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  1. Max2

    Series 2

    Who's exited about me new Comic Series? For info about the comic, go to
  2. Max2

    Mini Mario!

    Would you buy the Mini Toys? I'd buy them all!
  3. Max2

    The Good, the Bad, and the Salad

    has anyone ever gotten in trouble for eating to much stuff? I have. The other day, I got yelled at cause I ate a whole cucumber.
  4. Max2

    Teh Avertizment Thread

    to prevent all of the "come to my site" "come here" I'm maknig this thread. post any sites you want to advertize,
  5. Max2

    Everybody Pic Awards Thread

    NOTE TO MODS: This is going to be released, and has been based, on the Awards, so this is the right thread So, is anyone exited? What are you exited about? (P.S. This will also be debuting Max3's new sprites, for anyone who cares. He'll be fighting New 2D.) HERE IT IS!
  6. Max2

    Smash Bros.: Make an Event Topic

    Make wacky events in this topic. Most of them, you'll find out, you can play in Vs. Mode! Mine: Villains Beware Play as Mario, teamed with Link, who are both Mini-Sized, against Bowser and Ganondorf. You and link have 2 lives, they have 1. And you fight at the fountain of dreams...
  7. Max2

    Overthere or Underwhere

    Which one do you think is better? Just a curiosity thing. My vote goes to the Overthere, 'cause everyone sounds stupid. Edit: changed Overwhere to Overthere
  8. Max2


    well, he demoted himself, scared the life out of a 10 year old, and... well, enough of the negatives. any comments?
  9. Max2

    My new Sprites

    well, I'm changing sprites. I just decided to let the community vote so it doesn't spark "why'd you change sprites" messages everywhere. The reason: I feel like I need more sprites, and my Tumble ones really can't allow that. I'd loose some cool abilities, yes, but start new as a more...
  10. Max2

    Knife's Game

    well, um... yeah. The place to talk about Knife's new game.
  11. Max2

    My Collage Thread Here's the place to talk about it... well, you know, besides the talk.
  12. Max2

    Do The Mario?

    has anyone noticed :eekdance: is sorta similar to the Do The Mario dance? "Swing your arms, from side to side..."
  13. Max2

    The non-official qouting thread!

    The thread for quoting people!
  14. Max2


    As some of you (Aka Dry Bones) may know, I'm good at making custom houses with my House-Making Skillz. To make one, I only need you to answer 3 questions. 1. What kind of edit (The "model" of your house) A. Mario and Luigi's House (2 small floors, easiest for me, quicker YOU get it...
  15. Max2

    Tycoon Games

    anyone play the Tycoon games here? As in, Zoo Tycoon, School Tycoon, etc. I'm a big fan of Zoo Tycoon and RollerCoaster Tycoon. You can post your opinion on the games here. P.S. If you've played Zoo Tycoon 2, you know how hard it is to get 5 stars. Well, I've got it before.
  16. Max2


    As some of U may know, I'm blocked... but... ANYWAYS... If anyone wants trophies (Similar to User:Great Gonzos, ask me here. I need: 1. Number of Trophies 2. What they are about (Ex. Baby Gonzo, Winged Gonzo) 3. Text Color (For all of them) 4. Background Color (For all of them)...
  17. Max2

    Favorite Spirit

    Pick your favorite spirit from Yoshi: Topsy Turvy EDIT: left out a spirit
  18. Max2

    Everybody Pic

    Who thinks my Everybody Pic looks good?
  19. Max2

    Homestar Runner

    Anyone watch? I think It's awesome!
  20. Max2

    Vandal Trouble

    What's with all of the vandals coming? first Logan, then Willy, then PeachyCakes. and now Murzon's blocked! What happened?
  21. Max2


    I can't believe it! no forums complete without this! Who besides me believes in UFO's???
  22. Max2

    Abandoned Wikis

    isn't it sorf of sad how many abandoned wikis there are? I think it is.
  23. Max2

    Smash Bros. Melee- rated T??

    What do you think Melee Should be rated, and why?
  24. Max2

    Best Villain

    somewhat brought this up at Count Bleck... Who's the Best (in this case, worst) Villain Mario has fought?
  25. Max2

    Luigi's Paper Partners

    Who Would it be? I personally pick Hayzee.