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    A Pokémon Story.

    Chapter 1: [name pending] Somewhere, far away from any place man has explored before, lies a very large island with a very small name. It is called Interville. It has many cities and towns connected by a series of tubes. I live in Onyxat, a quaint village filled with colorful wildlife, colorful...
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    Favorite movie quotes.

    I'm surprised nobody thought of this one...
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    Count to 1,000 until a moderator posts!

    You know the deal by now: count to 1,000 by posting one number at a time. But what sets this game different from the others is not just a simple number change! (Okay, the number also changed too...) When a moderator (Or someone else of a rank like that.) posts on this board, we reset the...
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    Most epic wins in gaming?

    The title says it all.
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    The Neverending Story Game!

    Okay, first off one person says a command, then the other person thinks of a short story to match that command, then says another command! Example: Player 1: You decide to walk through town. Player 2: While walking through town, you notice two robbers coming your way! Command...
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    Do you have a cheezburger network account?

    Mine is Unit4545.
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    Funniest gaming moments?

    Prety self-explanitory!
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    Funniest SSB series moments?

    Pretty self-explanatory. tell us your funniest SSB series moments!
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    The Magical Vending Machine!

    a fairly simple game. player one takes an item, then player 2 takes that item and uses it somehow and takes another item, and so on. example: player one: i take a pie out of the vending machine. player two: i throw the pie at you, and take a soda outta the vending machine. Player three: i...
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    What are your favorite characters in the Paper Mario series?

    ;D So, anyway, tell us your favorite characters in the Paper Mario series! Mine are Jr. Troopa, the Kinjakoopas, and General Guy to name a few. edit: removed spoiler tags.