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  1. Baby Simones

    "Oh Luigi" Comic Series

    My fav series, see you in 2031 for the 20 year anniversary!
  2. Baby Simones

    Geoff Keighley

    MFW its E3!
  3. Baby Simones

    What do you do when you don't have a game everybody has?

    Let me just say, a friend of mine bought Monster Hunter because his brothers did.... BIG MISTAKE, HUGE :bowser:
  4. Baby Simones

    Gears 5 Concern

    What's up gamers. As we all know Gears 5 was just announced yesterday, and I have one HUGE concern.. :dk: I guess I should start with some backstory first. So, me and a friend (who is a pretty OK gamer if you ask me) have played through every Gears game together. From the Cliffy B classics to...
  5. Baby Simones

    Geoff Keighley

    The man himself! And Regy. With the 2018 open mouth pose!
  6. Baby Simones

    Boss Key and Cliff B

    Guys.. yesterday was a sad day to be a gamer. What's up everyone, Big Baby Simones here with an update on the state of gaming. Yesterday, Boss Key Productions, which was founded by the Tony Stark of videogames, Cliff "Dude Huge" Bleszinski, unfortunately shuttered its doors. :waluigi: This is...
  7. Baby Simones

    Geoff Keighley

    How is everyone prepping for the Keighley Awards tonight??
  8. Baby Simones

    Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

    They better recreate Flip-o-Rama
  9. Baby Simones

    Pacquiao/Mayweather: Fight of the Century

    Mayweather/McGreggor Hype!!!! :bowjr:
  10. Baby Simones

    Orisa Theory (Overwatch Thread)

    Hey guys.. I've been away for a while but I'm back with something that I think the game industry should be talking about! So everyone knows about Orisa at this point. The cow that runs around in every Overwatch game. Well I got a couple minutes in with her the other day. All the Orisa mains...
  11. Baby Simones

    2015 NFL Season

    I wish I could go to NFL games :(
  12. Baby Simones

    2015 NFL Season

    Sorry for your loss
  13. Baby Simones

    What animation style would you like to see in the next Digital Event/Conference?

    I would love it if they did it like the music video for Take on Me by A-Ha
  14. Baby Simones

    Wagnaks official dark souls 2 stream of death 2015

    I still don't know when the next stream is pls help
  15. Baby Simones

    Wagnaks official dark souls 2 stream of death 2015

    When's the next stream?
  16. Baby Simones

    Geoff Keighley

  17. Baby Simones


    This post is dedicated to my mama, who always let me have a couple dollars
  18. Baby Simones

    The Great N64 Controller Debate

    Hey Everyone, So this is something that's been bothering me since 1996. What is the true "right" way to hold the Nintendo 64's controller? Everyone knows that there are three nubs. D-pad on the left nub, joystick on the middle nub, and buttons on the right nub. With two hands you can only hold...
  19. Baby Simones

    Great Movie Qoutes

    "They got my dick message!!" -GotG, 2014
  20. Baby Simones

    2015 NFL Season

    Its the Browns year this year boys, trust me
  21. Baby Simones

    Pacquiao/Mayweather: Fight of the Century

    I thought it was a good match for what its worth and the outcome was correctly ruled.
  22. Baby Simones

    Wagnaks official dark souls 2 stream of death 2015

    10/10 would stream again and recommend to my mom and dad
  23. Baby Simones

    Banjo Kazooie Confirmed??

    Hey guys. So the head of Xbox just said that he thinks it would be cool if Banjo was in as DLC. This pretty much confirms it right? Here's the link
  24. Baby Simones

    Who are you voting for in the Fighter Ballot?

    I voted for Marcus Fenix. He needs more love
  25. Baby Simones

    what are some good ps1 games

    Twisted Metal
  26. Baby Simones

    The Official Property Brothers Thread

    This is a place for all of the fans of the hit home reno show Property Brothers can come and talk about their favorite renos, Jonathan/Drew moments, gossip, or fan theories. I'll be damned if this isn't one of the best shows on television right now.
  27. Baby Simones

    do u drink or do drugs?

    Everyone I know blazes it
  28. Baby Simones

    "Oh Luigi" Comic Series

    Gotta love the classics Oh :luigi:
  29. Baby Simones

    Marvel Cinematic Universe

    I hope the bring Tobey Maguire back now with the new deal #BringBackTobey
  30. Baby Simones

    Geoff Keighley

  31. Baby Simones

    Donkey Kong Country Returns Help!!!

    He keeps getting me. Its frustrating how :diddy: doesn't respawn with you after you die
  32. Baby Simones

    Donkey Kong Country Returns Help!!!

    Thats the one! Is that his real name? Man, I was way off!
  33. Baby Simones

    Donkey Kong Country Returns Help!!!

    No I beat that guy a while ago
  34. Baby Simones

    Donkey Kong Country Returns Help!!!

    Hey I'm stuck on the Big Banana boss. Anyone know how to beat him? :dk:
  35. Baby Simones

    Charizard & Greninja Confirmed

    Bodes great for Jigglypuff
  36. Baby Simones

    Charizard & Greninja Confirmed

    No character transformation, no trainer
  37. Baby Simones

    How did you found this forum?

    I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy that told me about it
  38. Baby Simones


    If you say there is no campaign in TitanFall, clearly you haven't TitanFalled yet ;)
  39. Baby Simones

    What game should I buy?

    SA2:B for the GCN was good. If you're looking for a change of pace from sonic, try Gears Judgement for the 360, great game overall.
  40. Baby Simones


    Anyone wanna standby for TitanFall with me?
  41. Baby Simones

    EA attacks Nintendo again

    Its all in good fun, Iwata and Moore had a good laugh about it over a pint later
  42. Baby Simones

    Have you ever seen a black & white movie?

    Yes, plenty :posh:
  43. Baby Simones

    Do you own more than one copy of a game?

    I know a guy who sometimes likes to have a backup copy, just in case ya know :porple:
  44. Baby Simones

    WWE Network

  45. Baby Simones

    WWE Network

    Vince is all like
  46. Baby Simones

    Gears J

    Anyone wanna play some Gears J on Xbox in the near future?
  47. Baby Simones

    So what's with Rosalina recently?

    Rosalina appeals to a new generation of Mario fans. Younger fans are more likely to recognize her than say Daisy because Mario Galaxy was one of the first Mario games they played. Not everyone can start with Super Mario Bros. or SMW or Mario 64...
  48. Baby Simones

    Geoff Keighley

  49. Baby Simones

    Dr. Luigi

    Luigi plays by his own rules and does what Luigi wants
  50. Baby Simones

    Call of Duty: Ghosts

    What's everyone's opinion on the new COD game? Mine in short is: Ghosts is ass