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  1. Garlic Man

    Official Breakfast Appreciation Thread

    Discuss your breakfast-eating routines, share your experiences, or even stream breakfast. I am on a quest to eat breakfast on all 5 weekdays this week. 40% complete.
  2. Garlic Man

    Super Mario 64 Speedrunning

    Here are times for keyboard% 70 star runs on Super Mario 64 (obviously on emulator): 1. Uniju 1:39:29 2. Martiniman 1:44:29 3. Turboo 1:50:53 Overall 70 star leaderboard: 1. Martiniman 1:05:28 2. Uniju 1:39:29 3. Turboo 1:50:53 4. Snack 3:08:xx
  3. Garlic Man

    Week 1 Thread

    Discuss NFL Week 1 games Adrian Peterson first carry of the season goes 78 yards for a touchdown. fffffnnnhghnghn also, like 3 safeties in the first quarter by the jags, steelers and jets respectively
  4. Garlic Man

    Tokyo Selected to host 2020 Olympics

    I'm totally going to this shit. Also mods make the fucking sports board already.
  5. Garlic Man

    Save a Character: Generation 1 Pokemon

    In danger: Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur Charmander Charmeleon Charizard Squirtle Wartortle Blastoise Caterpie Metapod Butterfree Weedle Kakuna Beedrill Pidgey Pidgeotto Pidgeot Rattata Raticate Spearow Fearow Ekans Arbok Pikachu Raichu Sandshrew Sandslash Nidoran♀ Nidorina Nidoqueen Nidoran♂...
  6. Garlic Man

    Portal Speedrunning

    Here are the current leaderboards for MarioWiki's fastest Portal runners(No out of bounds): 1. Martiniman 22:16 2. Turboo ~1 hour post your video here to be included on the leaderboards all times include loading times timing starts when crosshairs appear(chell stands up in relaxation...
  7. Garlic Man

    sports board

    I keep asking for one and nobody seems to be against it yet it still hasn't been made is there a reason
  8. Garlic Man

    The Official Video Game Thread

    Kind of surprised this forum doesn't already have a thread like this, may as well start it Video games general for anything really, whether it be opinions, news, etc
  9. Garlic Man

    What was your first Mario game?

    Super Mario World for me.
  10. Garlic Man

    Characters that won't return to SSB4

    Discuss characters that you expect to/think should not return in the new Super Smash Bros.
  11. Garlic Man

    Count the Alphabet to ZZZ

    Also known as counting in Base 26. It goes A, B, C, D, etc until Z and then after that it's AA, AB, etc to AZ where it becomes BA, BB, BC, etc. After ZZ, it's AAA. Make sense? A
  12. Garlic Man

    Steam Trading Card Game

    This thread is to discuss trading cards and trading for cards with your fellow PC gamers. I'm currently trying to complete my TF2 set of cards, and I need: Engineer Medic Sniper I have extra cards of the Demoman, Pyro, and Heavy, so if you have any of the above cards and need one of these...
  13. Garlic Man

    VOTE: SM64 vs SM64DS

  14. Garlic Man

    Forum Themes?

    I made a separate topic for this since it's sort of a question/suggestion/request type thing that didn't fit in a particular thread So I recently noticed that the forum has one and only one skin, being the Marioboards theme one (We used to have the Bowser one and that was cool too, but that's...
  15. Garlic Man

    Count until it's Midnight [EST]

    Counter resets every time we hit 12 AM East coast time. if you don't know what time it is in est, click here Current best: 22 (16 Apr) 1
  16. Garlic Man

    Do you have a significant other?

    thanks to despicable users crocodile dippy and groden, our previous thread got moved (tsk, tsk) This is serious people
  17. Garlic Man

    is it possible

    for sysops to restore deleted wiki images because there was a picture of me on my userpage for a long time here: that got deleted and i made it on my old computer which is lost forever (R.i.p.) so i don't have...
  18. Garlic Man

    The official Left 4 Dead Thread

    So who else here owns this game? I made the thread in the video games board rather than the gaming with friends board since I want to use this to discuss content about the game itself as well, but we can also use this to organize pick up games and such. I also wanted an excuse to post this...
  19. Garlic Man

    Your First Received Message

    I believe this was in response to a query about a Mario Kart DS tournament we held way back when. Post your first received message and if you delete your old messages, sucks4u
  20. Garlic Man

    2012-13 NFL Playoffs Thread

    Skol motherfuckers AD all up in this place The playoff seeds are now all set except for the #4 seed in the NFC which will be determined by the winner of tonight's game between Dallas and Washington. Next week's matchups: Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens Cincinnati Bengals @ Houston...
  21. Garlic Man

    Count until someone with 0 posts posts

    Counter only resets when somebody makes their very first post on their account in this thread go 1
  22. Garlic Man

    Source Film Maker Posters (and Requests)

    Messed around for a bit and figured out the basics of poster-making in SFM. Still learning, but here's my first one (based on toadbert's drawing): I can take requests for individual loadout posters here. I won't force you to pay anything but a scrap metal or something would be nice, since...
  23. Garlic Man

    Wii Mini After Best Buy leaked a Wii Mini promo this morning, Nintendo went ahead and announced it officially. Exclusive to Canada, 100 bucks, no online connectivity. Discuss.
  24. Garlic Man

    2012 Mariowiki Presidential Mock Election

    Cutting the crap and getting down to the only candidates that can actually win If you don't like either, vote for the lesser of two evils Voting in this poll is mandatory, welcome to Australia
  25. Garlic Man

    The fuck is this?

  26. Garlic Man

    wtf did i just see

    the demoman in my sig accurately represents my reaction to watching this video
  27. Garlic Man

    Oh PETA
  28. Garlic Man

    The Front Page of Reddit Gaming has a video game screenshot I took...

    If it's still there: Thread: It's the picture of Unagi that I screencap'd from SM64 and uploaded to the wiki some years ago. It was a nice surprise. Kind of.
  29. Garlic Man

    Halloween Steam Sale

    It's near Halloween and a large number of scary/creepy themed games are on sale. L4D and L4D2 are going for 6.79 each. Definitely worth grabbing. Borderlands and both Bioshocks are going for 5 bucks a pop.
  30. Garlic Man

    An Inspiring Story

    This is a story I originally posted on Facebook on March 30, 2009. I recently found it again so I thought I would share it for you all as well. Read the whole thing, please. You will never believe what happened in this soccer game. I was on the team that practically had the worst regular...
  31. Garlic Man

    The Forum has its own Domain

  32. Garlic Man

    Mario Party 3 Pro AI

  33. Garlic Man

    Are you ready for some football? No more

    It's sad how a 20+ year tradition is suddenly over after a few poorly chosen words.
  34. Garlic Man

    Count until someone with 50,000+ posts posts

    How far will we get before it happens? 1
  35. Garlic Man

    Facebook Timeline

    That site has become twice as better as it's been. I believe they'll start rolling out to everyone in about a week, but it's currently in dev beta. I managed to get it, and it's definitely a big leap for facebook. Kudos to them.
  36. Garlic Man


    It is now open to the public. Let the great migration begin.
  37. Garlic Man

    Count in Binary

  38. Garlic Man

    Super Mario Ceremony - 30th Ann. Medley

    This warrants its own thread. The best 20 minutes of your day.
  39. Garlic Man

    The 24-hour challenge

    The challenge: To count down from 1000 to 0 in 24 hours. The timer starts from the timestamp associated with this post, and the game ends when either 24 hours elapse or we reach 0. Ready? 1000 OP edit: The game will end at 11:23:35 PM EDT, 11 Sep 2011
  40. Garlic Man

    Hurt and Heal: Nations

    Everyone seems to love these games, so let's find out what our favorite country is. Abkhazia - 20 Afghanistan - 20 Akrotiri and Dhekelia - 20 Albania - 20 Alderney - 20 Algeria - 20 American Samoa - 20 Andorra - 20 Angola - 20 Anguilla - 20 Antigua and Barbuda - 20 Argentina - 20 Armenia - 20...
  41. Garlic Man

    Image Association

    An image is posted. The next poster posts an image related to the previous. It can be as obvious as posting a different picture of the same object or character, or the connection could be an obscure reference that some people wouldn't even understand. There's no standards as to what the image...
  42. Garlic Man


    Remember back when I got MVP for some mafia game that I earned a free 500 point gift on the virtual console for? Apparently gifts on Wii "expire". Quite disappointing.
  43. Garlic Man

    Count to 1,000,000

    I kind of miss that thread that had 11,000 some replies and dwarfed every other thread in the forum. (11K+3K=0, not 14K as we learned) As long as our forum these days is people that make posts in ridiculous quantities in Mindless Junk and Forum Games, we may as well attempt this again (and not...
  44. Garlic Man

    Mario Marathon 4 Go check it out.
  45. Garlic Man

    PSN IDs

    May as well put the Online Gaming board to use. Oh, and sticky this thread please. My ID: TromboneMartini
  46. Garlic Man

    Google Doodle

    Go there. It's awesome.
  47. Garlic Man

    Portal discussion (warning: spoilers)

    A continuation of a discussion 2257 and I had on chat previously. This thread will contain spoilers, so don't read if you plan on playing/haven't finished the game. @2257 You know, I was thinking about the Chell being Cave and Caroline's daughter theory along with the age contradiction...
  48. Garlic Man

    Major League Baseball 2011

    Fuck yeah Mariners.
  49. Garlic Man

    Help with Spoiler Tags

    I thought it was strange from Stooben's mafia game where everyone knew the role of who was killed but I somehow didn't. Stooben said there were spoiler tags, but they're not showing up for me. I tried using them in one of my posts and the message: appears. Does this have to do with my "A...