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  1. Son_of_Suns

    Should Bowser get his own game?

    Bowser is the only member of the "Big Eight" not to "star" in his own game. Should the villain be given his own game, or should he remain in the role of a bad guy and occassional anti-hero? Also, if he does get a game, what type of game should it be, and what features would the game have?
  2. Son_of_Suns

    Mario's Belly

    Has anyone else noticed that Mario has be getting skinnier over the years?
  3. Son_of_Suns

    Poll: A game before SMW2: YI?

    Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is the first game chronologically in the Mario series. The game details the day the Mario Bros. were born to their first encounter with Bowser. Should Nintendo make a Mario game that chronologically occurs before SMW2: YI (i.e. before the Mario Bros. were...
  4. Son_of_Suns

    Wiki Fiktion

    Okay. Here's a challenge. Go to the Mario Wiki and hit random article ten times. Record each article that pops up. Then write a short fan fic incorporating all 10 articles. You can even use the articles for research for your fan fic! Post your fabulous creations below!
  5. Son_of_Suns

    Who among us actually read articles in the Super Mario Wiki?

    This question was posted on the Main Page talk page before, but I think the topic deserves a conversation at the forum. The question is, do you actually read the articles at the wiki? Not reading for mistakes to edit, but actually reading because you wanted to learn about the Marioverse. If so...
  6. Son_of_Suns

    Should a Big Eight character be killed off?

    Would you like any Big Eight character to disappear for the rest of the Mario series until the end of time? Which one? And, would you like this to be a canonical death in a video game (but not like Bowser, only to be revived; the character cannot be revived after this death), or should the...
  7. Son_of_Suns

    Conker's Big Change - Good Choice or Bad Choice?

    As you all know, Conker changed dramatically between his early appearances and his later appearances. Before he was a kid-friendly cute, adorable, innocent squirrel. Later, he was mature-oreinted drinking, violent, lustful rodent of a character. So.....did Rare make a good choice in dramatically...