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  1. PaperStriker


    ...suck less than a certain user. Snowstalker loves Rudnicki (:P) because...
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    The rettel switching game

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    Control the Throne

    My B-day was yesterday and I wish for the throne. I get it.
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    Stooben Rooben is now a sysop!

    Gratz, R00b. Ugh, I wouldn't want to be a sysop.
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    Mario Party 9

    Re: Mario Party 9? Daisy didn't have a very well-developed personality in SML. Daisy fans abuse SML to show that Daisy's better than Waluigi. Capeesh?
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    Your favorite Pokemon

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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Depends. (400th reply yay)
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    I like pizzas without cheese with salami or tuna. Mmmmmmh.
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    Share weird dreams here...

    Europe? Cool. I'd want to write an e-mail to Nintendo/Gamefreak, but I'm waaaaaaaay too shy for this: "Dear Nintendo/Gamefreak, Could you please give the Pokémon Flareon from your Pokémon franchise the moves Earthquake, Stone Edge, Flare Blitz, Solarbeam and Agility? Could you also be so kind...
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    Paper Figures

    Also lol@ "And guess what, ..."
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    Drop something on the person below you.

    *gives it to fMb* *drops the window I'm looking out of* AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!11!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!
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    user brawl!!!

    When I fight, it's an insta-win for. Or the other one... Randomly chosen.
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    Word game

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    Counter the Above user's Attack!

    D!: Mr. Moto has to suck it up, then runs home crying. Kcatta: Sdrawkcab gnilleps.
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    ...anything to that man. *holds bloody knife in hand* *man lies dead there* High, high, high...
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    Control the Throne

    The throne Smiddle sits on dies. I get the other one.
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    Thiſ iſ not bad at all. Seriouſly.
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    Paper Figures

    Lol@ "There is no step 7."
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    Far-Fetched Suggestions for the next SSB Game...

    Ice Cover: *ahem* Stage gets slibbery.
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    Quote Block

    Hello, Manlic Gar.
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    Control the Throne

    I literally bump you from the throne and get it.
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    Wikipedia band!

    Yeah, I TTLY know the E-prominent people. Band: USCGC Forward (WMEC-911) Album: Brady Barr Tracks: 1. United Democratic Party (Belize) 2. Kenny Brown (guitarist) 3. Ivatan 4. The Chronicle Herald 5. Meisterstück (yay!) 6. Colombier, Dordogne 7. Judgment debtor 8. Inline blowback (paintball)...
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    The Best Game Ever

    :O HE'S BACK!
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    If you could kill one Mario character...

    We don't you why.
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    Counter the Above user's Attack!

    Defense: Correct grammar. Attack: A crapload of snow stalking you.
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    The official "Did you know?" thread

    I know. A glitch. DYK that 8 stars in SM64DS involve collecting Silver Stars? 15 stars involve Star Switches (maybe more).
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    I like Mario a lot

    I'm not saying anything at all. Just that such responses piss me off. On-topic: Yessa do.
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    who is your favorite character of the marioverse

    You also like accusing people of being Rudnicki.
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    You are really blind and not capable of sensing irony.
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    The Official "I'm going away/coming back!" Thread

    Is it so unbelievable? Kool_Koopa isn't a person who's insulting/offending several "races" of people. Moto: Japanese DK Jones: Black Mustachio: Persons without moustaches Hermie: People who lisp KK: NOBODY
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    Am I the only one who lives in mushroom Kingdom?

    Michael Rudnicki "MarioX06" is self-proclaimed Polish-Italian-Mushroomian.
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    I can't use the "s" key, sadly.
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    Why do you bump so many threads? No that it's bad...
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    The Best Game Ever

    Many people say Brawl is a disappointment.
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    Am I the only one who lives in mushroom Kingdom?

    He's pronounced Rudnicki-WarioWafter-Moto-DK Jones-Mustachio-Hermie.
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    The official "Hi, I'm new here!" thread

    Netherlands, a neighbor! Cool! Hi, BTW. And keep posting!
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    Mario Party 9

    Re: Mario Party 9? Because Daisy didn't have an awesomely developed personatilty then and SML is mainly abused by Daisy fanboys why she's sooooooooo much better than Waluigi.
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    Counter the Above user's Attack!

    Defence: /|\o/ \| || / \ Attack: :3
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    Word game

  41. PaperStriker sitting on...

    ...a lava-filled cup, which is sitting on...
  42. PaperStriker

    Your favorite Pokemon

    Why did you bump this stupidly old thread and let mine die (or at least risk it)? Edit: Where'd my thread go? :'( 2nd edit: Oops, it's in Handheld gaming. :-[
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    Mario Party 9

    Re: Mario Party 9? *cough*star bits*cough* Also, *cough*Maple Treeway*cough*Rosalina and Luma* cough*
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    Who was the easiest boss in the history of the Marioverse?

    WTF. You don't even have Luigi at that time. Also, I couldn't figure outat first what to do. :(
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    The Official "We Like Yoshi" Thread

    That's true and now officially well-known. I'd like to agree with Uni, but I don't hate Yoshi or Luigi. So his post is phail because it isn't my opinion. The topic title anyway.
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    Drop something on the person below you.

    *drops a Groudon*
  47. PaperStriker sitting on...

    ...the anonymous alcoholics, which are sitting on...
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    Word game

    Budgie (yeah, SRSLY)