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  1. Parakarrygun88

    Goldeneye N64

    This game needs it's own topic. Remember the good old days of oddjob and Proximity mines? :D
  2. Parakarrygun88

    I got a question.

    How do get a picture into your signature area at the bottom of your posts?
  3. Parakarrygun88

    Wii headset?

    Did any of you people hear about this? I saw this on I guess they unveiled it at E3 2010. Post.
  4. Parakarrygun88

    Super Mario Bros 100 life cheat.

    This topic is probably in the wrong place. Has anyone else been able to pull this move off. I did it on accident and I beat the game. I first discovered how to do it on the Super mario all stars version SMB. It is essential to beating the game or you have to be pretty good at the game. To...
  5. Parakarrygun88

    Should I?

    There are a number of games I want to download and buy, but the question comes fourth, should I? First: Super smash bros n64. I want to download it from the virtual console, but is it worth it. Second: Goldeneye 007 remake. This game looks incredible. All the trailers and screenshots have lead...
  6. Parakarrygun88

    Super Mario RPG: legend of the seven stars

    Need I say anything else? There probably already is a topic on this, but I can't find it. The veteren Mario gamers have most likely played this one.
  7. Parakarrygun88

    Super Mario Land 2

    I keep posting in the different comments about this game, but everybody seems to be all like?????? Dose anybody else remember or has ever heard of this game?