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  1. Plumber

    96 Exits

    I deeeed itttttttt. :mario: :luigi: :yoshi: :posh: :waluigi:
  2. Plumber

    Henry Clay

    I was just wondering if anyone besides Henry Tucayo Clay the Triumphant Triumvirate-Minus-Two adhered to my birthday wish :posh: :tumble: (OMG Max2!)
  3. Plumber

    Happy Birthday to Me

  4. Plumber

    A Message of Safety

    Remember to drive safely. Even looking at your phone for a second going 5mph right outside your house can lead to death (or near death, in my recent experience. Still rather shocked about it.)
  5. Plumber

    Awesome new band - Piilot An awesome Icelandic band~~~ One of the best new bands in a long long time. Thought I would share this with y'all.
  6. Plumber

    Australian Hung Parliament

    The Liberals did better than I thought in spite of their leaders foot-in-mouth disease... discuss.
  7. Plumber

    Brawl Home Run Records

    Put 'em here. :posh:
  8. Plumber

    New Smiley

    So what does everyone think of the new smiley? Uniju made it. :posh: :posh: :posh: :posh: :posh:
  9. Plumber

    Cool Links

    This is where we put cool links. Click Click
  10. Plumber

    Monday, 6 Years Ago

    Let us honor the victims of this sad event. Never forget those who died to protect your country. Freedom is never free.
  11. Plumber

    Which name is better?

    Which name is better?
  12. Plumber

    The Official Cat Pics Thread

    Get them from here ]
  13. Plumber

    What Zone do you live in?

    Urban = Big City (Like Chicago or Paris) Suburban = Small City, no skyscrapers Rural = Country, not very developed town I live in the suburbs.
  14. Plumber

    Deathly Hollows

    Who's read it yet? I read it all yesterday.
  15. Plumber

    Mirror Mirror on the Stall, Who is the Weirdest guy of all?

    WL and I agreed to to have this. No offense to anyone involved.
  16. Plumber

    Congrats Gonzo

    Congrats on the new sysop, The Great Gonzo! Let's give him a hearty applause!
  17. Plumber


    I start a sentence, you finish it and start another one. Make it tell a story. Once upon a time, Mario woke up and yawned widely, knowing that...
  18. Plumber

    No New Stub Articles

    What the *bleep* is this all about? And talk of smaller articles being merged? This needs to stop. Any article deserves a place on the Mariowiki.
  19. Plumber

    Teh Official Draw Yer Own Character Thread

    Draw someone. Anyone! Preferably sloppily.
  20. Plumber


    Anyone ever watched these klaymations?[/url]
  21. Plumber

    Official SPM Thread

    This thread is for everything about Super Paper Mario! Talk about whether you have the game, where you are, need help etc. I beat it, and it ruled!