nintendo's famous characters (Including infamous ones like Duck Hunt dog)? If that were to happen I would love it to be made by Square Enix, hell I would love it if it has the run time of their games cutscene wise and gameplay wise
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    What if Mario is discontinued?

    I know that something as strange like this wouldn't happen, but think for a second...what if this does happen?
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    A Mario UFC game

    I would like to see Nintendo make a mixed martial arts Mario game. What do you think of this idea?
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    Very early Smash Bros 5 Roster

    I like to get a head start on this Mario Luigi Bowser Bowser Jr Peach Rosalina Dr. Mario Paper Mario Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Dixie Kong King K Rool Yoshi Kamek Wario Link Zelda Ganondorf Shiek Toon Link Young Link Impa Ghirahim Kirby Meta Knight King Dedede Bandana Dee Pikachu Jigglypuff...
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    My theory on how Mario and Pauline broke up

    *Pauline enters the door in her apartment, turns the light on and notices Mario giving her a look* Mario: How was your night? Pauline nervously:'s-it's-it's fine. Nothing special. Mario: You were at the gym right? Pauline: Oh yeah, it was great. I mean-- Mario interrupts as he crosses...
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    A little wi-fi trouble

    I'm typing on the computer right now, but I usually use the Wii U and/or phone frequently and for some reason the Wi-Fi on both just stopped working but the connection for everyone else in my family is working fine, WTF? Is there something I can do to fix it?
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    Official Duck Hunt Dog thread

    Since that "lovable" dog will most likely be in Smash I figured I should make a thread about him since he's my most wanted newcomer. I gotta say I'm very excited to be playing as him when the game comes out. His design in the leak looks pretty nice, and I hope this is the moveset they'll give...
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    Create your own Smash Bros skit

    You know how people make creative and fun sketches with Smash characters like in Brawl Taunts and Nin10doh? Well can you think of any skit of your own now that we pretty much know all the characters? *Lucario hums as he wanders around, then Mewtwo teleports in front of him* Lucario: Oh hey...
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    The game's official rating is...E10?

    ...Because Samus wearing a bra and shorts, and what everything Smash has been since Melee is toooooooooooootally worthy of an E10 rating!!!!!!!
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    ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

    Did anyone partake in this challenge like I did?
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    I ordered 14 games online!!!!!

    Holy shit! Never in my life would I order that many games! One day I ordered 7 games and the next day I ordered 7 more!!!! The games I recently ordered are: Final Fantasy 7 Final Fantasy 8 Final Fantasy 9 Final Fantasy 10 Final Fantasy 10 2 Final Fantasy 11 Final Fantasy 12 Modern Warfare 3...