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  1. YamiHoshi

    Xbox One delayed/canceled in most countries

    It's old News already, but still an enormous fail from Microsoft, again. Only the following countries will get the Xbox One on the promised date: - Australia - Austria - Brazil - Canada - France - Germany - Ireland - Italy - Mexico - New Zealand - Spain - United Kingdom - United States The...
  2. YamiHoshi

    Hexadecimal counting

    Start from 00, and end at FF. Counting goes like this: 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B 0C 0D 0E 0F 10 11 12 And so on. Simple as that. 00
  3. YamiHoshi

    Namco insults the PS Vita on YouTube

    In the Comment section of this Trailer, Namco has left a very unprofessional Reply to a fan. This is their answer on th question why Adventure Time: ETDBIDK! won't come to the PS Vita. Normal question, as it comes to the 3DS, Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3, but the answer was rather stupid. Source...
  4. YamiHoshi

    Math Help (Physics)

    There's only 1 question I can't solve:
  5. YamiHoshi

    Bouncing Mushrooms

    This is a very small Side Project of mine, which I've made out of boredom. At the same time, I wanted to get more used into Arrays, which is clearly visible when counting the amount of Mushrooms. The game is simple: You spawn one of the four Mushrooms, using A, S, D, or F, and when they fall...
  6. YamiHoshi

    Happy April Fools Day!

    What will be your pranks today? My first prank has already been executed: Put CW-Games up-side-down! How do you think of that?
  7. YamiHoshi

    RIP: YouTube Usernames

    Back in 2008, they were already planning this to happen, and now, 5 years later, it's definitely happening: You can no longer sign in using your YouTube Account. Instead, you'll now be forced to sign in, using your GMail Account. Here's what I've just came across: More information...
  8. YamiHoshi

    Yami's YouTube Shows

    Super Mario 3D Land: Pokémon White 2: Pokémon Pearl: All Mario Kart Courses: Paper Mario: Sticker Star...
  9. YamiHoshi

    Syobon's Action 3D

    After 3 weeks of planning and changing idea's, and after 2 days of actually working on it, I'm proud to announce Syobon's Action 3D, the 3D (actually 2.5D) Version of Syobon Action, better known as "Cat Mario". The entire game is written from 0 (not counting the Engine), and has to become...
  10. YamiHoshi

    NES Characters, without images

    I was bored, so I decided to make a Mario Sprite, without using a single image in my final results. It's not perfect, I know that, but I can't completely fill everything. Feel free to steal it, but as long as you credit me for it. ████████████████████████ ████████████████████████...
  11. YamiHoshi

    MK7 One Hour Raceway!

    If my Internet Speed remains the way it is right now, I'll organize a MK7 One Hour Raceway! We'll need 8 or less Mario Kart 7 Racers for this, and it'll be Live Streamed. This means, even though you won't be able to race with us, you can see us drive Live, either from my YouTube Channel, or in...
  12. YamiHoshi

    Learn with Pokémon Typing Adventure

    Since I didn't see any Thread about it, I'll start one. Anyway, this game has been released in April 2012 in Japan, and last Friday in Europe. It's still unknown whenever Australia and America would get it. While Pirates are still waiting on a ROM to be leaked, I've got my hands on this game...
  13. YamiHoshi

    MK7: StreetPassers in GP?

    While recording some Mario Kart 7 Footage, I've found something I've never had before. I've been looking throughout the Wiki, but I couldn't find anything about that concept. It seems like the game randomly puts people you've StreetPassed with before, in Grand Prix. Just see it by yourself...
  14. YamiHoshi

    Nintendo Letterbox/SwapNote got new Colours

    I know Nintendo of Japan, Europe, and probably Australia have published a new DLC for Nintendo Letterbox (or SwapNote in America and Japan). However, I'd like to know a confirmation from (Nintendo of) America(ns), just to know it's a worldwide release, or America should simply get it a bit later...
  15. YamiHoshi

    ATTN: All users of at least one Wiki on NIWA

    Here are all of my completed StreetPass Puzzles, feel free to use them on one of the NIWA Wiki's. 3D View: Preview view:
  16. YamiHoshi

    Game & Wario

    This is a new kind of Wario Ware, for Nintendo Wii U. Sorry, I don't know what else I can add here.
  17. YamiHoshi

    Wii Remote Touch Screen add-on?

    Nintendo requested a patent for a Touch Screen add-on for the current Wii Remotes. Discuss!
  18. YamiHoshi

    CWMSv3: The content websites from the future!

    As you might or might not know, a number of sites within The CW-Network use a version of CWMS, a custom CMS by Like (=, and are using CWMSv1 (aimed on being simple), while and MonzorgOostburg are using or going to use CWMSv2...
  19. YamiHoshi

    MOVED: Hackyami (working title)

    This topic has been moved to Video Games.
  20. YamiHoshi

    Happy Animal Day! (October 4th)

    While reading the Birthday thread, I was looking at the time, and I thought, "God Damn, it's Animal Day!". Be kind to your pet today, if you have any! I don't have any pet, so I can't give my pet something special.
  21. YamiHoshi

    Time @tack

    The Team and the SysAdmins from the Team has created our first game. The temporary name is "Hackyami", which combines and into one name. It's a race game, we're doing aside from our untitled project, in order to earn more Game Development...
  22. YamiHoshi

    Do you live close to a country border?

    States don't count as countries. I live like 15 KM (±9 Miles) away from Belgium.
  23. YamiHoshi

    The last thing you downloaded

    Note: Legal downloads only! This means, downloads like Warez, ROMs, Nulled scripts, Cracks, Keygens, etc. is disallowed in this thread. While downloads like App Store, Steam, Linux, licenses, free downloads, etc. is allowed in this thread. ---------------------- I've just downloaded Windows 8...
  24. YamiHoshi

    While looking at my profile really late

    I've seen I'm already more than 1 year active on this Forums, making this Forums my second longest stay on the internet, out of 100+ Forums. Only is longer (September 2007 - Ongoing).
  25. YamiHoshi

    Let's make a game together!

    Okay everyone, since I'm getting crazy when doing it on my own, I've decided to ask your help. More info, specifications, etc.: Who wants to help us out?
  26. YamiHoshi

    10 NES Ambassador Games known!

    The following NES games get pushed to the eShop: Super Mario Bros. Donkey Kong Jr. Balloon Fight Ice Climber The Legend of Zelda Wrecking Crew Mario Open Golf Yoshi’s Eggs Metroid Link’s Adventure (aka, Zelda II) Source: How to Download...
  27. YamiHoshi

    ATTN: Any good 3D artist

    I'm using Blender, and it's so advanced, it's hard for me to understand. Also, video tutorials are going way to fast. Other than Blender, I also have a trail of Maya, but it almost expired, and it's fucking expensive. So my question is: 1. Can someone point me out the basics? 2. If not, could...
  28. YamiHoshi

    Ever wanted to work for Nintendo, but you can’t develop games?

    Almost any Nintendo fan wants to work for Nintendo, but most of them can’t develop games, and some of them even admit it. Should you now stop dreaming? No! Because Nintendo isn’t development only. Actually, Nintendo needs a lot of different kind of people around the world. If you really want to...
  29. YamiHoshi

    Mario Kart DS: GCN Mario Circuit made closer to the real thing

    Like the half of the world knows Nintendo has used Mario Kart Double Dash's Mario Circuit in Mario Kart DS, to test tracks, and eventually dropped it and never finished it. For over the years,'s video game hacking department,, has been working to make GCN Mario Circuit...
  30. YamiHoshi

    Star Fox 64 3D

    Star Fox 64 3D, of which the original SF64 was known as Lylat Wars in Europe, is released in Japan, and will release in the rest of the world in 2 months. I've beaten this game once, using the route I prefer (the same as I did in my Lylat Wars Playthrough). I just suck on other routes, though...
  31. YamiHoshi

    Nintendo Invites Fans to Experience Upcoming Game Lineup at Comic-Con 2011

    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Other Top 2011 Releases to Make Public Playable Debut at Leading Pop-Culture Event REDMOND, Wash., July 18, 2011 – Nintendo is returning to Comic-Con in San Diego this year, and fans will have a lot to get excited about. In addition to top Nintendo 3DS™...
  32. YamiHoshi

    So, anyone is getting their flying-driver's license? The currently retired creator of Scaled Composites, Burt Rutan, has made a hybride flying car. At least, it's a prototype, not a finalized car.
  33. YamiHoshi

    ATTN: SolarBlaze

    This could be a nice background image, don't you think?
  34. YamiHoshi

    ATTN: New Super Mario

    Full Mario Party 6 Gameplay: This would give you an idea on how Mario Party 6 plays.
  35. YamiHoshi

    Kirby TV Channel is coming to the Wii!

    People in most parts of Europe and Australia can enjoy Kirby TV Channel very soon, on their own Wii. More info:
  36. YamiHoshi

    Control the Topic

    Example: TS: The topic is: Winning. R1: I've won the game. The new topic is: Camera. R2: This camera looks awesome! The new topic is: Kirby. R3: Why is Kirby fat? The new topic is: Start. Etc. So just reply on the topic of the above user, and then start a new topic. -------------- The new...
  37. YamiHoshi Header: Feedback needed

    We've changed our site's Header, to something more Nintendo-like. Since our own, blue design got totally fucked up, we were forced to use a new design, so we've downloaded a new theme from the internet, instead of creating one on our own. However, we were far from happy with that. The Footer.php...
  38. YamiHoshi

    Big Site vs Personal Blog: What's the difference?

    Note: This article is not meant for advertisement! You know news sites like IGN, Joystiq, Gamespot, Kodaku, and more, right? All of them have been seen as big sites with a group of people, writing for it, even though Kodaku is a blog. But, what about the new generation news sites? New...
  39. YamiHoshi

    Nintendo of Europe site is now in 3D!

    Now the Phishing message is gone, Nintendo of Europe has now made their homepage in 3D, with Hyrule Fields music, and it's intractable with your mouse. Look at it, before they remove this again! (That's the one I've seen, but I'm sure the .DE, .CO.UK, .BE, .ES, .FR, .PL...
  40. YamiHoshi

    Count until a girl/woman posts

    Warning: Real life Girls and Woman only! Guys with "Female" in their profile information don't count. Since I'm a Woman, I won't need to start off, I'll leave that to you guys.
  41. YamiHoshi

    YouTube is really getting unlimited?

    Now when I clicked "Upload", I see this: Does that mean, there's no file size limit anymore? It was "2 GB", a few days ago. How about your thoughts?
  42. YamiHoshi

    List of all upcoming games (E3 2011)

    This list includes a lot of games all of you didn't knew about.
  43. YamiHoshi

    Get ready! eShop to launch on June 7th (June 6th in America)

    Nintendo of Japan, Europe, Australia, and America all announced the release date of the eShop and Internet Browser. Japan, and Australia will get the eShop at June 7th Morning. Europe will get the eShop at June 7th Night. America will get the eShop at June 6th Evening. That means: All at the...
  44. YamiHoshi

    Life of a female gamer while being mother, hacker, programmer, SysAdmin, etc.

    You won't hear/read this a lot in these days, but there is a woman on Earth, she is a Student, Gamer, Hacker, Mother, Beginner's Programmer, System Administrator, Press Media, Webhoster, Webmaster, and Servicedesk Employee. She has to do all of these things, but still has a lot of spare time...
  45. YamiHoshi


    Today it's Motherday. At least, in The Netherlands it is, I dunno about your country. This year, since I'm a mother, and my mother is too, and we live in 1 home, we gave a present to each other (that was funny). Other people had to buy double the money for us both. Anyway, be grateful to your...
  46. YamiHoshi

    Your Club Nintendo Stars/Coins/Points/whatever

    How many Club Nintendo Stars/Coins/Points/whatever do you currently have? Nintendo of Europe Stars: 1000 Stars (of which 250 never expire) Nintendo of America Coins: 60 Coins Nintendo of Japan Points: 240 Points How about yours?
  47. YamiHoshi

    Nyan Cat The Game

    Nyan Cat has been released for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The Apple versions require iOS 4.2 or higher, but the Android version can be downloaded right away. There's also a Live Wallpaper for Android 2.2 and higher: Discuss!
  48. YamiHoshi

    Wii Play: Motion

    Press Mail by Nintendo-Europe, translation by me: -------------------- Wii Play: Motion is the sequel to the popular Wii Play, which was sold more than 9 million copies in Europe. The game will become available with the red Wii Remote Plus, dat let you and your friends control the action with...
  49. YamiHoshi

    Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version

    Mega Man Legends 3: Prototype Version is announced for Nintendo 3DS's eShop. Trailer will come in an half hour.
  50. YamiHoshi

    Count until a Mod posts

    This game is simple: All Members, "honk."'s, "'Shroom Staff"'s, "A Guy"'s, and any Wiki-related groups keep counting onwards, until a Moderator, Administrator, "In Charge of the Forum"'s, and "April Fools'"'s will post. As soon as one of the Moderators post, the Members and Wiki people start all...