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  1. PaperStriker

    The rettel switching game

    The lures ale simpre. We ale switching rettels hele. Ratel on, this wirr read to unleadable post. Ret's start with the rettels r and l. Just tleat this rike the mindress junk thlead. :) Arso (<_<), stalting with next page we'rr switch the rettels s and t, but not yet. Prease tly not to type the...
  2. PaperStriker

    Best and worst Rudnicki sockpuppet

    Best: Uh, Rudnicki himself? Worst: Mr. Moto, by far.
  3. PaperStriker

    SMRPG on VC in Australia

    It's OFLC rated. Chances are it's finally released in PAL. Thoughts? Well, I think it's only fair. I hope it won't get cancelled like TLL. >,<
  4. PaperStriker

    The best Pokémon

    Which is your favorite Pokémon? Swampert FTW!
  5. PaperStriker

    Favourite leggies

    I don't have a fav legendary, but Mew, Latias, Azelf and maybe Phione, Manaphy and Shaymin are definitely the cutest. Note: You can vote for 35 different leggies.
  6. PaperStriker


    Discuss that hell on Earth. School sucks. We have Wikipedia.
  7. PaperStriker

    MKW characters

    Baby Daisy, Funky Kong and Bowser Bones... I think they were quite lazy. They should have included Paratroopa, Hammer Bro., Petey or Toadsworth.
  8. PaperStriker

    Favourite day of week

    Friday. (the last option is a joke option, in case you didn't know)
  9. PaperStriker

    Desert or stadium?

    MKW is coming and 12 tracks are confirmed. But still there's no new desert or stadium. I think one of them won't appear (not sure which), but I hope both will appear. Edit: Can anyone delete this? All tracks confirmed nao.
  10. PaperStriker

    Lefty or righty?

    Lolol senseless question. I'm a righty. Which makes me unique. :o
  11. PaperStriker

    What characters?

    OK, according to the MKW article and discussion, the number of players has something to do with the number 18. Either there are 18 characters, 16 of which are confirmed, or there are 18 unlockables, which is confirmed in a link on the talk page, but it could just be a typo. What d'ya guys think...
  12. PaperStriker

    Best MK-track.

    What teh title says. SMK: Haven't played. MK64: Haven't played. MKSC: Ribbon Road MKDD: Haven't played. MKDS: Nitro: Almost every track Retro: Mushroom Bridge MKW: Haven't played, lol.
  13. PaperStriker

    Character surviving

    OK, I got this from GameFAQs. We have the Big 8-charas and they have two lifes. They're in the danger zone. You can save one of them and bring him or her to the safehouse. Sometime, all but one are at the safehouse and the one who's still in the danger zone loses a life. If one loses both lifes...
  14. PaperStriker

    Rate the above user's userpage!

    What the title says. 0/10 (duh)
  15. PaperStriker

    Your fav power-up

    Fire and Ice Flower FTW. But I like FF a little bit more.
  16. PaperStriker

    Your fav major Galaxy

    What the title says. Hehe, I don't know, like always. :)
  17. PaperStriker

    Species in 3D

    OK, what species should appear in the next 3D-platformer? I think they all :) .
  18. PaperStriker

    Who is your favo(u)rite character?

    (I wonder why such a topic doesn't exist) So, who is your fav chara? Mine is Mario, cos he iwns.
  19. PaperStriker

    Favo(u)rite filler

    Who is your fav filler? I can't decide :lol: . I like them all.