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  1. FunkyKong84

    Is Birdo a bird or a dinosaur?

    I saw somewhere (can't find where) that in SMB2's booklet she was described as a bird... Any info on this?
  2. FunkyKong84

    Ideal roster for future Mario Kart games

    Baby Mario - Baby Luigi - Baby Peach - Baby Daisy - Baby Rosalina Mario(+) - Luigi(+) - Peach(+) - Daisy - Rosalina Yoshi(+) - Toad(+) - Toadette - E.Gadd - Birdo (+) Monty Mole - Nabbit - Lubba - Sprixie (+) - Poochie Wario - Waluigi - Captain Syrup - Shy Guy(+) - King Boo DK - Diddy Kong -...
  3. FunkyKong84

    Is that the sexiest scene in a Mario game? Crazy, huh?
  4. FunkyKong84

    Do you feel like there is an overdose of Mario spin-offs recently?

    I 'm mainly talking about sports spin offs. I include Mario Party due to the minigames (it has Bowling too). Check out how the situation is in the last four years: 2007: Mario Strikers charged 2007: Mario Party 8 2007: Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games 2008: Mario Super Sluggers 2009: Mario &...
  5. FunkyKong84

    Funky Kong's Extreme Sports Frenzy

    There I said it. Funky Kong should have his own game being the host in a Mario/DK extreme sports game. Surfing, snowboarding, paragliding, skiing, beach volley, beach soccer and everything else would take place in the coolest game ever ;D. Characters: Funky Kong (host) Donkey Kong Diddy Kong...
  6. FunkyKong84

    idea for a game: Mario Platformer

    Ok, I 've had this idea about a party/spin off game where instead of just playing sports or complete MP minigames, you would compete at platforming. You 'd play 2D sidescrolling levels just like NSMBW, but you could choose characters from the whole roster. The game wouldn't be a true platformer...
  7. FunkyKong84

    Can anyone tell me what this Wario Land creature/enemy is?

    This annoying yet cool Wario Land enemy has me confused. When he walks around he looks like a bearded grandpa with sunglasses, but when you hit him he looks like a large bird with a huge beak lol. What do you think this is?
  8. FunkyKong84

    Mario Sports Mix PAL

    Who plays this online?
  9. FunkyKong84

    SMB3 - Boomerang Bros in an airship

    I was just playing SMB3 (world 3) and right after I beat the first castle the hammer bros roaming in the map suddenly transformed into an airship which is full of coins and in the end you have to fight two boomerang bros. How did this happen?
  10. FunkyKong84

    Marioverse Mario Kart Wii tournament

    Hey guys, who would like to participate in a semi-official Marioverse Mario Kart Wii tournament? Any available people please list your codes as well as the date you would like it to take place. Remember that not everybody is from the same continent so keep in mind the hour difference.
  11. FunkyKong84

    Do you actually play any non-Marioverse games?

    Hey guys I wanted to start this topic because I find it extremely difficult to get interested in any game that doesn't belong to the Marioverse. Occasionally I 'll play some Sonic, Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA or fighting games like Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter and Killer Instinct but that's...
  12. FunkyKong84

    What do you consider to be the best Mario platformer?

    Ok folks, which do you think that the best Mario game of all times is? We 're talking about platformers (2D, 2.5D & 3D) and not RPGs, sports or kart games. Here's my list: 1. Super Mario Bros 3 (10/10) 2. Super Mario Galaxy 2 (10/10) 3. Super Mario Galaxy (10/10) 4. Super Mario World (9,5/10)...
  13. FunkyKong84

    Top 10 Favorite Mario characters

    You can list your top 10 favorite Mario characters of all time here! Here's mine: 1. Funky Kong 2. Yoshi :yoshi: 3. Donkey Kong :dk: 4. Luigi :luigi: 5. Hammer Bro 6. Mario :mario: 7. Diddy Kong 8. Koopa Troopa :koopa: 9. Dixie Kong 10. Rosalina
  14. FunkyKong84

    Super Mario Land rerelease

    Wouldn't it be awesome if the SML trilogy was rereleased in color for the DS or the 3DS? These games are amazing and if they were remade in color, they would be perfect. I do not mean a full remake, but just a slight improvement of the graphics and the addition of colors, much like the All Stars...
  15. FunkyKong84

    Mario Super Sluggers in PAL?

    Hey people, I 'm in Europe and can't play Mario Super Sluggers. Does anyone know how to play the game in a PAL console?
  16. FunkyKong84

    Super Mario Galaxy 2

    What happened to the original thread?
  17. FunkyKong84

    Bowser Jr vs. Bowser?

    Does anyone think that eventually Bowser Jr will replace Bowser who will be limited to a smaller role in the game? So far Bowser Jr has been his father's sidekick, but after some years will this status remain as such?
  18. FunkyKong84

    Mario Kart Wii group photo

    Hey guys, I just wanna know if there is a way to save the group photo of all the roster and your Mii after you win all the cups. I tried sending it to my e-mail address, but photo attachments cannot be sent via e-mail from the Wii. Any ideas?