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  1. Devils Advocate

    XzMafia 3 - All is lost.

    It was a cloud filled, windy morning and everyone is gathered at the dock getting ready to board the boat that would bring them to the Estate of Xzealia Exdementia. There were twenty people gathered there, but an extra showed up and they decided that the owner of the mansion wouldn't care. When...
  2. Devils Advocate

    XzMafia 3 - Sign Ups/The Dead Lounge

    Well, by the time this game gets all the players it needs and makes it to the top of the que I should be finished balancing it. Taking place 5 years after XzMafia 2, everyone is once again invited to the mansion estate recently purchased by the Exdementia Family. Dear Reader, You are...
  3. Devils Advocate

    XzMafia 2 Day 14: Two can be as bad as one

    It's early morning on the docks in which people will be arriving shortly at to be taken to a mansion on an island off the shore. One person is there already. Xzealio stands on the edge of the dock looking out towards the island. (Alright this is the game thread, I will be sending out roles...
  4. Devils Advocate

    XzMafia 2 - Sign Ups/Lounge: Game Over

    Hello everyone....again. I have decided to hold another mafia game for many reasons. Avoiding explaining said reasoning, I was disappointed that all of you who got guest saw yourselves as just a useless role, even though you were the majority. It was merely testing to see if you would all make...
  5. Devils Advocate

    XzMafia - Day 14: Revelation

    It is a bright and sunny morning when people start arriving at a dock to be brought over to an island estate a few miles off the coast. One of them, Xzealio, stands on the edge of the dock looking out over the ocean at the distant island. It looks calm, but because of this it is also unnerving...
  6. Devils Advocate

    XzMafia - The Dead's Lounge. Try our free Salad Bar! Now with Postgame Results!

    Hello, I am Xzealio. I have wanted to make a mafia game, so here it is. It won't be mafia per say, but same rules apply. The roles in this game will be some of the usual roles, plus some I made up for the purpose of the game. I ask that if you sign up you will be active in the game until your...