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    Hero Mafia (Sign-Ups/Lounge)

    Here is a new mafia game I wanted to start, and I hope you like it. It's about me, the mayor of a town torn apart thanks to the mafia. I thought I could get all of them, but the town complained, calling me a terrible mayor for not letting them in. Their funeral. Literally. They dropped one by...
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    I created this just so we didn't have to talk about this in the Mother 3 thread. I currently have not started it yet. So some one else get this started.
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    Magic Vending Machine game

    This needed a new topic. Let's begin. I take out some crackers.
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    The Official "What is this song?" Thread.

    No, this isn't a game. This is a good place to turn if you are listening to a song and you really want to know what it is. Give hints by either posting lyrics, the artist, and all that stuff. I'll do an example: Me:What is the name of the song that goes "Paranoia, Paranoia, everybody's trying to...
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    College Football

    Since Ralph's died, I'm gonna start a new one. Here is some ideas:Talk about your team. Taunt your oponents. And post results. Here's waht I'm saying: Boston College has been letting me down the last two years, but I think their bowl losing streak is over.