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    Meta Knight Confirmed!

    this. I thought they were gonna forget about him, but nope! He appeared.
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    Can you use the wii balance board on wii u?

    I know this may sound nooby, but I'm hoping to use wii fit (not U) on the wii u, and I can't seem to get it to connect. Is it possible? If so, how?
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    Olympus mafia: Game finished. Innocents win!

    The game thread Rules: Players: 1. YoshiMonsta (How to train your Yoshi) 2. BMB (Ulrich) 3. Bluetoad63 (63) 4. Toad Eightyfive Apollo, the innocent doctor and oracle. Killed night 2 5. Toothless (Dragonfreak) Mafia, lynched day 6 6. Cirdec Zeus, the innocent public speaker Killed Night 4 7...
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    Solar Freaking Roadways

    We need this
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    I decided to right a story. It'll be called bloodshot.
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    Olympus Mafia: Lounge, with Ambrosia nectar! Thank Heavens, innocents win!

    Since no one gave a *bleep* about minecraft mafia, here is the Greek God Mafia 1. YoshiMonsta (How to train your Yoshi) 2. BMB (Ulrich) 3. Bluetoad63 (63) 4. Toad Eightyfive 5. Toothless (Dragonfreak) 6. Cirdec 7. Smg2daisy 8. Xanthium (Iggy Koopa Jr.) 9. Cosmo The Spacedog (Shadowshy) 10...
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    Good greninja avatars and signatures.

    I'd like to make my signature more varying. Any help?
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    Grass type Pokemon for smash?

    I'd like to ask: "If we already have a fire type (Charizard) and a water type (Greninja), will there be a grass type reveal? at E3" Well, for my answer for that, I'd create a chart like this. Venasaur: Same gen as charizard Meganium: Still a possibility, but will not generate much fan happiness...
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    Chibi maker

    Found it, now I'm using it My creation
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    Race to the finish tourney: All starters

    This is exactly like V2W, but instead of a deadline, it is which one gets to 20 first. The chart looks like this Treeko Bulbusaur
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    Race to the finish: Kanto starters

    Why not? Rules: (for those who don't know) There will be characters shown, and you will have to put >s behind them and whoever gets 30 arrows win. You are also able to hinder them by taking away the >s. NEW RULE: you are allowed to put < in front of them so they cannot be moved by the next user...
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    Race to the finish?

    In the winners thread, it's state about a Elimation game called "Race to the finish". How do you play?
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    J-Stars Victory Vs.

    Just had to post about this. Here is a game that is basically a inter-anime fighting game only in Japan (for now, It's coming to America soon) that I am looking forward to but disappointed by the lack of certain characters: Natsu (Fairy Tail) Allen Walker (D. Gray Man)* Saito (The Familiar of...
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    Minecraft mafia lounge. Co-hosted by: Bluetoad63 [CANCELLED]

    Why not. Players: 1. RedShell 2. DragonFreak 3. Misty (PTR) 4. YoshiMonsta 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Drift 12. 13. 14. 15. 16.
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    The Deep Web

    Ever heard of it? Its the place that contains unorganized, or secret websites only accessible using Tor. Only 4% of the internet isn't on it. Some Websites: The Silk Road: A drug selling agency A.K.A: the Illegal Many hit men (assassins) for hire Extremist Websites Cicada 3301
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    Recoloring request!

    Could someone recolor a ScuttleBug? Instead of Yellow and black could it be Light blue and pink?
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    Mariowiki editing error

    In the spotlighted page Yoshi I tried to edit it, but the option is no longer there! Is there some different new way to do it, or am I missing something!
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    Userpage help

    Does posting in a usertalk count as an edit If it doesn't, could you tell me of any pages that require editing/updating
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    Save a Character: Save a Character winners

    (Courtesy of the Winners Thread) Lt. Surge Elesa Gamzee Makara Koopa Troopa Toad Dry Bones Dry Bones Yoshi Bowser Jr. Apple Bloom Pokémon Shy Guy Jigglypuff Meowth Karkat Vantas Tails Metal Sonic Prongo Samus Jigglypuff Blastoise Kirby Abraham Lincoln
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    In response to 3D player, count untill a righty posts

    I can't start this
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    Help I lost my password for Mariowiki

    Title says all. It won't email it to my email (who knows why) so I can't access it. What can I do?
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    Mario's next sport

    On this list is just about every mainstream sport that I can think of. Mario needs a new sport, something different. If you think any of these are the best options, then choose 'em! I personally think that Lacrosse and Water Polo are the most fitting for Mario's game style, but Football and...
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    SSB4 pics

    Images from: Mario: Bowser: Peach: Luigi: Donkey Kong: Link: Toon Link: Pikachu: Kirby: Sonic: Fox: Samus: Marth: Pit: New Arrivals: Mega Man: Wii Fit Trainer: Villager: Rosalina: These are all of the currently confirmed characters in SSB4. I'll update this when...
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    Password problem

    On Mario wiki I created an account (Lolcrawler) and, naturally, forgot the password. Whenever I click "send to email" nothing happens! I don't want to create an new account so people with think its sockpuppeting, but I have no way to get back to my account! Any solution that you know of?
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    Items in SSB4

    Choose 1-3! Here are the descriptions for each items: Barrel Cannon: Can Launch yourself in the air if you jump in Parashroom: Gives yourself an extra jump Maxim Tomato Box: A box that has to be thrown at an opponent before giving you the tomato Master sword: A slow but long and powerful sword...
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    Should we bring doubles back to mariokart?

    I really enjoyed the game play in mario kart double dash, and I thought that there could be a doubles mode in the next game? What do you think on the matter
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    V2W: Minecraft

    Why not Today's Match up: Piggy vs. Snow Golem
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    K.O a character minecraft

    Pig Sheep Cow Chicken Ocelot Wolf Villager Bat Squid Horse Iron Golem Snow Golem Zombie Skeleton Spider Cave Spider Enderman Creeper Slime Silver fish Spider Jockey Villager Zombie Pig man Ghast Magma Cube Wither Skeleton Wither Ender dragon
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    Who needs a Nerf/Juke Nerf: Weaken Buff: Power up I think Olimar
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    Who do you want back

    Over the years, Mario has had great characters that only appear in one game, or are long forgotten. I want Tatanga cuz he is awesome and would be much better in the mario galaxies. Am I right? :smug:
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    Hurt and heal: Minecraft Mobs :)

    Pig: 10 Sheep: 10 Cow: 10 Chicken: 10 Ocelot: 10 Wolf: 10 Villager: 10 Bat: 10 Squid: 10 Horse: 10 Iron Golem: 10 Snow Golem: 10 Zombie: 10 Skeleton: 10 Spider: 10 Cave Spider: 10 Enderman: 10 Creeper: 10 Slime: 10 Silver fish: 10 Spider Jockey: 10 Villager Zombie: 10 Pig man: 10 Ghast: 10 Magma...
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    Have we all had enough of "Gangnam Style"

    It's blaring everywhere and it is starting to get so dang annoying. Am I the only one getting annoying by "Gangam Style"?
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    I am requesting a few recolorings

    I need: a recoloring of: to look like dark bowser. I also need 3 recolorings of one reddish, one grayinsh, and one camo. I need a recolor of that has a purple cap and a glowing green stem. I need a recolor of that has a rusty top and a brown underbelly. Thanks
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    My mario kart 8 ideas

    Small medium Large Toad Mario Bowser...
  35. Lolcrawler

    My mario kart 8 ideas

    Small medium Large Toad Mario Bowser...
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    Mario Kart Stage builder

    we freaking need this! You can make your own stages, and as long as they are possible to beat, you can play them. You can place gimmicks from the other stages, as well as road types, off terrain types, dash panels, so on and so forth. Any ideas or qualms about this?
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    You know your a n00b when-

    You know how it's done. You know you're a n00b if you throw a koopa shell at a wall and then turn around in NSMWII
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    Lolcrawler's "Nonfiction" novel

    I'm doing a "non-fiction" novel about the deepest darkest prowlers of the forum. Also other requested characters. I will research the most I can about them, but be warned. I am liable to make things up! Ask away!
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    Rotating avatar/siggy

    How the hell do I make a rotating avatar/sig? I want rotating ones so much but I don't know how the hell to get one! Please help
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    The Halloween pics thread

    Post all your fan made, or google found pics for Halloween
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    The official Minecraft wants thread

    What do you want to be in the next update?
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    Old enemies you would like to see in a new game

    I've decided to make a thread for this! When I get 6 requests I start over, even though you are allowed to change your vote. So who will it be?
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    Super Mario Sunshine 2

    I think that there should be a sequel to Super Mario Sunshine, which was one of they're most original and creative games, and I'd like Ideas for it, as well as the opinion of whether it should, or should not exist. Here are my ideas for differences More Upgrades for F.L.U.D.D. Different...
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    Old Characters that you would like to see in a new game

    Who would you like to see again in future game? Take your vote. I will take requests for more characters and I allow you to change your vote in case I put someone you want more than who you voted for.
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    Picture post

    The game is really simple. Someone posts a word, then the next person posts the first image the y got when they searched on google/bing/etc. and the another word. I'll start: Random
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    Hurt and Heal: Happy Wheels

    Wheel Chair Guy: 20 Segway Guy: 20 Irresponsible Dad: 20 Effective Shopper: 20 Moped Couple: 20 Lawnmower Man: 20 Explorer Guy: 20 Santa Claus: 20 Pogo stick Guy: 20 Irresponsible Mom: 20 Who will win? You decide!
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    Lolcrawler's bad drawing thread!

    Tell me to draw something, or put any picture that I will try to draw and make look terrible!
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    Hurt and heal: MLP pets and animals

    Owlosious: 10 Angel Bunny: 10 Tank: 10 Winona: 10 Philomena: 10 Gummy: 10 Opalescence: 10 Peewee: 10 Cerebrus: 10 Changeling: 10 coc-katrice: 10 Hydra: 10 Manticore: 10 Parasprite: 10 Other Phoenixes: 10 Quarry Eel: 10 Sea serpent: 10 Timberwolf: 10 Ursa major: 10 Ursa minor: 10 Windigo: 10 I...
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    Riddle me this

    The rule of the game is that someone posts a riddle (it does not matter who) and then after 5 posts another person (or the same person) posts a new one. though the next the person who asked the question posts, he needs to state who is correct. Ex: I'll start with an easy one:
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    How do you post a Gif on the forum.