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  1. Toad48

    Mario Kart 7 Tournament

    My brother has been nagging me on for days to make a MK7 ya go. Rules: 1) No hacks...cheats are ok ;) 2. You can't lie when telling me who won. If I find out you lied, the other person who even lost moves on. I will wait until the other user also says that you/they won...
  2. Toad48

    The "Listen to this great music" Thread

    Here is a thread where you can suggest songs that people can listen to (mods please move if this isn't in the right spot, I didn't know where to put it) So start suggesting music :p
  3. Toad48

    Mario Kart 7 Communities- Create/Join

    Here is a thread for everyone to create communities together. Racing Communities: 1. Pinkie Pie Group (a.k.a. UM's community): 08-7059-0117-3739 2. BANANAS! 23-1756-4599-4054 3. Super Mario Wiki - 150cc Race with all items: 01-1166-9201-0203 Battle Communities:
  4. Toad48

    Drawing Contest: Mario Kart 7 scene

    Anyone can sign up and it don't matter if you're bad at drawing or good, cause I suck too. So the challenge. Draw the most epic MK7 scene. If you judge you can't draw, so keep that in mind. Judge(s) will judge out of 10 in three categories: Neatness, Colorful, and Creativity Sign ups...
  5. Toad48

    Mario Kart Wii Tournament Wi-fi Versus

    Well here we go! the 3rd MKWII wi-fi versus tourney is underway!!!!! Rules: 1. You may not use hacks 2. You can't lie when telling me who won. If I find out you lied, the other person who even lost moves on. I will wait until the other user also says that you/they won. 3. You must have the...
  6. Toad48

    Call Of Duty: Wiki Ops

    This is another story I will be making. I know I have MUSA but I really wanted to do a war type story. Spetsnaz are the bad guys and Black ops are the good guys. It's pretty much a story on Call of duty Black ops but in wiki version. Sign Ups Black Ops: 1. Supremo (Grim Auxrillatrix) Supremo...
  7. Toad48

    The Official Xbox 360 thread

    Talk about Xbox stuff here and share friend codes. I'm probably going to get one for christmas and when I do, I'll add whoever has it. I'm also going to probably get black ops so verse me on that too
  8. Toad48

    Billy the Exterminator

    This show's pretty good. It's on A&E and is awesome. So, discuss.
  9. Toad48

    ATTN: Any Good Yoshi Artists

    Can you try to do this? Recolor another Yoshi to look like AppleYoshi. Make him an apple green color. Make him more chunky than a regular Yoshi. Have him holding an SNES/NES controller. In his other hand, a bag of potato chips. Have him sitting on a bean bag too. And have him wear a propeller...
  10. Toad48

    Mario Kart Wii tourneys i make (mod please lock)

    I want your in put on it. id still want to make tourney but i want your opinion
  11. Toad48

    You guys should join this site. Me and my brother are on it already.
  12. Toad48

    Mario Kart Wii Tournament Wi-fi Versus Old one (MOD PLEASE LOCK)

    Ok this is how it would work. 16 (or 8) people would sign up and they would get everyone's fc's. They play 3 races, and whoever wins out of those 3 races moves on. I will keep track of who plays and when once we get 16 (or 8) sign ups. Post your Fc here. I will post mine too, and I will be...
  13. Toad48

    linking question.

    I'd like to know how to put a link in a word like if you type you, you can click on it and it will go to a link. How do I do that?
  14. Toad48

    Stylus on next DS system

    Discuss which ones you pick. I picked no. 3
  15. Toad48

    Most anticipated 3DS game

    What's a 3DS game you really want to come out soon or them to make? Mine is Mario Kart 3DS. How 'bout you guys.
  16. Toad48

    2011 NBA champs-Mavericks

    Mavericks are the nba champs! talk about it here.
  17. Toad48

    MUSA (Mario User Sports Association) Book 1: Miracle in Mushroom Kingdom

    I have decided instead to make a story instead of a comic because I think it will be easier. It is sports related and is taken place in mushroom kingdom. The first sport I'm writing about is basketball. More details in the story will be added later. (Sign-Ups) Main-Main characters 1...
  18. Toad48

    Signiture photos

    how do you post photos in your signiture?
  19. Toad48

    Re: NCAA March Madness- Pick your games here!!! Congrats. Final points!

    Basically this is where if you like basketball and like college basketball, you can do a bracket and predict who goes on and see if your right. I will keep track of points. You want to get the most right as possible in order to win. Once I get the link for the games I will post it here. Sign up...
  20. Toad48

    Mario Kart Wii Tournament Wi-fi Battle (Mod Please Lock)

    Ok you will probably say that I just made a tournament but I just couldn't help my self!!!! I love making Tourneys!!!! :D This is a battle tournament, not a racing one because I just did a racing one. Hopefully I can get 16 this time or at least don't have people quit or get banned. Ok this...
  21. Toad48

    Heads or Tails Mafia Sign-ups/Lounge

    This is another different style mafia Like Mijey's. You will be on your own independent team and every day you will pm me if you think I'll flip heads or tails. If heads wins, the people who chose heads would win and move on. Those who chose tails, are out. 1 day will last 5 days or until I...
  22. Toad48

    Mario Kart Wii Versus-Battle Rating

    my versus rating is in the late 7000's and my battle rating is in the late 5000's. What are your guys'?
  23. Toad48

    Game Glitches

    Name some games that have small, medium, or mega glitches. Wipeout has mega glitches.
  24. Toad48

    New Rank?

    Hey I saw Becsprite have a new rank/position called A Guy. Is it just a joke or is it for real? If it is real, how could you get it.
  25. Toad48

    Food Fight Mafia Sign-Ups/Lounge

    I'm making another mafia game. Please sign up. I'm going to keep on trying until I can get the mafias down. This one should be better but I don't want to jinx my self. It is called Food Fight and is sort of based on my comic. The basic summary is healthy (good) food, v.s the unhealthy food...
  26. Toad48

    Crash Bandicoot Mafia lounge/signups

    Hopefully you guys know what Crash is because I'm making a mafia about it. I think I finally understand how to host mafias so I am ready to make another one. For more info on crash, see this. (Sign ups) 1. QuizmoManiac 2. New Super...
  27. Toad48

    Mario Kart Wii Tourney-Mod please lock!!!

    Ok this is how it would work. 16 people would sign up and they would get everyone's fc's. They play 3 races, and whoever wins out of those 3 races moves on. I will keep track of who plays and when once we get 16 sign ups. Post your Fc here. I will post mine too, but I won't be playing, I will be...
  28. Toad48

    Superbowl Predictions???

    who do you think will go into the super bowl? I think..... Atlanta from the NFC and New England for the AFC with New England winning, you guys?
  29. Toad48

    Food Fight

    I am making a comic on userpedia called food fight. It is where the users of the wiki are going to the fair, but when they get back food have taken over mushroom kingdom and they must take down the food and save the mushroom kingdom before bad stuff happens. Major Heros 1. BaseBallYoshi24 2...
  30. Toad48

    Yoshi Mafia Game Thread- Ended from "Screwedness"

    1. MarioGuy1 (Wicked) 2. New Snowman Mario (Super Moogle) 3. Rocker64 (Hawk Eye) 4. DogFreak (Home-Dawg)- Shot on Night 2. 5. Zero777 (Arthur) 6. Mijzelffan- Died on Night 1. Was strangled by a cable. Well a mafia member holding a cable :D 7. Not A 8. Scorpion999 (The Nencromancer) 9. Villain...
  31. Toad48

    What phone do you have, if any?

    I have a samsung messanger touch in the color black. How about you guys?
  32. Toad48

    X-box Kinect

    I am on the verge of wanting it. Anyone else?
  33. Toad48

    Questions/Answer Game Sign-ups

    ok this game is where like 10-25 people sign up and I will use a list randomizer to have the order of how they will answer and ask questions. Ok so wondering really how to play? Here is an example So if these 3 people signed up and it was randomized 1. BaseballYoshi24 2.Stooben 3.Sharks...
  34. Toad48

    Pacman Party

    who wants this new game? I do.
  35. Toad48

    The Official Birthday Thread (LIST IN FIRST POST)

    January 5 - Yoshi876 9 - Glitchy 10 - Fawfulthegreat64, Koops, Toadgamer 13 - Toadettefan, BiddyInTheBigCity 20 - Power Flotzo 26 - Stargazing 31 - Lakituthequick February 2 - KPH2293 6 - Crackin355 8 - Gamefreak75 10 - Tantusar 13 - Cirdec, Crazy Mr. L Fangirl 18 - Baby Luigi...
  36. Toad48

    Hair color

    I have dirty blonde/light brown hair. I was bored so I made this poll.
  37. Toad48

    Yoshi Mafia Sign-ups/ Lounge Serving Delicous Yoshi Eggs and Vanilla Ice Cream

    Ok I know I screwed up on my first one, but that was an expierement. This one will go SO much better. Please sign up!!!! 1. Constellation (MarioGuy1) 2. New Super Mario (Super Moogle) 3. Rocker64 4. DogFreak (Home-Dawg) 5. Rolo Lamperouge (Zero777) 6. Mijzelffan 7. Not A 8. Scorpion999 9...
  38. Toad48

    What Position do you play in Basketball?

    I play the low post. :D
  39. Toad48

    What Position do you play in Baseball?

    I play 1. 1st base 2. Pitcher 3. 3rd base
  40. Toad48

    What Position do you play in Football?

    I play D-line and O-line because of a STUPID weight limit, but I weigh more with my height. If there wasn't a weight limit I would probably play Tight end or D-line. (I hate O-Line) So what about you guys?
  41. Toad48

    Spongebob Mafia-Innocents Win!

    Rules: 1. No Roleclaiming, if you roleclaim you will be modkilled 2. Voting is like this Vote:Uniju and if you want to unvote someone do this Unvote:Uniju 3. Day Phase starts at 9am and ends at 8pm. Night Phase starts at 8pm and goes to 9am until it is day. (Central Time) Thats it for my...
  42. Toad48

    Mike Lupica's Sports books

    Who reads his books? IMO they are the best!!!!!!
  43. Toad48

    Favorite Commercials

    Now you can post a video of it in here. This will hopefully stay alive until the supper bowl. Here are my 2 fav The other one would be where the guy walks in shoots a guy with a tranqulizer gun but misses...
  44. Toad48

    The saddest movie you have seen

    Mine is Hacchi. Good, but sad movie. What is your guys'.
  45. Toad48


    A thread for the National Basketball Ascotiation. I like the Bucks the best. They are Playing Minnesota right now.
  46. Toad48

    Spongebob Mafia Sign Ups/Lounge (Now serving Krabby Patties)

    This is my first mafia hopefully it turns out good. Day phase starts at 9pm and night phase starts at 10pm (central). This will start soon after the Sonic Mafia has started. Sign Ups: 1.New Super Mario (Spyro The Legendary Dragon) 2.SpinyMaster347 (Rtas' Vadum) 3.Villain11 (Villain11) 4.U.S...
  47. Toad48


    Mine is Dr.Pepper
  48. Toad48

    Take out

    This game is where I start with a sentence and the next person swaps a word out and puts a new word in. Here is my sentence. The Colorful Yoshi went to go get some bright yellow mangos, and some wet-wipes.
  49. Toad48

    German Crocodile Video Watch this German Crocodile song.
  50. Toad48


    Who here has an Ipad? I do it is cool