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  1. Xluidi

    Nintendo to not allow EVO 2013 to stream Smash Melee

    [url=]The Kotaku article explains it better, but here's the gist of it:/url] 1. Fans raise almost 95k via charity so that Melee will be a part of EVO, and everyone can watch the stream. 2. Everything is fine. 3...
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    Club Nintendo deal: Buy FE:A and SMTIV, get 30$.

    What the title says, buy and register both Fire Emblem: Awakening and Shin Megami Tensei IV by August 31, and get a code for 30$ on the eShop (valid on both Wii U and 3DS).
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    Official Smash Bros DOJO! Discussion

    The Dojo is back! Right now at! There's only some character bios for now, but we all know that this website is the definition of hype train.
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    Metal Gear Solid V announced

    So, the world's most non-secret secret has finally been revealed, The Phamtom Pain plus the Ground Zeroes segment shown last year equal Metal Gear Solid V, starring Big Boss in 1981, showing him finally becoming the villian of the original two MSX games. The game is now an open-world stealth...
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    Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

    why are there so many pokemon thread and so little monster hunting. Anyway, the latest entry just released on the Wii U and 3DS, but since I got the 3DS version (downloading right now), I put it on Handheld. The game consists, like the title implies, of hunting huge monsters with only few...
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    Project X Zone announced for NA and Europe In case anyone doesn't know, Project X Zone is a crossover RPG made by Monolith featuring characters from Capcom, Namco and Sega, including Mega Man X, Yuri Lowell and Ulala, and it apparently is a pretty fun game, so...
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    3DS to get a second analog attachment

    That's not a fake. Me? I'm not being an early adapter ever again.
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    MarioWiki Trading Card Game

    How does it sound?
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    Songs I wrote :P

    (This is just copied from the Xephyr Board) Music Jam This isn't a musical This is a music jam This is a carnival This is a music jam This is life to max This is a car-ni-val-of-light (- means beat) <ramdom crap> (solos, bridges, ect) Have you heard The scent of the wind It gives clues of of...
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    Rise Against

    Rise Against, they aren't a very commercial band like Green Day, however they're good and worry about the ecosystem. Also they released a new album 2 days ago, Appeal to Reason
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    GH3 FCs

    :posh: dunno is this would count but...
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    Smash Bros. Revolution

    :? Tell me: Do you like my comic (not counting blooper). :toad:
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    Superstar Saga v.s. Partners in Time

    What do you think is best?:D :wink: