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  1. RobloxKid007

    What are the rules?

    In that topic about the banned users, it mentions rules. What are they?
  2. RobloxKid007

    Wii Music

    Just talk about Wii Music here.
  3. RobloxKid007

    Excuse for being hit in Kirby's Epic Yarn or Super Paper Mario

    Title says it all I got distracted by the crying teddy bear.
  4. RobloxKid007

    Deserted Island Roleplay

    Same as SiFi, but on a deserted Island. ROBLOXKID007 is stranded! ROBLOXKID007 makes microname "TIPPI". TIPPI finds duelchest containing MICROBLADEKNIFE(MBK) and MICROBLADESWORD(MBS). TIPPI equips MBS. PALMZOMBIE ATTACKS!!! BATTLE IMMINENT! *black screen* *battle stage* TIPPI VS. PALMZOMBIE...
  5. RobloxKid007


    This is ROBLOX paradise. This is all things ROBLOX. The online social hangout known as ROBLOX.
  6. RobloxKid007

    Super Paper Mario

    The topic for all things Super Paper Mario. Share strategies, tell your favorite items and just talk about the marvel, known as Super Paper Mario!